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NA ALMA 2016 Study Proposals

The National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO) invites interested parties in the North American ALMA partnership to submit proposals for "Development Upgrades of the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA)."

Questions about this Call for Proposals

Questions related to this Call for Proposals should be submitted via email.

A Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page is available, and will be updated as questions are received.

Information webinar - March 9, 2016


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STUDY Proposal Documents


Important information for NRAO Proposers

NRAO Employees must use the New Ideas Notification Form on the PMD Website.

Submitting Notice of Intent (NOI)

Submit Study Proposal NOI (by March 15, 2016) here.

Submitting the Study Proposal

The deadline has passed; please consider submitting a proposal for the next Call.

Details regarding the Call for STUDY Proposals can be found in the following documents:

Study Proposal Documents
Call for Study Proposals Cover Letter PDF
Call for Study Proposals PDF
Conditions Governing the Call for Study Proposals PDF
Study Proposal Form Template Word
Study Plan Template Word
ALMA Development Studies Implementation Plan Link

More Supporting Documents at the Bottom of this Page

Call for STUDY Proposal Schedule

Release of Call for Study Proposals 2016 March 1
Information Webinar
2016 March 9
Notice of Intent 2016 March 15
Closing Date 2016 May 2
Notification of Awards 2016 July 30
Validity Date of Proposals 2016 September 30
Study Completion Date 2017 September 30

STUDY Important Dates

STUDY Proposals received by 5:00pm EDT, 2 May 2016 will receive full consideration.  Multiple proposals may be submitted by individual organizations and institutions.  Each proposal, however, must comply fully with all of the applicable requirements, including content and submission by the deadline.

The completed studies will be used, together with similar studies from the other ALMA partners, to augment and implement the ALMA Development Plan.  Please see documents developed by the ALMA Scientific Advisory Committee at the Call website describing development priorities.

Supporting Documents & Links

ALMA Development Documents
A Road Map for Developing ALMA ASAC PDF
Pathways to Developing ALMA Bolatto, Corder, Iono, Testi, Wootten PDF
Major Science Themes in the 2020-2030 Decade PDF
Major facilities by 2030 PDF
ALMA Development Strategic Goals & Objectives Link
ALMA StandardsDocument No.
ALMA Product Assurance Requirements ALMA- PDF
ALMA Quality Management Systems ALMA- PDF
ALMA SpecificationsDocument No.
ALMA System Electromagnetic Compatibility Requirements ALMA- PDF
ALMA Environmental Specifications ALMA- PDF
ALMA Front End Specifications ALMA. PDF
ALMA ProceduresDocument No.
ALMA Design Reviews - Definitions, Guidelines and Procedures ALMA- PDF
ALMA Product Tree ALMA- PDF
ALMA Documents from Earlier Calls
Report from the ALMA Development Working Group November 3, 2008 PDF
Principles for the ALMA Development Program July, 2011 PDF
ALMA in the Coming Decade, Development Workshop
April 18, 2013 Link
ALMA Software Development Workshop October, 2011 Link

Post-Award Documents

Post-award DocumentsDocument No. or Date
FFATA Subrecipient Profile Questionnaire PDF
Subrecipient Agreement PDF
Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement PDF
Representations & Certifications PDF

ALMA Development Studies History

Cycle 1

The first call for ALMA development studies (Cycle 1) was reported in eNews

Seventy-seven investigators associated with twenty-six institutions responded to the Call with a total of 21 study proposals, of which the following eight were funded.

Program Title

(hover for linked reports)

Second Generation Receiver for ALMA Band 6 (Study continues into Cycle 2) Anthony R. Kerr (NRAO)
Ultra-wideband quantum limited amplifiers for receiver frontends D. Woody (Caltech)
Design Study for Production of the Band 2 Cartridges Eric Bryerton (NRAO) Study has become a Cycle 2 ALMA Development Project: Design and Testing of a Prototype Band-2 Cartridge (PI: K. S. Saini)
A Visualization Portal for ALMA Data E. Rosolowski (UBC-Okanagan) Study has become a Cycle 2 ALMA Development Project: The Next Generation ALMA Viewer (PI: E, Rosolowsky)
Millimeter/Submillimeter VLBI with ALMA Jeff Kern (NRAO) Study was associated with an ALMA Development Project now reaching realization: The ALMA Phasing Project (PI: S. Doeleman, MIT)
Unleashing Large Dataset Science Lee Mundy (Univ. Maryland) Study has become a Cycle 2 Development Project: ALMA Data Mining Toolkit: ADMIT (PI: Lee Mundy)
Increasing the ALMA Data Rate B. Glendenning (NRAO) NOTE: Study proposal was withdrawn
ALMA Band 1 Receiver Development Study P.T.P. Ho (ASIAA) Study has become an ALMA Development Project led by East Asia, in collaboration with North America and Universidad de Chile

Cycle 2

The second call for ALMA development studies (Cycle 2) was reported in eNews Feb 2014:
Nine submissions were received from 8 PIs with teams totaling 41 investigators from 17 institutions; six were funded.

Program Title



Advanced Solar Observing

T. Bastian, NRAO

Study has resulted in ALMA offering solar observations in cycle 4,

2nd Generation Band10 Receiver

A. Kerr, NRAO

Community Science Tool Development

A. Leroy, NRAO

2nd Generation Band 6 Receiver

A. Kerr, NRAO

Millimeter Camera

S. Claude, NRC-Herzberg

Calibration Refinements for ALMA Imaging

T. Wilson, NRL

Cycle 3

The third Call for ALMA development studies (Cycle 3) results were reported in eNews Dec 2015:

Seven Studies from 33 proposers representing ten institutions fit within the funding envelope and were proposed for North American funding with the consent of the National Science Foundation.

NOTE: The due date for reports for Cycle 2 projects has not yet occurred.

Program Title



Digital Correlator and Phased Array Architectures for Upgrading ALMA

J. Weintroub, Harvard

Baudry, Carlson, Doeleman, Escoffier, Lacasse, Rosenfeld, Rupen

Improving the calibration of atmospheric spectral features in ALMA data

T. Hunter, NRAO

Phillips, Broguiere

Pulsars, Magnetars, and Transients with Phased ALMA

J. Cordes, Cornell

Chatterjee, Crew, Doeleman, Kramer, Lazio, Ransom

ALMA Study Project: Extensions and Enhancements to the ALMA Phasing System

L. Matthews, MIT

Crew, Doeleman, Fish, Hecht
Feature extraction and visualization of ALMA data cubes through topological data

P. Rosen, U. Utah (now U. S.Florida)

Wang, Johnson, Kern, Mills

Advanced materials and on wafer chip evaluation for second generation ALMA

A. Lichtenberger, U. Va.


Spectral Resolution and Bandwidth Upgrade of the ALMA Correlator

R. Lacasse, NRAO

Escoffier, Greenberg, Saez, Treacy, Webber, Baudry, Amestica, Stan