Proposals are evaluated on the basis of scientific merit. Proposals may also be reviewed for their feasibility by Observatory staff. A feasibility review may include a technical review, a data management review, or both. Unless otherwise noted in the Call for Proposals, semester proposals utilize the Panel Proposal Review process and DDT proposals utilize the Observatory Site Review process. The review process for special calls will be provided in the notice for the special call. Details about the Panel Proposal Review process are available online at https://science.nrao.edu/observing/proposal-types/proposal-review-system. The Observatory Site Review process is a less formal review process whereby primarily Observatory staff will provide information for the scientific, technical, and/or data management components of the proposal review.

For the Panel Proposal Review Process, the Observatory is responsible for recruiting reviewers for the Science Review Panels (SRPs) and TAC. The Observatory is committed to the principles of equity and inclusion in the peer review process. As such, it is a goal of recruiting that the demographics of the review panels and TAC reflect the gender demographics of the astronomical community4.

The Observatory welcomes volunteers to be a science reviewer for the Panel Proposal Review process. To apply to volunteer, please submit the online form at https://science.nrao.edu/observing/proposal-types/srp-volunteer-form. For more information about the volunteering and the review process, see online at https://science.nrao.edu/observing/proposal-types/volunteer_review.

Membership of the SRPs is kept confidential by the Observatory, but SRP members are welcome to note their participation (in their curriculum vitae, for example). Membership of the TAC is made public by the Observatory. For the most current semester, the TAC membership is available online https://science.nrao.edu/observing/proposal-types/time-allocation-committee.

4 The specific recruitment goals are determined by the demographics of the Observatory’s user base, which relies on users to provide their information. Gender-related reports are available at https://science.nrao.edu/science/reports/gender-related-systematics-in-the-nrao-and-alma-proposal-review-process