Extension of the Close of Call for Proposals

The Observatory encourages users to leverage the NRAO Science Helpdesk and Knowledgebase in preparing their proposals. The Helpdesk is actively monitored to provide timely responses to inquiries, particularly near the close of the Call for Proposals. If an inquiry to the NRAO Science Helpdesk is made sufficiently ahead of the deadline but the issue is not resolved by the deadline, the Observatory will work with the proposers to reach a reasonable solution. The Observatory is not ultimately responsible, however, for late proposal submissions that are a result of inquiries with the Helpdesk - particularly last minute requests. The Observatory encourages users to consult Helpdesk resources far ahead of the deadline and to submit their finished proposals well in advance of the deadline.

There are many third party applications and services (e.g., Overleaf, Google Suite) that may aid a proposer in preparing their proposal. In the event that such a third party application experiences an outage or is otherwise unavailable, the Observatory is not responsible for the impact on a user’s ability to submit a timely proposal.

It is not the policy of the Observatory to extend the deadline for the Call of Proposals without sufficient cause. It is at the discretion of the Assistant Director for Science Support and Research if such an extension is warranted. If an extension is deemed necessary, a banner message will appear on the PST portal to indicate the new deadline.