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SIW 2016 Lectures

Lecture slides for the 2016 Synthesis Imaging Workshop

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Basics of Radio Astronomy Lisa Young (NMT)
Antennas & Receivers in Radio Astronomy Mark McKinnon (NRAO)
Fundamentals of Radio Interferometry I Rick Perley (NRAO)
Fundamentals of Radio Interferometry II Rick Perley (NRAO)
Radio Afterglows from Large Meteors Kenneth Obenberger (AFRL)
Cross Correlators Adam Deller (ASTRON)
Calibration George Moellenbrock (NRAO)
Polarization in Interferometry
Michiel Brentjens (ASTRON)
Fast Radio Bursts: the chase is on Sarah Burke Spolaor (NRAO)
Imaging and Deconvolution David Wilner (CfA)
Interferometry of Solar System Objects
Bryan Butler (NRAO)
Advanced Calibration Techniques Remy Indebetouw (NRAO)
Spectral Line Data Analysis Ylva Pihlstrom (UNM)
Very Long Baseline Interferometry Adam Deller (ASTRON)
Future Array Design and Technology Tony Beasley (NRAO)
Wideband and Full-beam Imaging Urvashi Rao (NRAO)
Error Recognition and Analysis Greg Taylor (UNM)
Mosaicing Brian Mason (NRAO)
Multi-messenger exploration of the transient sky with LIGO and the VLA Alessandra Corsi (TTU)
Low Frequency Interferometry Tracy Clarke (NRL)
Astrochemistry Tony Remijan (NRAO)
VLA Planning your Observation - Lecture Lorant Sjouwerman (NRAO)
ALMA Planning your Observation - Lecture Tony Remijan (NRAO)