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ALMA News Archives

by Dong-Chan Kim last modified Apr 08, 2021

ALMA News Archives

The following ALMA project status have been published as part of the NRAO eNews or NRAO Newsletters or press releases:

News Item

Date Archived

ALMA in March 2021 eNews March 11, 2021
ALMA NA Development Project Call for Proposals February 11,2021
ALMA in February 2021 eNews February 11, 2021
ALMA Recovery Status Update January 25, 2021
ALMA in January 2021 eNews January 08, 2021
ALMA Cycle 8 2021 Pre-Announcement December 17, 2020
ALMA in December 2020 eNews December 17, 2020
ALMA in November 2020 eNews November 19, 2020
Newly processed Venus ALMA data made available to the communityNewly processed Venus ALMA data made available to the community November 17, 2020
ALMA in October 2020 eNews October 22, 2020
ALMA Shows Volcanic Impact on Io's Atmosphere October 21, 2020
ALMA starts the process of recovering the telescope array

October 1, 2020

ALMA in September 2020 eNews September 25, 2020
ALAM in August 2020 eNews August 20, 2020
ALMA Captures Stirred-Up Planet Factory August 3, 2020
ALMA Finds Possible Sign of Neutron Star in Supernova 1987A
July 30, 2020
ALMA in July 2020 eNews July 16, 2020
Astronomers created a stunning mosaic of ALMA and Hubble images, showing celestial fireworks in star cluster G286.21+0.17 July 2,2020
ALMA in June 2020 eNews June 18, 2020
Supergiant Atmosphere of Antares Revealed by Radio Telescope June 16
ALMA Virtual Town Hall Meeting (recording) May 27, 2020
ALMA  in May 2020 eNews May 15, 2020
ALMA in April 2020 eNews April 11, 2020
ALMA Proprietary Times Extension
April 2, 2020
ALMA in March 2020 eNews March 25, 2020
ALMA Cycle 7 Observations Suspended due to COVID-19
March 20, 2020
The Strange Orbits of 'Tatooine' Planetary Disks March 19, 2020

Delay of the Cycle 8 Proposal Submission Deadline

March 19, 2020
ALMA Cycle 8 Call for Proposal is Now OPEN! March 17, 2020
ALMA in February 2020 eNews March 9, 2020
How New Born Stars Prepare for the Birth of Planets  February 20, 2020
ALMA in January 2020 eNews January 29, 2020
The Turbulent Life of Two Supermassive Black Holes caught in a Galaxy Crash January 5, 2020
ALMA in December 2019 eNews

December 19, 2019

Cycle 8 Pre-Announcement

December 19, 2019

ALMA Spots Most Distant Dusty Galaxy Hidden in Plain Sight

December 11, 2019

ALMA in November 2019 eNews

November 12, 2019

ALMA Resumes Regular Operations

October 28,2019

Going Against the Flow Around a Supermassive Blackhole

October 15, 2019

ALMA in October 2019 eNews

October 10, 2019

ALMA in September 2019 eNews

September 12, 2019

The Cycle 7 ACA Supplemental Call for Proposals is now open!

September 3, 2019

ALMA in August 2019 eNews

August 15, 2019

ALMA in July 2019 eNews

July 18, 2019

‘Moon-forming’ Circumplanetary Disk Discovered in Distant Star System

July 11, 2019

Planetary Rings of Uranus ‘Glow’ in Cold Light

June 20, 2019

ALMA in May 2019 eNews

June 13, 2019

Cool, Nebulous Ring around Milky Way’s Supermassive Black Hole

June 5, 2019

ALMA in May 2019 eNews

May16, 2019

ALMA in April 2019 eNews

April 11, 2019

ALMA in March 2019 eNews

March 14, 2019

Liberal Sprinkling of Salt Discovered around a Young Star

February 07, 2019

ALMA in January 2019 eNews (NRAO & GBO Ops Status & Semester 2019B Proposal Deadline, Astro 2020 Decadal Survey, Radio/mm Astrophysical Frontiers in the Next Decade, 7th VLA Data Reduction Workshop, ngVLA Project News, ALMA Program News, ALMA Ambassadors, NRAO Image Gallery from Jan 2019 AAS)

January 28, 2018

What 100,000 Star Factories in 74 Galaxies Tell Us about Star Formation across the Universe

January 09, 2019

ALMA Cycle 7 Pre-Announcement

December 19, 2018

Fragmenting Disk Gives Birth to Binary Star ‘Odd Couple’

December 15, 2018

ALMA in December 2018 eNews (Riccardo Giacconi, Astro 2020 Decadal Survey, Semester 2019A Proposal Outcomes, Change to NRAO Proposal Science Categories, Radio/mm Astrophysical Frontiers in the Next Decade, ngVLA Project News, VLA Data Reduction Workshop, ALMA Data Reduction Party, ALMA Program News, SMA Call for Proposals, 2019 LAD Early Career Award Goes to Brett McGuire)

December 12, 2018

The Epoch of Planet Formation, Times Twenty

December 12, 2018

Call for Cycle 7 North American Study Proposals Now Open

December 5, 2018

Trans-galactic Streamers Feeding Most Luminous Galaxy in the Universe

November 15, 2018

Galaxy-Scale Fountain Seen in Full Glory

November 6, 2018

ALMA in October 2018 eNews (Astro 2020 Decadal Survey White Paper Coordination, VLBA Returns to NRAO , Host an NRAO Community Day Event, New Horizons in Planetary Systems, ngVLA Program News,
ALMA Program News, ALMA Ambassadors Postdoctoral Program, SRDP Operations Manager Appointed, 2018 Jansky Lecturer: Prof. Roger D. Blandford)

