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by Dong-Chan Kim last modified Jul 30, 2014 by Pat Murphy

NRAO Proposal Planning Webinar

NRAO Proposal Planning Webinar

NRAO scientific staff recently invited astronomers interested in planning for the upcoming Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA), Jansky Very Large Array (VLA), Green Bank Telescope (GBT), and Very Long Baseline Array (VLBA) proposal deadlines to participate in a web-based seminar on "Planning a Proposal for NRAO Telescopes."

Broadcast 11 June 2012, this webinar provided an overview of the key capabilities available for each NRAO telescope, and the key decisions and steps needed to assemble an observing time proposal for the upcoming proposal deadlines: 12 July for ALMA, and 1 August for GBT-VLA-VLBA.

This proposal planning webinar was broadcast via the Internet from the NRAO sites in Charlottesville, VA and Socorro, NM. The table below provides links to PowerPoint (*.ppt) and Adobe (*.pdf) format versions of the webinar presentations, and video of each talk.

TitlepptPDFVideo (mm:ss)
Planning an ALMA Proposal ppt PDF mp4 (54:40)
Planning a GBT Proposal ppt PDF mp4 (27:47)
Current & Future VLA Capabilities ppt PDF mp4 (23:02)
Current & Future VBLA Capabilities ppt PDF mp4 (20:08)
Proposing for VLA & VLBA Time ppt PDF mp4 (22:35)
Questions PDF mp4 (10:42)

Supplemental Material: Introduction to Interferometry

The links below provide access to PowerPoint (*.ppt) and Adobe (*.pdf) format versions of supplemental material that is intended as an "Introduction to Interferometry." These presentations were developed by our colleagues at the National Research Council of Canada and are presented by James Di Francesco.


Video (mm:ss)

Introduction ppt PDF aspx (2:01)
Basic Radio/MM Astronomy ppt PDF aspx (23:45)
Aperture Synthesis ppt PDF aspx (27:52)
Interferometry Imaging ppt PDF aspx (18:16)
Deconvolution Techniques ppt PDF aspx (12:48)

Supplemental Material: Proposal Information and Submission Tools

Supplemental materials for the 12 July ALMA Call for Proposals, and the 1 August GBT-VLA-VLBA Call for Proposals are accessible via the following links.

ALMA Proposals:

GBT Proposals:

Jansky VLA Proposals:

VLBA Proposals: