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by Gustaaf Van Moorsel last modified Jun 19, 2015 by Lorant Sjouwerman

If clicking on the GOST link does not bring up the GOST screen, it is likely you don't have webstart.  In that case do the following:

  1. click on the current version (or for DDT submissions before the deadline: ddt version)
  2. Save the file as "gost.jar"
  3. In a terminal window type:
  4. java -jar gost.jar

This assumes gost.jar is in the current directory.  If it is not, copy it to the current directory first

You need to have java 1.7 or later. If java is not in your path, but you know where it is, you can instead run:

  /path/to/your_java/java -jar gost.jar