October 25, 2018

First Spatially Resolved, Complete Thermal Data Set of Jupiter's Icy Moon

October 23, 2018

When Is a Nova Not a ‘Nova’? When a White Dwarf and a Brown Dwarf Collide

October 8, 2018

ALMA in September 2018 eNews (Status of VLA, Posters for AAS Special Sessions, Jansky Fellowship Program, Jansky Lecturer, ALMA Program News, ALMA Ambassadors Postdoctoral Program, ngVLA Program News, History of the SKA, NRAO Annual Reports)

September 12, 2018

Fierce Winds Quench Wildfire-like Starbirth in Far-flung Galaxy

September 6, 2018

First Science with ALMA’s Highest-Frequency Capabilities

July 30, 2018

ALMA in August 2018 eNews (X-Proposal Expression of Interest Announcement, ngVLA Project News, ALMA Program News, ARO Call for Proposals)

August 9, 2018

Pair of Colliding Stars Spill Radioactive Molecules into Space

July 30, 2018

Enduring 'Radio Rebound' Powered by Jets from Gamma-Ray Burst

July 26, 2018

ALMA in July 2018 eNews (NRAO 2019A Call for Proposals, GBO 2019A Call for Proposals, LBO 2019A Call for Proposals, Semester 2018B Proposal Outcomes, X-Proposal Expression of Interest Announcement, ngVLA Program News, Astrophysical Frontiers in the Next Decade and Beyond, Theoretical Advances Guided by Radio-Millimeter-Submillimeter Arrays, ALMA Program News, ALMA Development Roadmap, SRDP Project Scientist)

 July 12, 2018

Trio of Infant Planets Discovered around Newborn Star

June 12, 2018

ALMA in June 2018 eNews (X-Proposal Expression, SMA call for Proposal, 2018 Jansky Lectureship, ngVLA Program News, Star formation in the Universe, ALMA Program news)

May 31, 2018

ALMA Finds Most-Distant Oxygen in the Universe

May 16, 2018

ALMA in May 2018 eNews (X-Proposal Expression, ALMA Program News, ngVLA Program News, Astrophysical Frontiers in the Next Decade and Beyond, XXXth IAU General Assembly: Division B Events)

May 3, 2018

Astronomers Witness Galaxy Megamerger

April 25, 2018

ALMA in April 2018 eNews (ALMA Cycle 6 Call for Proposals, X-Proposal Expression, ALMA Program News, ngVLA Program News, Astrophysical Frontiers in the Next Decade and Beyond, VLBA St. Croix Antenna, Evolution of a Massive Red Supergiant, Claire Murray Receives Bob Brown Dissertation Award)

April 5, 2018

Cycle 6 Call for Proposals

March 21, 2018

ALMA in March 2018 eNews (2018 Jansky Fellowships Awarded, IAU Division B Announcement, ngVLA Program News, ALMA Program News, Frontiers of Experimental Radio Astronomy, Recent Media Releases)

March 8, 2018

ALMA in Febraury 2018 eNews (VLA Sky Survey Status, Synthesis Imaging Workshop, ngVLA Project News, ALMA Program News, ALMA Ambassadors)

February 8, 2018

ALMA in January 2018 eNews (ngVLA Project News, ALMA Program News, SMA CfP, ARO CfP)

January 4, 2018

ALMA Discovers Infant Stars Surprisingly Near Galaxy’s Supermassive Black Hole

December 18, 2017

 ALMA in November 2017 eNews (Semester 2018A Proposal Outcomes, Student Observing Support Awards, The Very Large Array Today and Tomorrow, Astrophysical Frontiers in the Next Decade and Beyond, Second Round of ngVLA Community Studies Awards Announced, Host an NRAO/LBO Community Day Event, ALMA Program News, Robert L. Brown Outstanding Doctoral Thesis Award)

December 1, 2017

Duo of Titanic Galaxies Captured in Extreme Starbursting Merger

November 13, 2017

ALMA in October 2017 eNews (AUI Names New President, VLA Sky Survey, ngVLA Design & Development, 2018 Jansky Fellowship, Call for ngVLA Community, Astrophysical Frontiers in the Next Decade and Beyond)

October 11, 2017

ALMA in September 2017 eNews (US Radio Futures 3, Jansky Fellowship., AAS ngVLA session, ALMA news, ALMA ambassadors)

September 7, 2017

ALMA in August 2017 eNews (VLA today and tomorrow, ngVLA, ALMA new director, ALMA news, CASA 5.0, Arizona Radio Observatory CFP)

August 10, 2017

ALMA Confirms Complex Chemistry in Titan’s Atmosphere

July 28, 2017

ALMA in July 2017 eNews (NRAO Call for Proposals, VLA Sky Survey Update, Submillimeter Array (SMA) Call for Observing Proposals, Women in Astronomy IV Conference, 2017 Jansky Lectureship, Futures III Conference, Fred Lo Science Symposium)

July 6, 2017

Heart of an Exploded Star Observed in 3-D

July 10, 2017

Chaotically Magnetized Cloud Is No Place to Build a Star, or Is It?

