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ALMA Early Science and NAASC Community Outreach

by Dong-Chan Kim last modified May 02, 2011

ALMA Early Science and NAASC Community Outreach


NAASC Community Outreach

To prepare the North American community to fully participate in the Early Science (ES) call, the North American ALMA Science Center (NAASC) will organize community outreach events each month leading up to the proposal deadline. The first of these events was at the American Astronomical Society (AAS) meeting in January in Seattle (see article in Feb, 2011 edition of NRAO eNews). A full list of community outreach events hosted during the 2011 March through June time period are provided in the Table below.

In addition to the community day and tutorial events, NAASC staff will be available for consultation at a number of scientific meetings during the period leading up to the Cycle 0 deadline. A summary of their travel can be found here.

ALMA Community Day Events

Members of the North American community are hosting ALMA Community Day(s) event. These are one to two day events organized and led by Community Day proposers with a focus on the Early Science capabilities of ALMA, mm/submm interferometry observing techniques, and the tools required to design ALMA observing programs and submit proposals. The NAASC is supporting these events by providing staff to describe ALMA ES capabilities and NAASC community support programs, and lead brief demonstrations and/or tutorials on the ALMA ES user tools, including the ALMA Observing Tool for proposal generation and SIMdata in CASA for simulating observations.

The current versions of the CDE talks given by NAASC staffs are provided in the following table:

Introduction to ALMA Early Science pdf
ALMA: MM Observing Considerations pdf
ALMA Observing Preparation Tool pdf
Introduction to CASA and Simulation with Simdata pdf

Several of the community events will have a hands-on tutorial component focused on the ALMA Proposal tools. Space for the hands-on workshops may be limited, and local participants may be given a preference. Registration for hands-on tutorials will close three weeks prior to the date of the event. Registration for the Community Events Days is currently open.

Note that registration for hands-on tutorials may be limited at some community day events due to space limitations.

Evaluation of Outreach Event

We would like to hear your feedback/suggestions of the outreach event. Please fill out a simple survey page by clicking this link.

ALMA Community Day and Outreach Events

2011 Dates



Event Website

March 7 U. Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA
Tony Mroczowski / Kim Scott Website
March 11 Santa Fe, NM after
"Building on New Worlds, New Horizons"
Kartik Sheth Website
March 15-16 California Institute of Technology
Pasadena, CA
John Carpenter / Eric Murphy / Carrie Bridge Website
April 18 STScI
Baltimore, MD
Rachel Osten Website
April 18-19 University of Toronto**
Toronto, CA
Gerald Schieven Website
April 20 Harvard-Smithsonian CfA
Boston, MA
Sean Andrews Website
April 26-27 Hands-on Tutorials NRAO
Charlottesville, VA
Kartik Sheth Website
May 2-3 University of Florida
Gainesville, FL
Jonathan Tan Website
May 4-5 HIA**
Victoria, B.C.
Brenda Matthews Website
May 8-10 University of Iowa
Iowa City, IA
Cornelia Lang / Daryl Haggard / Tony Wong Website
May 9-10 Hands-on Tutorials NRAO
Charlottesville, VA
Kartik Sheth Website
May 10 Universite Laval**
Québec Q.C.
Gerald Schieven Website
May 12-13 University of Arizona & NOAO
Tucson, AZ
Joan Najita / Xiaohui Fan Website
May 12-13 University of Calgary** Gerald Schieven Website
May 23-24 218th AAS Meeting
Boston, MA
Kartik Sheth Website
May 25 University of Massachusetts
Amherst, MA
Kartik Sheth Website
May 27 Columbia University
Andrew Baker Website
June 3 University of Western Ontario** Gerald Schieven Website
You can register for a local Community Day Event by clicking on any of the Locations in the table above, or by clicking here

** Instructions for registering to the Canadian Tutorials can be found here.