by Davis Murphy last modified Oct 15, 2017 by Eric Murphy
4 Jan.  ngVLA Splinter Session at AAS
8-9 Apr. Inaugural ngVLA Technical Workshop
21 Oct. ngVLA Science White Papers posted on arXiv
8-9 Dec  Second ngVLA Technical Workshop
4 Jan. ngVLA Splinter Session at AAS
3-5 Aug. Kavli 2/Radio-mm-Submm Futures Meeting
8 Aug. ngVLA Community Studies Program Announced
Nominations for ngVLA Science Advisory Council (SAC) Requested
14 Sept.  Nominations for SAC Due
30 Sept  ngVLA Community Studies Proposals Due
ngVLA SAC Membership Announced
2 Nov. Announcement of Selected ngVLA Community Studies
6 Jan. ngVLA Poster Session at the AAS
4 Jan.  ngVLA Session at URSI
26-29 Jun. ngVLA Science Meeting (Socorro, NM)
17 Jul. ngVLA Reference Design Memo Posted
2 Aug.  ngVLA Key Science Goals Memo Posted
2-4  Aug. Kavli 3/Radio-mm-Submm Futures Meeting (Berkeley, CA)
31 Aug. ngVLA Community Studies Reports Due
25 Sept. Call for 2nd round of ngVLA Community Studies
23 Oct. ngVLA Community Studies (Round 2) Proposals Due
11 Jan. AAS Special Session: VLA Today and Tomorrow
26-29 Jun. Astrophysical Frontiers in the next Decade
31 Aug. Round 2 ngVLA Community Studies Reports Due
Prepare for Astro2020