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MegaSAGE Meeting

MegaSAGE Meeting #7
NRAO Charlottesville Sept 2-5, 2014

Registration is Open

The MegaSAGE consortium studies the life cycle of matter that drives the evolution of galaxies, focusing on the Magellanic system, and the detailed interplay of gas, dust, newly forming and evolved dying stars. This study has included surveys with Spitzer and Herschel, and detailed ongoing studies with other instruments. Currently ALMA is revolutionizing our understanding of dense gas in the universe, and is a primary focus for our Magellanic studies.

This 7th annual project meeting will feature discussions of ongoing projects as well as future proposal planning and discussion.

There will be 4 full days of meetings as well as a conference dinner on one of the evenings.

Meeting Timeline

Preregistration Opens May 2, 2014
Call for Abstract Titles May 2, 2014
Abstract Titles Due June 15, 2014
Registration Opens Now Open
Final Scientific Program July 7, 2014
Poster Abstracts Deadline August 1, 2014
Hotel Reservation Deadline August 1 (Courtyard) and August 11 (others), 2014
Blue Mountain Brewery Get-together (self-pay) September 1, 2014 15:30 (Meet at Edgemont Road  to carpool at 3:30pm)

Registration Closes

Extended through September 2
Meeting September 2-5, 2014