Proposal Science Categories

Proposal science categories are defined to group proposals with similar science intents for consideration by reviewers who are familiar and/or experts in the field. The categories can change, though generally, the science categories do not fluctuate frequently. Currently, proposals for the use of Observatory facilities are organized according to one of the following scientific categories:

SSP Solar system, stars, planetary systems: Sun, planets, comets, IPM; exoplanets; main sequence stars; active stars; stellar winds; AGB and post-AGB stars; PNe; novae
GWT Gravitational waves and energetic transients: supernovae, gravitational wave sources, gamma-ray bursts, tidal disruption events, fast radio bursts, exotic/unknown transients
PCO Pulsars and compact objects: millisecond pulsars, cataclysmic variables, black hole and/or neutron star x-ran binaries, pulsar timing, pulsar proper motion
SFM Star formation: young stellar objects; protostars; jets, outflows; T Tauri stars, circumstellar disks; protoplanetary systems; astrochemistry
ISM Interstellar medium: galactic HI and OH; ISM magnetic field, SNRs; HII regions; astrochemistry
NGA Normal galaxies, clusters, and groups: Galaxies (continuum), including galaxies in groups and clusters: disk emission; star formation; magnetic fields; galactic winds; starbursts; intracluster emission and ICM astrophysics
EGS Extragalactic structure: Galaxies (lines): galaxy structure; galaxy kinematics and dynamics; galaxy chemistry; gas in galaxies
HLA High-Luminosity AGN: AGN, high-luminosity: FR II radio galaxies, quasars, QSOs, blazars, BL Lacs
LLA Low-Luminosity AGN: AGN, low-luminosity: FR I radio galaxies, FR 0 radio galaxies, Seyfert galaxies, quiescent SMBG, Sgr A
HIZ High redshift and source surveys: High-z objects; extragalactic source surveys; galaxy formation; gravitational lenses; large-scale structure and clusters (as cosmological probes); CMB; early universe

Observatory staff reserve the right to change the user selected science category of a proposal to a more appropriate one if warranted without consulting with or notice to the PI.