SIW2018 Lectures

by Joshua Marvil last modified Jul 23, 2018

PDF slides from the 16th Synthesis Imaging Workshop can be downloaded from the table below (click on talk title).

Video recordings of the lectures can be accessed from this link:

16th Synthesis Imaging Workshop Videos

We encountered a couple technical issues with the video recordings.  Most notably, slides were not captured properly for presenters who used their own laptops; for these talks we recommend downloading the PDF and following along manually. We also lost audio for the last few minutes of the first talk.  Not all web browsers may be compatible with the video format and/or browser plugins may interfere with playback. Select 'Sort by: Order' to ensure the list of videos matches the table below.


Basics of Radio Astronomy Lisa Young (NMT)
Antennas & Receivers in Radio Astronomy Mark McKinnon (NRAO)
Fundamentals of Radio Interferometry I Rick Perley (NRAO)
Fundamentals of Radio Interferometry II Rick Perley (NRAO)
Fundamentals of Radio Interferometry III Rick Perley (NRAO)
Interferometry of Solar System Objects Bryan Butler (NRAO)
Cross Correlators Adam Deller (ASTRON)
The High-Redshift Universe, Magnified Dan Marrone (UA)
Calibration George Moellenbrock (NRAO)
Imaging and Deconvolution David Wilner (CfA)
Advanced Calibration I Crystal Brogan (NRAO)
Advanced Calibration II Crystal Brogan (NRAO)
The VLA Sky Survey Claire Chandler (NRAO)
Multi-messenger Exploration of the Transient Sky Alessandra Corsi (TTU)
Spectral Line Data Analysis Ylva Pihlstrom (UNM)
Polarization Frank Schinzel (NRAO)
Mosaicing Brian Mason (NRAO)
Very Long Baseline Interferometry Adam Deller (ASTRON)
Low Frequency Interferometry Tracy Clarke (NRL)
Astrochemistry Brett McGuire (NRAO)
Wideband and Wide-field Imaging I Urvashi Rao (NRAO)
Wideband and Wide-field Imaging II
Urvashi Rao (NRAO)
Protoplanetary Disks Hui Li (LANL)
II Zw 40: A Test Case for Studying Baryon Cycling in the Nearby Universe Amanda Kepley (NRAO)
Error Recognition Greg Taylor (UNM)
Image and Non-imaging Analysis Greg Taylor (UNM)
Array Design Craig Walker (NRAO)
VLA Planning your Observation - Lecture Lorant Sjouwerman (NRAO)
ALMA Planning your Observation - Lecture Rachel Friesen (NRAO)