June 14, 2017

One of Life's Building Blocks Found around Infant Sun-like Stars

June 8, 2017

ALMA in June 2017 eNews (Futures III Registration Open, Semester 2017B Proposal Outcomes, New NRAO Central Development Lab Director, ALMA Program News, ngVLA Workshop Science Program, Refereed Papers Accrue One-Half Million Citations, Recent Media Releases)

June 1, 2017

ALMA Eyes Icy Ring around Young Planetary System

May 18, 2017

ALMA in April 2017 eNews (Futures III Registration Open, ALMA Cycle 5 Call for Proposals, 7-m Array Call for Proposals, ALMA Program News, 2017 Jansky Fellows, 2017 Jansky Lectureship, New NRAO Public Website Debuts) April 12, 2017
ALMA Captures Explosive Star Birth

April 7, 2017

Milky Way-like Galaxies in Early Universe Embedded in 'Super Halos' March 27, 2017
ALMA in March 2017 eNews (US radio futures, ALMA Cycle 5 CfP, ngVLA workshop, VLA Data reduction workshop, ALMA's Molecular View, ALMA proposal writing workshop, ALMA long Baseline Workshop) March 22, 2017
ALMA Cycle 5 Call for Proposals March 21, 2017
Ancient Stardust Sheds Light on the First Stars: Most distant object ever observed by ALMA March 8, 2017
Call for NA ALMA Development Study Proposals March 1, 2017
ALMA in February 2017 eNews (US radio futures, ngVLA workshop, Project director appointment, ALMA News, ALMA proposal writing workshop, NRAO publications) February 22, 2017
Black-Hole-Powered Jets Forge Fuel for Star Formation February 14, 2017
ALMA in January 2017 eNews (Kwok-Yung (Fred) Lo, New Assistant Director for New Mexico Operations, ALMA Program News, ALMA Proposal Writing Workshops) January 25,2017
ALMA Cycle 5 Pre-announcement December 16, 2016
ALMA in December 2016 eNews (NRAO Town Hall at the AAS, ngVLA, ALMA Program News, 2017 Astrobiology, Measuring Star Formation, ALMA Band 1, ALMA Data Reduction Party) December 15,2016
ALMA Finds Compelling Evidence for Pair of Infant Planets around Young Star December 12, 2016
ALMA in November 2016 eNews (Women in Astronomy IV, ALMA Ambassadors Program, ALMA Data Reduction Party, ALMA Program News, Host an NRAO Community Day Event, ngVLA Community Studies Approved, 2016 Jansky Lecture) November 18, 2016
Tsunami of Stars and Gas Produces Dazzling Eye-shaped Feature in Galaxy November 04, 2016
ALMA in October 2016 eNews (NRAO Assistant Director, ngVLA Project Scientist, ngVLA Science Advisory Council, CASA 4.7.0 Release, ALMA Call for Development Project Proposals, ALMA Band 1 Workshop) October 17, 2016
Image Release: Spiral Arms Embrace Young Star September 29, 2016
ALMA Finds Black hole Hidden Within Its Own Exhaust September 15, 2016
ALMA in September 2016 eNews (2017 Jansky Fellow, Long Baseline Observatory, Green Bank Observatory, Breakthrough Listen Workshop, The GBT Observing Tool Astrid, ALMA Program News) September 15, 2016
ALMA Finds Unexpected Trove of Gas Around Larger Stars August 25, 2016
ALMA in August 2016 eNews (U.S. Radio Future II, ngVLA Community Studies Program, ALMA Program News, Half a Decade of ALMA, Real-time, Commensal Fast Transient Searches at the VLA) August 15, 2016
Cycle 4: Phase 2 kick-off August 08, 2016
ALMA in July 2016 eNews (15th Synthesis Imaging Workshop, U.S. Radio Future II, ALMA Program News, Half a Decade of ALMA) July 20, 2016
ALMA Observes Most Distant Oxygen Ever June 16, 2016
ALMA in June 2016 eNews (U.S. Radio Future II, RFI 2016, Half a Decade of ALMA, Metrology & Control of Large Telescopes, New NRAO CDL Director, Telescope Time Allocation, ALMA Program News, MUSTANG-2, VLBA Antenna Pair) June 9, 2016
Black Hole Deluged by Cold Intergalactic 'Rain' June 8, 2016
ALMA Measures Mass of Black Hole with Extreme Precision May 5, 2016
ALMA in April 2016 eNews (U.S. Radio Future II, RFI 2016, NRAO Users Committee, 2016 Jansky Lectureship, Argus First Light, A Millisecond Pulsar, 2016 Jansky Fellowships, ALMA Program News) May 2, 2016
Dwarf Dark Galaxy Hidden in ALMA Gravitional Lens Image April 14, 2016
Planet Formation in Earth-like Orbit around a Young Star March 31, 2016
A Change in the ALMA Configuration Near the End of Cycle 3 March 31, 2016
ALMA in March 2016 eNews (ALMA Cycle 4 Call for Proposals, 1mm VLBI Call for Proposals, Argus Installed on the GBT, ALMA Program News) March 24, 2016
NA ALMA Development - Cycle 4 Study Proposals March 1, 2016
ALMA in February 2016 eNews (Registration Open for Synthesis Imaging Workshop , 1mm VLBI Pre-Announcement, First VLBI results from the GBT at 3mm, NAASC Workshop on Molecular Gas in Galactic Environments, ALMA News, CASA release) February 24, 2016
The Frigid Flying Saucer February 3, 2016
