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Documents & Publications

by Davis Murphy last modified Oct 12, 2017 by Eric Murphy

ngVLA Project Overview Presentation:

ngVLA Memo Series:

A series of technical and scientific memos related to the ngVLA are continually being published in the ngVLA memo series.  

Initial ngVLA Science White Papers:

A white paper by Chris Carilli (NRAO) et al. introduces the next generation Very Large Array (ngVLA) concept and summarizes the initial design and priority science goals.

In coordination with the initial design, the astronomical community considered a range of compelling science goals that can only be enabled by a ngVLA. These science goals are described in a series of white papers published in the ngVLA memo series, and will be expanded with new ideas & more detailed analyses as the project progresses.

ngVLA Wiki Pages:

A series of scientific and technical ngVLA wiki pages for community input has been made available.