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Known Issues for the VLA Pipeline

by Drew Medlin last modified May 25, 2017

About this Page

This page provides a link to separate known issues pages for each release version of CASA with the Integrated pipeline. 

Last update: 2017-05-19.

CASA 4.7.2 (and 4.7.x). This is the current, production version of the pipeline: please see the main pipeline web page for known issues affecting this version.

CASA 4.5.3 (and 4.5.x)

CASA 4.3.1

CASA versions prior to 4.3.1 used the Scripted pipeline.


Issues not covered

If you are experiencing issues running the pipeline that cause a failure to complete or if you have questions about the pipeline, please contact us via the Pipeline Department of the NRAO Helpdesk.