Cycle 7 ACA Supplemental Call for Proposals

by Mark Adams last modified Sep 20, 2019 by Davis Murphy

The Joint ALMA Observatory (JAO) is now accepting observing proposals for Cycle 7 that request to use the Atacama Compact Array (ACA) in stand-alone mode. Instructions on how to submit proposals can be found on the Cycle 7 Supplemental Call web page. 

Users of any nationality or affiliation are invited to submit proposals before the deadline of 15:00 UT on Tuesday, 1 October 2019.

Proposals submitted in the Supplemental Call will be peer reviewed using a distributed system in which each proposal team selects a designated reviewer to participate in the review process. The review process is described in detail in the Supplemental Call documentation.

Note that the Supplemental Call proposal submission server will not be available for a few hours on 10 & 25 September because of scheduled maintenance. The downtimes will be noted on the Science Portal. Users will need to update the Observing Tool (OT) after the 10 September maintenance. For most users, this will happen automatically using the automated WebStart tool. Information on updating the OT is online at the Observing Tool webpage. 

Please submit a ticket at the ALMA Helpdesk if you encounter any difficulties or have any questions.

2020 Jansky Fellowship Program

The Jansky Fellowship Program supports outstanding postdoctoral scientists and engineers whose research is broadly related to the mission and scientific goals of the NRAO, which operates three world-class research facilities: the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array, the Very Large Array, and the Very Long Baseline Array.

As a Jansky Fellow, you will have a unique opportunity to contribute to and learn from the development and delivery of the largest and most capable radio telescopes in the world. Read more…

ngVLA Reference Design Release

The ngVLA project has released its Reference Design, a low-technical-risk, costed concept that supports the key science goals for the facility, and forms the technical and cost basis of the ngVLA Astro2020 Decadal Survey proposal. Read more…

Science Ready Data Products Pilot 

The Pilot phase of the NRAO Science Ready Data Products (SRDP) initiative is underway. This represents a major NRAO milestone to improve the user experience for radio interferometry data from the VLA and ALMA by providing users with broader access to science quality data. In the first phase of the pilot, we have deployed a new NRAO archive interface and have begun conducting Quality Assurance (QA) reviews on VLA pipeline runs for some datasets. Read more…

ALMA Ambassadors 

The North American ALMA Science Center is accepting applications for the 2020 ALMA Cycle 8 Ambassadors Postdoctoral Program. The Program provides training and up to a $10,000 USD research grant to postdoctoral researchers interested in expanding their ALMA/radio interferometry expertise and sharing that knowledge with their home institutions (other alternatives possible) through the organization of ALMA Cycle 8 proposal preparation workshops, and by serving as the local ALMA expert to colleagues up until the proposal deadline. Read more…

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