VLBI Observations

by stephanw — last modified Dec 05, 2013 by Gustaaf Van Moorsel

The VLA can now participate in VLBI observations with the VLBA.  Currently, this is only allowed in phased array mode (single dish is only available through the VLBA Resident Shared Risk Observing program) with restricted WIDAR correlator configurations.   For more details see the VLBI at the VLA documentation.  In phased array mode the program TelCal derives the antenna-based delay and phase corrections needed for antenna phasing in real time.  This correction is applied to the antenna signals before they are summed, requantized to 2-bits, and recorded in VDIF format on the Mark5C disk at the VLA site.  The disk(s) are then transported to Socorro, NM and correlated on the DiFX correlator with other VLBI stations which participated in the observation.  Standard VLA data, i.e., correlations between VLA antennas,  are also archived in the NRAO science data archive.