ALMA in January 2016 eNews (NAASC Workshop on Molecular Gas in Galactic Environments, Half A Decade of ALMA, NRAO Live!, 5th VLA Data Reduction Workshop, ALMA Program News, GBT Spectra Service, NRAO Astronomer Recognized, 2016 USNC-URSI National Radio Science Meeting) January 27, 2016
Extreme Turbulence Roiling 'Most Luminous Galaxy' in the Universe January 15, 2016
Participation of ALMA in GMVA observations in ALMA Cycle 4 January 13, 2016
Release of New Installment of Science Verification Data December 21, 2015
ALMA in December 2015 eNews (Next Generation VLA Workshop, Telescope Time Allocation, VLA Sky Survey, VLA Data Reduction Workshop, 15th Synthesis Imaging Workshop, ALMA Program News, Workshop on High Frequency Science, W-band Focal Plane Phased Array Feed Receiver on the GBT) December 17, 2015
Giant Planets Carving Paths around Four Young Stars, ALMA Observations Suggest December 16, 2015
ALMA Cycle 4 Pre-announcement December 14, 2015
Cool, Dim Dwarf Star is Magnetic Powerhouse November 19, 2015
ALMA in November 2015 eNews (35 Years of Constraints on Thermonuclear Supernova Progenitors with the VLA, ALMA Program News, Director for the NRAO Office of Diversity & Inclusion, Robert L. Brown Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award, NRAO Summer Student Presentation, NRAO Acknowledgement in Scientific Publications, GBT & Cellphone RFI Mitigation, Celebrating the 140-Foot Telescope) November 16, 2015
Image Release: Protostar Growth Spurts November 4, 2015
ALMA Cycle 3 Proposal Review: Detailed Report October 7, 2015
ALMA in October 2015 eNews (Next Generation VLA Workshop, U.S. Radio Futures Conference, NRAO Diversity Initiatives, CASA Pipeline for the VLA, ALMA Program News, New North American ALMA Regional Center Manager) October 7, 2015
Astronomers Discover How Lowly Dwarf Galaxy Becomes Star-Forming Powerhouse September 9, 2015
ALMA in September 2015 eNews (2016 NRAO Jansky Fellowship Program, Registration Open for U.S. Radio Futures Conference, High-Resolution ALMA Data and the Intrinsic Structure of the Lensed System, ALMA Program News, Robert L. Brown Outstanding Doctoral Thesis Award) September 2, 2015
ALMA Status Report: August 2015
August 10, 2015
Release of a new installment of Science Verification data July 28, 2015
ALMA Witnesses Assembly of Galaxies in the Early Universe for the First Time July 22, 2015
ALMA in July 2015 eNews (NRAO Call for Proposals, U.S. Radio Futures Conference, Student Observing Support in 2016, IAU General Assembly Highlights, Observational Evidence of Gas Accretion Onto Galaxies, Probing for Planets, A Pulsar Test for Variations in G, Physical Properties of Filaments & Dense Cores) July 22, 2015
ALMA Detects First Traces of Carbon 'Smog' Permeating Interstellar Atmospheres of Early Galaxies June 24, 2015
ALMA Weighs Supermassive Black Hole at Center of Distant Spiral Galaxy June 18, 2015
ALMA in June 2015 eNews (Telescope Time Allocation for Semester 2015B, VLA Sky Survey Community Review Report, Observational Evidence of Gas Accretion Onto Galaxies, 4th China-U.S. Workshop, Hydrogen Recombination Lines, ALMA Program News, Commercial Development of NRAO Technology) June 11, 2015
Astronomers 'Unscramble' Einstein Ring to Reveal Most Detailed View Ever of Star Formation in the Distant Universe June 8, 2015
ALMA Reveals the Cradles of Dense Cores: the Birthplace of Massive Stars May 19, 2015
ALMA in May 2015 eNews (Save The Dates: 15-17 December 2015, Sign-up for the New IAU Radio Astronomy Commission, IAU General Assembly Highlights, ALMA Program News, GBT Observations of OH emission from Milky Way "Dark Gas", High Frequency Science with the Green Bank Telescope, 2015 Jansky Lectureship Awarded to Nick Scoville) May 11, 2015
ALMA Cycle 3 Call for Proposals Attracts Record Number of Applications May 8, 2015
ALMA Discovers Proto Super Star Cluster -- a Cosmic 'Dinosaur Egg' About to Hatch May 7, 2015
Complex Organic Molecules Discovered in Infant Star System: Hints that Prebiotic Chemistry Is Universal April 08, 2015
ALMA Sees Einstein Ring in Stunning Image of Lensed Galaxy April 07, 2015
Asteroid Juno Seen Traveling Through Space in New ALMA Images and Animation April 07, 2015
ALMA in April 2015 eNews (ALMA Cycle 3 Call for Proposals, ALMA Data Reduction Party, ALMA Program News, Call for ALMA Development Study, The Future of Planetary Radio Astronomy with Single-dish Telescopes Workshop, 2015 Jansky Fellowships Awarded) April 2, 2015
ALMA Cycle 3 Call for Proposals Released March 24, 2015
A New Call for ALMA Development Studies & Webinar March 19, 2015
