2016 Calendar and Cohorts

by Davis Murphy last modified Oct 10, 2016 by Lyndele von Schill


Calendar of Activities

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NAC IV Cohorts

SiteStudentMentorHome Institution
CDL Kendal Sandridge Morgan McLeod Columbia University
CV Emily Wilson Jim Braatz
CV Jeanine Shea Dana Balser Bucknell University
CV Antonio Porras Aaron Evans Fisk-Vanderbilt
CV Alia Wofford (LSAMP) Amanda Kepley Elizabeth City State University
SOC Jacquiline Erzo Frank Schinzel CUNY Hunter College
SOC Anya Raj Lory Wingate University of Washington
SOC Kelsey Lund Chris Hales UC San Diego
STScI Jacqueline Antwi-Danso Lou Strolger Texas Christian University
STScI Bridget Kayetesi Lou Strolger Hamilton College
STScI Stephanie Minto Lou Strolger University of MD Eastern Shore
STScI Elizabeth Johnson Lou Strolger Villanova University
UWisc Natalie Delworth Eric Hooper Brown University
UWisc Joel Stadler Eric Hooper NC AT&T

NAC IV Speakers

week of July 11 - Sinclaire Manning, PhD candidate and former NAC intern, University of Texas - Austin

* All talks are recorded, and are available for viewing by the general public.

NAC IV Summer Experience


  • Research activitiesSinclaire Manning
  • Mentoring
  • Weekly NAC discussion sessions (60-90 minutes)
    • Nag & brag
    • Research summaries
    • Weekly topic for discussion
  • Participation in "All Student" activities
    • Trip to Green Bank, WV (June 6-10)
  • Professional development
    • Making the Most of Mentoring Opportunities – Dr. Keisha John
    • Green Bank Summer School – weeklong experience
    • Professional Skills and Presentations – Dr. Sabrina Stierwalt
    • Developing a 3-Minute Elevator Talk – UVA
    • NAC Experience and Grad School (and TUNA talk)– Sinclair Manning
    • Applying to Grad School (and TUNA talk) – Moiya McTier, NAC Alum
    • Professional Networking – UVA
    • Self-Care in Difficult Times (NAC Hang-out) – Charlene Greene
    • Graduate School and Beyond – Dr. Amanda Kepley
  • Online Training
    • Power of Respectful Language
    • Uncovering Implicit Bias
    • Team Building Across Cultures