Registering with the Observatory

Unauthenticated users (unregistered users, or users who are registered but have not logged in) have access to non-proprietary data from Observatory facilities, documentation, tools (e.g., sensitivity calculator, Archive Access Tool), and the NRAO Science Helpdesk Knowledgebase articles describing solutions to common questions and problems.

Authenticated users, i.e., those who register for a NRAO account and are logged in, may participate in Observatory proposals, access their proprietary data through the Archive Access Tool, track the progress of their projects, and submit tickets to the NRAO Science Helpdesk.

Anyone can register for a NRAO account through the online portal. A user may have one (1) NRAO account, which is identified by a unique, user-selected username. Users are required to provide their first and last names, their affiliation, a street address, an email address, and a phone number. The fields requesting demographic information, such as career stage, gender, and graduation year, are voluntary. User information follows the Observatory’s Confidentiality of Information Policy in Section 2.2. If a duplicate user profile exists or is mistakenly created, please contact the NRAO Science Helpdesk for assistance.

Users are responsible for ensuring that their profile information is correct and up-to-date. The Observatory strongly encourages users to check the spam folder of their email in case official communication is mistakenly directed there.