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Registered Participants

by Stephan Witz last modified Mar 01, 2012 by Gustaaf Van Moorsel



Name Affiliation Part 1 Part 2
Frank Schinzel UNM/MPIfR
David H. Roberts Brandeis University
Ai-Lei Sun Princeton University
Laura Zschaechner UNM
Denis Leahy University of Calgary
Marc Royster Northwestern
Ronny Blomme Royal Observatory of Belgium
Andra Stroe Leiden University
Tessa Vernstrom University of British Columbia
Hana Schumacher University of Portsmouth
Carl Melis University of California, San Diego
Philip Schmidt MPIfR
Casey Law UC Berkeley
Mark Sargent CEA Saclay
Sui Ann Mao NRAO/Un Wisconsin/Madison
Sravani Vaddi Rochester Institute of Technology
Anna Williams University of Wisconsin/Madison
Heidi Medlin NRAO
Harvey S. Liszt NRAO
Jeremy Harwood University of Hertfordshire
Chris De Pree Agnes Scott College
David Mulcahy
Pat Palmer University of Chicago
Bob Mesler University of New Mexico
Viviana Rosero New Mexico Tech
Robin Pulliam NRAO
Delia Volpi Royal Observatory of Belgium
Mark McCoy New Mexico Tech
Mary Barsony SETI Institute
Lorraine Bowman SSI
Justin Linford UNM
Joanna Corby University of Virginia