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Help for Visitors to the VLA and SOC

by Stephan W. Witz last modified Jul 06, 2012 by Stephan Witz

We encourage observers to come to Socorro to calibrate and image their data. This is the best way to ensure the quickest turnaround and the best results from their observing. While in Socorro, each observer will interact with members of the SOC staff in accordance with his/her level of experience and the complexity of the observing program. If requested through the reservation form, the visiting observer will be guided through the steps of data calibration and imaging by a pre-arranged staff friend or scientific collaborator. A list of staff scientists and their interests can be found at http://www.aoc.nrao.edu/epo/ad/aoc-research.shtml. The data analysts, computing helpdesk, and other staff are also available for consultation on AIPS and CASA procedures, and systems questions.