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Monthly Conditions at the VLA

The following plots show the fraction of time that was most suitable for observing in each VLA band for the one-year period September 2010—August 2011, according to the measured wind speed and API phase rms (opacity is not included).  Click any plot to enlarge it. The simultaneous requirements for wind speed and API phase rms used to create these plots correspond to the current table of values in the OPT:

Band4, P, LSCXKuKKaQ
API (deg) any < 60 < 45 < 30 < 15 < 10 < 7 < 5
Wind (m/s) any any any < 15 < 10 < 7 < 6 < 5

See also the Archival API Plots (monthly plots of API rms phase vs LST Sept 2010—Aug 2011)

January February March
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April May June
Apr2011 May2011 Jun2011
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