ALMA in March 2015 eNews (The Compact Nature of Star Formation in High-redshift Sub-Millimeter Selected Galaxies, A GBT Spectral Survey of Orion-KL, ALMA Program Update, ALMA VLBI 'First Light', CASA News Debuts) March 6, 2015
Pockets of Calm Protect Molecules around a Supermassive Black HolePerfect Storm February 26, 2015
Release of Science Verification data from the ALMA Long Baseline Campaign February 16, 2015
ALMA in January 2015 eNews (NRAO Community Days 2015, 2015 Single-Dish & Interferometry Summer Schools, ALMA Program Status, VLA Sky Survey Update) January 28, 2015
'Perfect Storm' Quenching Star Formation around a Supermassive Black Hole December 17, 2014
Swarms of Pluto-Size Objects Kick-Up Dust around Adolescent Sun-Like Star December 11, 2014
ALMA Cycle 3 Pre-announcement December 08, 2014
ALMA in December 2014 eNews (NRAO Events at the Seattle AAS Meeting, NRAO Astronomy Community Days, Telescope Time Allocation, NRAO Summer Student Research Assistantships Program, AAS Poster Presentations by NRAO 2014 Summer Students, ALMA Project Status, Annual Report) December 04, 2014
ALMA Status Report: November 2014 November 12, 2014
ALMA Finds Best Evidence Yet for Galactic Merger in Distant Protocluster November 11, 2014
Birth of Planets Revealed in Astonishing Detail in ALMA's 'Best Image Ever' November 06, 2014
Planet-forming Lifeline Discovered in a Binary Star System: ALMA Examines Ezekiel-like 'Wheel in a Wheel' of Dust and Gas October 29, 2014
ALMA in October 2014 eNews (The Extreme Ends of Star Formation, ALMA Project Status, AAS Workshop, AAS Splinter Session, AUI President Receives North American-Chilean Chamber of Commerce Award, WVU Seniors Engaging in GBT Development, NRAO Partners with Astronomical League) October 29, 2014
Organic Molecules in Titan's Atmosphere Are Intriguingly Skewed October 22, 2014
First Release of the ALMA Science Pipeline October 20, 2014
New Targets for Science Verification: Long Baselines October 08, 2014
ALMA in September 2014 eNews (An Accurate, Precise Pleiades Distance Measurement, Large Grains in the Star-forming Filament OMC, US Radio Futures: Building from ALMA & VLA, VLA Sky Survey Proposal Draft Available, ALMA Project Status, Text Messages & Your GBT Project Schedule) September 24, 2014
ALMA Extends Its Arms September 24, 2014
Infant Solar System Shows Signs of Windy Weather September 22, 2014
Galaxy Mergers Defy Expectations to Produce Disk Galaxies: ALMA helps explain dearth of elliptical galaxies September 16, 2014
New release of ALMA Science Verification data September 07, 2014
Extension and Optimization of Capabilities Team Announces Start of the Long Baseline Campaign September 02, 2014
New ALMA Equipment Designed in Chile August 22, 2014
ALMA in August 2014 eNews (High Frequency, High Resolution ALMA Observations, 2014 Jansky Lecturer, ALMA Program Status, 4th VLA Data Reduction Workshop, 7th MegaSAGE Meeting, Filamentary Structure in Molecular Clouds, 14th Synthesis Imaging Workshop) August 20, 2014
Announcement of intent to release a new installment of Science Verification data August 19, 2014
ALMA Confirms Comets Forge Organic Molecules in Their Dusty Atmospheres August 11, 2014
ALMA Pinpoints Pluto to Help Guide NASA's New Horizons Spacecraft August 5, 2014
Young Binary Star System May Form Planets with Weird and Wild Orbits July 30, 2014
ALMA in July 2014 eNews (High Frequency, High Resolution ALMA Observations as a Probe for AGN Activity in Arp 220, 2014 Jansky Lecturer,ALMA Program Status, 4th VLA Data Reduction Workshop, 7th MegaSAGE Meeting, Filamentary Structure in Molecular Clouds, 14th Synthesis Imaging Workshop) July 17, 2014
Dynamical Star-Forming Gas Interaction Witnessed by ALMA July 03, 2014
Gigantic Explosions Buried in Dust: ALMA Probes Environment around Gamma Ray Bursts June 11, 2014
Google conducts virtual tour of ALMA June 10, 2014
Completion of Cycle 1 and start of Cycle 2 Early Science Observations June 5, 2014
New Targets for Science Verification: Bands 4 and 8 June 2, 2014
Acceptance of ALMA Cycle 2 software June 1, 2014
ALMA in May 2014 eNews (Bi-static Radar Imaging with the GBT and Arecibo, Revolution in Astronomy with ALMA - The Third Year, The Filamentary Structure in Molecular Clouds, ALMA Project Status, 4th VLA Data Reduction Workshop, New Hydrogen Maser Installed) May 29, 2014
ALMA Early Science Cycle 2: Outcome of the Proposal Review Process May 2, 2014
ALMA in April 2014 eNews (Jansky Fellowship Awarded, ISM Mass Evolution Probed, ALMA Project Status, 4th VLA Data Reduction Workshop, NRAO-GB Hosts a Science fair) Apr 30, 2014
New Science Verification Target Apr 29, 2014
ALMA Helps to Explain Massive Stars Mysterious Formation Mar 27, 2014
