Page Charge Support

by Stephan W. Witz last modified Apr 29, 2013 by Stephan Witz

The following URL contains complete information on the observatory's policy regarding page charge support:   In summary:

  • When requested, NRAO will pay the larger of the following:
    • 100% of the page charge share for authors at a U.S. scientific or educational institute reporting original results made with NRAO instrument(s).
    • 100% of the page charge share for NRAO staff members.
  • Page charge support is provided for publication of color figures.
  • To receive page charge support, authors must comply with all of the following requirements:
    • Include the NRAO footnote in the text (see Acknowledgement to NRAO).
    • Send the astro-ph link or an electronic copy of the paper upon acceptance or posting on astro-ph to the Observatory Librarian (, with the request for page charge support. The Librarian will respond with the amount covered (based on the NRAO page charge policy) and will request the page charge form, with manuscript information completed, via fax (434-296-0278) or e-mail ( For questions, contact the Observatory Librarian at 434-296-0254.