Compliance in Proposal Submission

Only proposals that are submitted via the online PST, that comply with the technical constraints and restrictions described in the Call for Proposals, that conform to the policies stated in this document, and that are received before the submission deadline will be considered. The Observatory reserves the right to reject proposals that do not adhere to the policies in this document.

For semester proposals, the proposal deadline is strictly enforced: no modifications to the proposal can be made by the author after the close of the call. If before the proposal deadline, it is possible to withdrawal a proposal and submit a new version (see Section 3.4.3). Requests to the Helpdesk for modifications to the proposal after the deadline will not be considered. Such requests include, but are not limited to, modifying the author list, the contents of the proposal, and modifying the requested items, such as source coordinates, requested time, or facility resources. Users should not submit duplicate proposals during a single Call for Proposals with the intention of acquiring a more favorable review.