Colloq Abstract - Hellbourg

by Hubertus Intema last modified May 09, 2016 by Lori Appel

May 27, 2016

11am Mountain


Greg Hellbourg



RFI mitigation for array radio telescopes: solutions and limitations

The design of next generation radio telescopes has to take into account the increasing spectrum occupancy due to the deployment of new broadcasting technologies and the adoption of opportunistic transmission schemes. Although administrative protections will keep limiting the impact of Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) on astronomical observations, moving and strong interferers will remain challenging for radio astronomy.


Active RFI mitigation is becoming necessary for modern Earth-based telescopes in order to stay competitive and keep delivering high quality scientific results. Additional processing stages in the instrument signal path, and the resulting potential astronomical information corruption, is nevertheless an important concern for end users.


To address this concern, the current research in RFI mitigation tends to focus on the signal-of-interest recovery before the interference rejection. After introducing the mathematical model describing a corrupted astronomical observation, we will present in this talk practical solutions to the RFI problem for modern radio telescopes, as well as real data processing results.