Eligibility and Responsibility

All registered users agree to act according to Observatory policies and procedures, as defined in this document and in the Call for Proposals documentation. In particular, all users accept the limitations of the observing capabilities and operational restrictions applicable for the call for which they submit a proposal. Any registered user may submit a proposal for the supported facilities.

Each proposal must identify an individual who will serve as Principal Investigator (PI). Proposals submitted by a consortium are not valid. Instead, a person within the consortium should submit the proposal and act as PI and any other consortium members are co-Investigators (co-Is). The PI or a co-I is required to be specified as the official contact between the Observatory and the proposing team for all proposal correspondence. By default, the PI is the official contact. The PI and all co-Is are responsible for ensuring that their respective profiles registered for the NRAO user account are correct (e.g., email address, affiliation). Proposals may include any number of co-Is.

By submitting a proposal, the PI takes full responsibility of its contents. The PI is responsible to ensure that all co-Is have agreed to be included on a proposal. Including a user as co-I in a proposal without their consent may lead to the proposal being canceled. Co-I names cannot be added to or be withdrawn from the proposal after the proposal deadline.

PIs and co-Is may all view, edit and submit proposals in the PST. Additionally, they all may create, modify, and submit Scheduling Blocks in the relevant workflow (e.g., Observation Preparation Tool; OPT). They are all entitled to receive help from, or discuss project details with, Observatory staff and receive the outcome of the review process.