ALMA in March 2014 eNews (Circumstellar Disk Depletion in Young Orion Nebular Stars, ALMA Project status, VLA Sky Survey Update, VEGAS Released for Shared Risk Science, NRAO Postdoc Symposium, ALMA Featured in Major Media) Mar 26, 2014
ALMA Status Report: March 2014 Mar 11, 2014
'Death Stars' in Orion Blast Planets before They Even Form Mar 10, 2014
ALMA Sees Icy Wreckage in Nearby Solar System:Possible hidden planet causing rapid-fire cometary collisions Mar 6, 2014
ALMA in February 2014 eNews (A Unique Gravitational Laboratory, Serendipitous Detection of a High-Redshift Luminous Galaxy, The VLA Sky Survey, 14th Synthesis Imaging Workshop, ALMA Project Status, Results of Calls for ALMA Development Proposals, US-China Workshop, International Symposium on Molecular Spectroscopy) Feb 19, 2014
Serendipitous Detection of a High-Redshift Luminous Galaxy Feb 19, 2014
ALMA Discovers a Formation Site of a Giant Planetary System Jan 21, 2014
ALMA in January 2014 eNews (Stacking Analysis of ALMA Data, Transformational Science in the ALMA Era, ALMA Project Status, 2014 Synthesis Imaging Workshop, NRAO Astronomer Jay Lockman Elected as AAAS Fellow, Grote Reber Medal Awarded to Ron Ekers) Jan 07, 2014
Supernova's Super Dust Factory Imaged with ALMA Jan 06, 2014
ALMA in December 2013 eNews (Telescope Time Allocation, ALMA Project Status, Gas in the Galactic Center, VLA Sky Survey Update, 2014 NRAO Summer Student Research Assistantships Program, STEM Role Models) Dec 17, 2013
Infant Galaxies Merging Near 'Cosmic Dawn' Nov 22, 2013
ALMA in November 2013 eNews (Proposal Dispositions for the VLA, GBT, and VLBA/HSA, ALMA Project Status, Birth of a Millisecond Pulsar, The Galactic Center Workshop, 3rd China-U.S. Workshop, 2012 NRAO Annual Report, AUI-NRAO STEM Education, Very Large Array Hosts Unique Radio Sundial) Nov 19, 2013
New Cycle 2 OT Nov 19, 2013
ALMA Reveals Ghostly Shape of 'Coldest Place in the Universe' Oct 30, 2013
ALMA Cycle 2 Call for Proposals is now open Oct 24, 2013
Did you Know? Oct 24, 2013
ALMA Peers Down the Maws of Two Supermassive Black Holes Oct 23, 2013
ALMA in October 2013 eNews (NRAO Shutdown, ALMA News,ALMA Offers New View of Bipolar Ejection from a Young Star, A Population of Black Hole Candidates, GBT Focal Plane Array Beamformer, Rapid Response with the VLBA) Oct 18, 2013
ALMA Probes Mysteries of Jets from Giant Black Holes Oct 16, 2013
Cycle 1 Update and Transfer to Cycle 2 Oct 7, 2013
ALMA Discovers Large "Hot" Cocoon around a Small Baby Star Oct 07, 2013
Final Antenna Delivered to ALMA Oct 01, 2013
NRAO Community Days Sep-Dec, 2013
ALMA Cycle 2 Pre-announcement Sep 17, 2013
ALMA Cycle 1 Status Update Sep 09, 2013
ALMA in September 2013 eNews (2014 Jansky Fellow Program, VLA Sky Survey Call for White Papers, Nearby Massive Galaxy Mergers, ALMA Project Status) Sep 07, 2013
ALMA reveals luminous birth in the Milky Way Sep 02, 2013
Starbirth Surprisingly Energetic: ALMA observations give new insights into protostars Aug 20, 2013
ALMA First Radio Imaging with the Band 4 Receiver Aug 20, 2013
ALMA in August 2013 eNews (2013 Jansky Lecture, NRAO Community Days, Star formation and gas kinematics of z=6 QSO hosts, ALMA Project status, VLA pressure histogram) Aug 8, 2013
Supernova Remnant Forging Copious Cold Molecules Aug 5, 2013
Starburst to Star Bust: Astronomers ID suspect behind dearth of high-mass galaxies Jul 24, 2013
Snow Falling around Infant Solar System: Icy region gives planet and comet formation a boost Jul 18, 2013
ALMA in July 2013 eNews (A New Sky Survey with the JVLA, NRAO CDs, ALMA Science Highlight, ALMA Update, Green Bank Workshop, VLBI Fringe Detections) Jul 11, 2013
ALMA First Radio Imaging with the Band 4 Receiver Jun 27, 2013
ALMA opens new windows to exploring the Universe Jun 21, 2013
ALMA Receives 2013 Technology Milestone Award Jun 12, 2013
Dust Trap around Distant Star May Solve Planet Formation Mystery Jun 6, 2013
ALMA in June 2013 eNews (ALMA: A New Window on the Universe, Proposal & Observing Prep with NRAO Telescopes, CASA 4.1.0 Released, A Rare Multiple Quasar Imaging Event, ALMA Obs. of the Redshift 4.7 Quasar, ALMA Project Status, Call for ALMA Development Projects, 2013 Summer Students) Jun 3, 2013
ALMA in May 2013 eNews (Proposal & Observing Prep with NRAO Telescopes, ALMA Project News, Call for ALMA Development Studies, ALMA Band 2 Science Workshop, Infall in a Highly Optically Thick Protostellar Disk) May 3, 2013
Proposals for ALMA Development Upgrades May 1, 2013
ALMA Instructional Video Series Debuts May 1, 2013
ALMA in the Coming Decade: A Development Workshop Apr 18, 2013
