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Poster Presentations

by Dong-Chan Kim last modified Mar 28, 2012
Name Affiliation Title
Hector Arce Yale University Entrainment in Protostellar Outflows
Mary Barsony SETI Institute Inferring Magnetic Field Strength in a Proto-Brown-Dwarf Driven Bipolar Flow
Benoit Borguet Virginia Tech Analysis of the high ionization outflow in SDSS J1512+1119 using high S/N VLT/X-Shooter spectrum
Crystal Brogan NRAO Water Masers in the Massive Protocluster NGC6334I
Miljenko Cemeljic ASIAA/TIARA Resistivity and reconnection in magnetospheric launching of outflows
Xuepeng Chen Yale University SMA Observations of the Youngest Protostellar Outflows
Minho Choi Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute Rotating Disk-Jet System of the NGC 1333 IRAS 4A2 Protostar
Maria Diaz Trigo ESO Winds in X-ray binaries
Doug Edmonds Virginia Tech Variability Constraints on Distances to Outflows in Active Galactic Nuclei
Travis Fischer Georgia State University AGN Narrow-Line Kinematics: Determining Inclinations via Outflows
Ciriaco Goddi ESO Dynamical Detection of a magnetocentrifugal wind driven by a high-mass YSO
Hans Moritz Guenther CfA How can weakly magnetized stars drive fast jets?
Andres Guzman Universidad de Chile Ionized jets toward high mass YSOs
Chihomi Hara National Astronomical Observatory of Japan / Tokyo University ASTE and SMA observations of B59 in the Pipe nebula ; Evidence for disk-driven rotating molecular outflow from a protost
Naomi Hirano ASIAA Extremely high-velocity molecular emission from L1448C
Peter Hofner New Mexico Tech & NRAO An EVLA Continuum Survey of Massive Protostars
Peter Hofner New Mexico Tech Jets from Massive Protostars
Joanna Holt Sterrewacht Leiden, Leiden University AGN-induced feedback in young, radio-loud AGN
Chat Hull UC Berkeley Are outflows aligned with magnetic fields in forming stars?
Tomohisa Kawashima Chiba University/UCSB Comptonization in Super-Eddington Black Hole Accretion Flows and Outflows: A New Spectral Model for ULXs
Brian Kent NRAO Wavelet Analysis of AGN Jets
Ruben Krasnopolsky ASIAA Non-Ideal MHD in Disk Formation
Ryuichi Kurosawa Cornell University Probing the Inner Winds/Outflows from Classical T Tauri Stars using Line Profile Models of Hydrogen and Helium
Chin-Fei Lee ASIAA SMA observations of protostellar jets
Karen Leighly The University of Oklahoma Probing High-column Outflows in BALQSOs Using Metastable Helium
Patrick Lii Cornell Univeristy Simulating the propeller regime of stars in an MRI disk
Chun-Fan Liu ASIAA/NTU RW Aur A from the X-Wind Point of View: General Features
Carol Lonsdale NRAO Jet-induced Feedback from the Most Luminous Dust-Obscured AGNs in the Universe
Christene Lynch University of Iowa A Study of the Radio Jet of DG Tau
Christopher Matzner University of Toronto Diagnostics for jet-confined ultracompact HII regions
Walter Max-Moerbeck Caltech Astronomy OVRO 40m blazar monitoring program: Multifrequency studies of a large sample of blazar jets in the time domain
Mark McCoy New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology EVLA Continuum Survey Toward Massive Proto-Stars: K-Band
Eileen Meyer Rice University External Compton Emission in Powerful Jets of Radio-Loud AGN: Constraining the Gamma-ray Emission Site
Monika Moscibrodzka University of Nevada Modeling an electron-positron winds near a black hole
Fumitaka Nakamura National Astronomical Observatory of Japan A Burst of Molecular Outflows From the Serpens South Protocluster
Richard Plambeck U.C. Berkeley Orion Source I and its outflow
Keping Qiu Max-Planck-Institute for Radioastronomy SMA and APEX Observations of Molecular Outflows in High-Mass Star-Forming Regions
Viviana Rosero New Mexico Tech EVLA continuum observations of the IRDC core G11.11-0.12P1
Anish Roshi NRAO Green Bank and NTC Charlottesville Wind bubbles in UCHII regions ?
Carmen Sanchez-Contreras CAB (INTA/CSIC) - Spain The fast, massive outflow of the pre-planetary nebula IRAS 19374+2359
Goran Sandell USRA What can SOFIA do for studies of Outflows, Winds and Jets?
Goran Sandell SOFIA-USRA The ionized jet and molecular outflow from NGC7538 IRS1
Gerald Schieven NRC-HIA Hell Hath No FUori
Scott Schnee NRAO Outflows From Hidden Protostars
P. Christian Schneider Hamburger Sternwarte HST FUV observations of the jet from the classical T Tauri star DG Tau
Yoshito Shimajiri Nobeyama Radio Observatory Line-Survey Observations at 82-106 GHz toward Outflow-Interacting Region, OMC-2/FIR 4
Yu-Nung Su ASIAA The Extremely High-Velocity Outflow from the Luminous Young Stellar Object G5.89-0.39
Stacy Teng NASA/GSFC HI Absorption in Quasars
Francesco Tombesi University of Maryland X-ray evidence for accretion disk outflows in local AGNs
Arthur Tsai National Tsing Hua University Wiggling structure of quadrupolar outflow from NGC 1333 IRAS 2A
Montserrat Villar-Martin IAA-CSIC Ionized outflows in SDSS type 2 quasars at z$\sim$0.3-0.6
Liang-Yao Wang ASIAA / NTU Molecular Jet of IRAS 04166+2706
Beverley Wills University of Texas at Austin Blazar Jet Direction, and Radio and Optical Polarization Position Angles over 20-30 Years
Yuefang Wu Peking U., Astronomy D. Inflow and outflow motions in high-mass star forming regions -An evlutional tendency with time
Feng Yuan Shanghai Astronomical Observatory Inflow and outflow in hot accretion flow