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The Observations and Remote Observing

by Stephan W. Witz last modified Jul 06, 2012 by Stephan Witz

Since most VLA observations are carried out dynamically it is in general neither necessary, nor practical, for observers to be present during their observations. However, there can be considerable benefits to observers who come to Socorro to reduce and analyze their data in terms of interactions and discussions with NRAO staff. See Reservations for the VLA site and/or SOC for information on coming to and staying in Socorro.

For those who choose to process their data at home, the data can be retrieved from the VLA online archive by using the NRAO Interactive Services login from the archive web page.  Depending on the size of your data and the speed of your transmission you may choose to retrieve your data online or have us mail you a disk containing your data.

For more information we refer to the VLA archive web page and our Data Shipment Policy.