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VLA Calibration Pipeline reports

by Debra Shepherd last modified Mar 20, 2013

The following tests have been run in which experts evaluate the pipeline results in critical detail.    In all cases images were made from the pipeline calibrated data.   The resulting images were then compared with images that were made with data that had been carefully calibrated by hand (in AIPS or CASA) and/or the resulting image RMS was compared with the theoretically expected RMS noise.

Test Q-1: Q band continuum, 8-bit samplers (John Tobin) - report coming soon.

Test Ka-1: Ka band continuum, 3-bit samplers (Deb Shepherd)

Test X-1: X-band continuum, 8-bit samplers (Joan Wrobel)

Test C-1: C-band continuum, 8-bit samplers (Viviana Rosero)

Test S-1: S band continuum, 8-bit samplers (Rick Perley)

Test L-1: L band continuum, 8-bit samplers (Urvashi Rao)