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Wednesday, 24 August
8:30am Registration
Welcome: Jewell
9am Overviews Cox (JAO) Developing a Vision of Future ALMA
Carpenter (JAO) Near Term Priorities: Toward Full Ops
Laing (ESO) ALMA Development Activities at ESO
East Asia (TBD) ALMA Development Activities in East Asia
10am Wootten (NRAO) ALMA Development Activities in North America
Randolph (NRAO) NA ALMA Development Cycle 5, Call for Proposals
Break (20 min)
11am Expanding Sensitivity and Spectral Grasp Saini (NRAO) An ALMA Band 2+ Cartridge
Kerr (NRAO) Development of Second-generation SIS Receivers for ALMA
Henke (NRC-HIA) Concept Study for a (B3) Millimeter Camera for ALMA
Lichtenberger (U. Virginia) New SIS developments at UVML
12pm Roshi and Shillue  Wide-Fielding ALMA Using a Phased Array Feed Receiver
Lunch (60 min) Lunch break slide
Increasing Bandwidth, Sensitivity and Channelization Lacasse (NRAO) Upgrading the ALMA Baseline Correlator
Young (CfA) DSP at SAO and a Study of a Next Generation ALMA Digital Processing
Lacy (NRAO) Increasing the ALMA data rate
2pm Ford (NRAO) Upgradind the ALMA Digital Back End Antenna Article
Jacques (NRAO) Upgrade of the CLOA
Matthews (MIT) Diversifying the Scientific Applications of the ALMA Phasing System

Break (45 min)
Discussion: ALMA2030 Discussion
Thursday, 25 August
9am Harvesting ALMA Data Brogan (NRAO) The ALMA Pipeline
Kern (NRAO) CASA Development Activities
Teuben (U. Md) ADMIT
Lacy (NRAO) Future plans for the ALMA archive
10am Rosen (U. S. Florida) Feature Extraction & Data Cube Visualization Through Topology
Teuben (U. Md) Joint-Deconvolution of ALMA 12m, 7m & Total Power Array Data
Urvashi Rau (NRAO) Understanding imaging limits due to approximations in ALMA primary beam models
Break  (20 m)
11am Rosolowsky (Alberta) CARTA
Sanjay Bhatnagar (NRAO)  Full-beam Full-Polarization Imaging with ALMA: Characterizing the impact of direction-dependent effects
12pm Summary and Conclusion Summary