Cycle 1 Progress Update Apr 8, 2013
ALMA in April 2013 eNews (NRAO Key Project Complements New Planck Results, ALMA Inauguration, ALMA Project News, ALMA in the Coming Decade: A Development Workshop, 2013 Jansky Fellowships Awarded, The Galactic Center: Feeding and Feedback in a Normal Galactic Nucleus, The Galactic Gas Supply, Comets to Cosmology, Reflectionless Filter Patent Issued to NRAO Engineer) Apr 4, 2013
ALMA Cycle 1 Proposal Review: Detailed Report Apr 3, 2013
ALMA in March 2013 eNews (ALMA Inauguration, ALMA in the Coming Decade, ALMA Observes a Flow of Gas, Director's Discretionary Time, ALMA Data Reduction Visit, 2013 Rocks!, VLA Calibration Pipeline, Radio Astronomy in the LSST Era, 2013 Jansky Lectureship Nominations Open) Mar 7, 2013
ALMA Director's Discretionary Time and Target of Opportunity activation Feb 28, 2013
Outcome of the Cycle 1 Proposal Review Process Feb 17, 2013
ALMA in February 2013 eNews (VLBI Capability Returns to VLA,Third VLA Data Reduction Workshop, Radio Astronomy in the LSST Era, 2013 Rocks, ALMA Data Reduction Workshop, NRAO at the Long Beach, Green Bank Telescope Discoveries) Feb 6, 2013
Access to ALMA Science Data Feb 4, 2013
Completion of Cycle 0 Observing and Distribution of Data Sets Jan 11, 2013
ALMA Update: End of Cycle 0 and start of Cycle 1 Jan 10, 2013
ALMA Shows How Young Star and Planets Grow Simultaneously Jan 2, 2013
ALMA in December 2012 eNews (The First Year of ALMA Science, Third VLA Data Reduction Workshop, ALMA Data Reduction Workshop, ALMA Early Science Cycle 1: Proposal Review Process Outcome, Low Noise Amplifiers for the 4mm Band, 2012 Summer Student Presentations at Long Beach AAS Meeting) Dec 20, 2012
Astronomers Discover and "Weigh" Infant Solar System Dec. 5, 2012
Brown Dwarfs May Grow Rocky Planets Nov 30, 2012
ALMA Early Science Cycle 1: Outcome of the Proposal Review Process Nov 26, 2012
ALMA in November 2012 eNews (Release of the VLA Low-frequency Sky Survey Redux, CASA Tutorial at Long Beach AAS, Community Day applications invited, ALMA Cycle 1 Proposals Status, 1st Year of ALMA Science, New Science Verification Data, A Digital Highway to ALMA, 2013 ROCK Abstraction Submission, Radio Astronomy in the LSST Era) Nov 15, 2012
A Digital Highway to ALMA Nov 13, 2012
ALMA discovers the new tool to explore baby stars Oct 23, 2012
New release of ALMA Science Verification data Oc2 22, 2012
ALMA in October 2012 eNews (Planned NRAO Response to the G2 Encounter with SgrA, Community Day, ALMA Status, GBT Data in the NRAO Science Archive, 2012 Jansky Lecture, Library News: NRAO Supported Page Charges, Recent Press Releases) Oct 17, 2012
Update on ALMA Cycle 0 observations Oct 9, 2012
ALMA in September 2012 eNews (ALMA Cycle 1 Proposals, 2013 Rocks! Abstract Submission Open!, The Interstellar Medium in High Redshift Galaxies Comes of Age, Mapping the Milky Way) Sep 24, 2012
Astrochemistry Enters a Bold New Era with ALMA Sep 20, 2012
ALMA user satisfaction survey 2012 Sep 05, 2012
ALMA in July 2012 eNews (Proposal Planning Webinar Presentations and Video,ALMA Call for Proposals, ALMA on NBC, CASA Release 3.4.0, RadioAstron Operational) Jul 20, 2012
ALMA in June 2012 eNews (ALMA Cycle 1 Call for Proposals, Proposal Evaluation & Time Allocation for Semester 2012B, ALMA Project Update, ALMA Image Release, ALMA Development Programs) Jun 07, 2012
ALMA Image Release: ALMA turns its eyes to Centaurus A May 31, 2012
New ALMA Band 9 Science Verification Data May 31, 2012
ALMA Cycle 1 Call for Proposals May 31. 2012
Halfway There: 33 Antennas at the ALMA Observing Site May 14, 2012
ALMA in May 2012 eNews (Parting Thoughts, Dave Heeschen, ALMA Status, Proposal Preparation Webinar, Jansky Lectureship, CASPER Workshop)
May 3, 2012
The Third Installment of Science Verification Data Apr 14, 2012
ALMA Reveals Workings of Nearby Planetary System Apr 12, 2012
ALMA in April 2012 eNews (ALMA Cycle 1 Early Science Observations, Half of antennas delivered, NRAO CDE, VLA becomes Karl Jansky VLA, VLA Explorer launched, Mobile Splatalogue) Apr 9, 2012
Pre-announcement for Cycle 1 Apr 3, 2012
ALMA in March 2012 eNews (NRAO Director Appointment, Observing the Birth of a Relativistic Jet, Resolution of the Compact sources in Arp220, 2012 Jansky fellowships and NRAO Postdocs, NRAO CDEs, ALMA Progress, NAASC Outflows, Winds, and Jets Workshop) Mar 8, 2012
New Tools Unveiling Astronomical Mysteries Efb 17, 2012
ALMA Early Science Status Update Feb 1, 2012
ALMA in February 2012 eNews (ALMA Cycle 0 Status Report, ALMA in 2011 and Prospects for 2012, Versatile GBT Astronomical Spectrometer Sees First Light, Jansky Lectureship Nominations) Feb 1, 2012
