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Known Issues for the VLA Pipeline in CASA 4.3.1

by Drew Medlin last modified May 25, 2017

About this Page

This page describe issues affecting the CASA Integrated Pipeline in CASA 4.3.1. These issues are known to either cause the pipeline to fail mid-process, causing the scripts to exit to the CASA prompt or the unexpected exiting of CASA itself, or to cause problems for calibration quality. These failures may result in little or no calibration and potentially corruption of the MS in some cases.

Last update: 2017-05-19.


Testdelay.k does not exist

The symptom is the pipeline fails to complete and the last line in the casa log file is:

INFO    gaincal::::casa Exiting script: Table testdelay.k does not exist

This may be caused by the pipeline finding no unflagged data on the delay calibrator, causing all subsequent calibration steps to fail. You may still be able to calibrate these data by hand or with the pipeline by selecting a different field as the delay calibrator, as described.



Issues not covered here

If you are experiencing issues running the pipeline that cause a failure to complete or if you have questions about the pipeline, please contact us via the Pipeline Department of the NRAO Helpdesk.