Computing at the DSOC

by Stephan W. Witz last modified Apr 04, 2012

A primary goal of the computing environment at the DSOC is to allow every user full access to a workstation during his/her visit. There are 10 public workstations available at the DSOC for full-time data reduction by visitors. They are mostly four-processor, 2.0-GHz PCs running Linux.

For hardcopy, we have a number of high volume B&W laser printers, two color Postscript laser printers which can reproduce on both paper and transparencies, and one wide-bed color printer.

Visitors should reserve time on these workstations when they make their travel arrangements at (see also Reservations for the EVLA site and/or DSOC). Note that users may request remote access to the visitor machines as well, without actually visiting the DSOC. Please contact the computing helpdesk (e-mail to, extension 7213, office 262) for further information about this and any other computing assistance while at the DSOC.

For a more complete description of computing facilities at the DSOC, see