ALMA Early Science Result Reveals Starving Galaxies Jan 11, 2012
New Science Verification Data Jan 4, 2012
ALMA in December 2011 eNews (From the Director, Proposal Evaluation and Time Allocation for 2012A, NRAO Outreach Events, ALMA Early Science Status, NRAO Science Forums Open for Business, Detection of 6.7 GHz Methanol Maser) Dec 13, 2011
ALMA Development Upgrade Proposal Dec 10, 2011
ALMA in November 2011 eNews (ALMA Early Science Begins, Resolving Cluster Dynamics, Barnard 5 Star-Forming Core, ALMA Community Days, ALMA Data Workshop, Synthesis Imaging Workshop, Outflows, Winds & Jets Workshop) Nov 8, 2011
ALMA in October 2011 eNews (ALMA Cycle 0 Early Science Underway, Hit or Miss, Massive Galaxy Formation in the Early Universe, OSO Science Forums, ALMA Construction & Early Science) Oct 6, 2011
Antennas by General Dynamics Enable 'Early Science' Oct. 3, 2011
First Astronomical Images from ALMA Oct. 3, 2011
ALMA Opens Its Eyes Oct. 3, 2011
ALMA in September 2011 eNews (NRAO Long-Range Plan, EVLA Early Science, EVLA Update, Additional ALMA Science Verification Data Available, ALMA Workshops, ALMA Progress Toward Early Science, VLBA to Commence Daily Earth Orientation Measurements, NRAO Director Search) Sep 8, 2011
Outcome of the Proposal Review Process Sep 7, 2011
Cryogenic Catering Truck Comes to the ALMA Observatory Sep 1, 2011
The second installment of Science Verification data is now available Aug 22, 2011
Early Science Cycle 0 Observations Aug 11, 2011
ALMA in August 2011 eNews (Approved NRAO Science Program, ALMA Construction & Early Science Proposal Review Process, ALMA Workshops, NRAO Data Reduction Workshop) Aug 3, 2011
ALMA in June 2011 eNews (ALMA Proposal Submission Open & Science Verification Data Available, Spotlight on NAASC Services, The Canadian Contingent of the NAASC, New CASA Release (3.2.1) Available, ALMA Construction Progress) Jun 14, 2011
ALMA Science Verification Data Jun 1, 2011
ALMA in May 2011 eNews (NRAO Postdoc Symposium, NAASC Research Activities (Jim Braatz), ALMA Construction Progress, EVLA Status, Registration Open for SKA 2011, Fifty Years of Chile-USA Collaboration) May 6, 2011
ALMA in Apr 2011 eNews (ALMA Early Science Call for Proposals, NAASC Research Activities (A. Leroy), ALMA Test Data, ALMA Development Workshop, The Birth of the ALMA Observatory, Santa Fe Workshop Presentations and Posters) Apr 6, 2011
ALMA in Mar 2011 eNews (ALMA Community Day Events, NAASC Research Activities (A. Remijan), ALMA in the Coming Decade: A Development Workshop, ALMA Early Science and Science Verification, ALMA Construction Status) Mar 9, 2011
ALMA in Feb 2011 eNews (NAASC Announces ALMA Community Day Events, ALMA Early Science Plan & Construction Update, Extending the Limits of Astrophysical Spectroscopy, The NRAO at the AAS-Seattle Meeting) Feb 9, 2011
NRAO Town Hall talk by Crystal Brogan at the Seattle AAS Meeting Jan 11, 2011
Kartik Sheth interviewed by Diversity/Careers Magazine Jan 10, 2011
ALMA in Dec 2010 eNews (ALMA Early Science & NAASC Community Training Events, ALMA Construction Status, A New Release of the CASA package) Dec 8, 2010
ALMA Board Statement on Early Science Nov 25, 2010
ALMA in Dec 2010 eNews (ALMA Construction Status, ALMA Tutorials and Community Days, NRAO/ALMA Postdoctoral Positions Available) Nov 5, 2010
ALMA in Oct 2010 eNews (Registration Open for ALMA Spectroscopy Workshop, A New Home for ALMA in Santiago, ALMA Test Data, Halfway to the Early Science Antenna Array) Oct 6, 2010
ALMA in Sep 2010 eNews (ALMA Reaches Seven Antennas, The ALMA Explorer: A Virtual Tour) Sep 1, 2010
NSF-AST Announcement: ALMA-Related Funding Proposals Aug 15, 2010
ALMA in Jul 2010 eNews (Pre-registration Open for ALMA Spectroscopy Workshop, Twelfth NRAO Synthesis Imaging Workshop, ALMA Accepts its Tenth Antenna) Jul 29, 2010
ALMA in Jun 2010 eNews (Call for Expression of Interest in the Scientific Use of the ALMA Vertex Prototype Antenna, ALMA Array Now a Handful, NRAO at the 216th AAS Meeting in Miami) Jun 16, 2010
ALMA in May 2010 eNews (ALMA: Extending the Limits of Astrophysical Spectroscopy, ALMA Construction Update) May 4, 2010
ALMA in Apr 2010 eNews (Preparing for ALMA: A Special Session at the 216th AAS Meeting, ALMA Construction Update, ALMA Measures Calama Earthquake) Apr 6, 2010
ALMA in Mar 2010 eNews (Earthquake in Chile, Preparing for ALMA: A Special Session at the 216th AAS Meeting, ALMA Commissioning Begins) Mar 1, 2010
ALMA in Jan 2010 eNews (ALMA Capabilities Grow, Commissioning Begins, CASA Update) Jan 28, 2010
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