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by Juergen Ott last modified Jul 30, 2014 by Pat Murphy

Currently these speakers have confirmed their contribution (in alphabetical order):

Invited Overview Talks

Susanne Aalto Sweden Physical Conditions and Chemistry of Molecular Gas in Galactic Centers
Fred Baganoff USA X-ray Visionary Project: SgrA*
John Bally
USA Herschel View of the Galactic Center
Avery Broderick Canada Theoretical Models of SgrA*
Mathieu de Naurois France TeV Observations of the Galactic Center and nearby LLAGN/starbursts
Doug Finkbeiner USA Fermi Bubbles and Energetic Activity in the Galactic Center
Stefan Gillessen Germany Observations of the G2 Cloud at SgrA*
Fiona Harrison USA NuSTAR Results: From the Galactic Center to Local Starbursts
Jessica Lu USA Young Stars in the Galactic Center
James Moran USA History of High Resolution Imaging of SgrA*

Solicited Talks

Shepherd Doeleman USA Science with the Event Horizon Telescope
Woong-Tae Kim South Korea Star Formation in Nuclear Rings
Timothy Linden USA Dark Matter in the Galactic Center
Steve Longmore Germany Conversion of Gas into Stars in the Galactic Center
Naomi McClure-Griffiths Australia HI Outflows from the Galactic Center
Gabriele Ponti Germany Tracers of Sgr A*'s prior activity
Kazushi Sakamoto Taiwan The Kinematics and Dynamics of Molecular Gas in Galactic Centers
Thaisa Storchi Bergmann Brazil Feeding versus Feedback in AGNs based on near-infrared IFU Observations
Gunther Witzel USA IR observations/variability of Sgr A*