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ALMA Development Studies and Projects History

by Dong-Chan Kim last modified Aug 06, 2021 by Crystal Brogan

ALMA North American Development Projects

 Development projects that have received NA funding (the ALMA executives often partner on development projects, in these cases the leading executive is indicated first).

Project TitlePIStatusAdditional Info
Enabling New Science with the ALMA Phasing System (APS) Phase 2 (NA) Matthews (MIT) In progress
Sumitomo Variable Speed Helium Compressor Analysis (NA + Ops) Ford (NRAO) In progress
Band 3 Cold Cartridge Assembly Magnet and Heater Installation for Deflux Operation (NA) Knee (NRC/HIA) Final Report

The authors acknowledge the contribution that our late colleague and friend, Dr. Stéphane Claude, made to the technical leadership of the ALMA Band 3 project at NRC from its very beginning. It was under his direction that this ALMA Upgrade Project was initiated, but to everyone’s sorrow and regret, he did not live to see completed. We dedicate this report to his memory.

Expansion of the Central LO Article to 5 Subarrays (NA) Jacques (NRAO) Awaiting acceptance of the final report by ALMA
Design and testing of a prototype Band-2 Cartridge (NA)
Saini (NRAO) Updated report
Next generation viewer: CARTA (NA) Rosolowsky (U. of Alberta) Completed http://cartavis.github.io/
ALMA Data Mining Toolkit: ADMIT (NA) Mundy (U. of Maryland) Completed http://admit.astro.umd.edu/admit
ALMA Phasing Project (NA/CL/EU) Doelman (MIT/Harvard) Completed https://ui.adsabs.harvard.edu/link_gateway/2018PASP..130a5002M/EPRINT_PDF
Fiber optic data link from the OSF (NA/EU/CL) Completed http://proceedings.spiedigitallibrary.org/proceeding.aspx?articleid=2540598
ALMA Band 5 (EU/NA) Belitsky (Chalmers) Completed A&A Volume 611, March 2018
ALMA Band 1 (EA/EU/CL/NA) Kemper (ASIAA) In progress (led by EA) Overview Talk


ALMA North-American Development Studies

Cycle 8

The results of the Cycle 8 call for ALMA Development Studies were reported in eNews August 2020: https://science.nrao.edu/enews/13.9

The Call can be viewed HERE

Cycle 8 Study TitlePI
Hardware-oriented Studies
ALMA Band 6v2 SIS Mixer-Preamp Development Kerr (NRAO)
Extending IF Bandwidth of Band 6 SIS Mixer-Preamps to 12 GHz and 16 GHz with Optimal Noise Performance:  An Experimental Demonstration Pospieszalski (NRAO)
Software-oriented Studies
Beyond Black Hole Images:  Extending New Imaging Techniques from EHT to ALMA Matthews (MIT)
Regularized Maximum Likelihood Techniques for ALMA Spectral Line Imaging Czekala (PSU)


Cycle 7

The results of the Cycle 7 call for ALMA Development Studies were reported in eNews September 2019: https://science.nrao.edu/enews/12.8

The Call can be viewed HERE

Cycle 7 Study TitlePI
Hardware-oriented Studies
Ubiquitous Quantum-Limited Wideband 4-Kelvin Amplifiers for Radio Astronomy Mena (NRAO)
Investigation into Improvement of FE LO Sideband Noise for ALMA Band 6 (Report)
Saini (NRAO)
Band 6v2 SIS Mixer Development (Report)
Kerr (NRAO)
High-level Design and Integration of NRC TALON based Correlator for Increased Channels, Bandwidth and Baselines (Report)
Carlson/Vrcic (NRC)
ALMA Central LO Improvements and Upgrades Jacques (NRAO)
Software-oriented Studies
Link CASA to the Astropy Ecosystem Ginsburg (NRAO, U. of Florida)
ALMA Archive Research using ADMIT Teuben (U. of Maryland)

ARCADE: ALMA Reduction in the CANFAR Data Environment (Report)

Brown/Kirk (NRC)
Investigating the future potential of an Upgraded ALMA to image Planet-Forming Disks at Sub-AU Scales Ricci (CSUN)


Cycle 5

The results of the Cycle 5 call for ALMA Development Studies were reported in eNews August 2016: https://science.nrao.edu/enews/10.7/

The Call can be viewed HERE

Cycle 5 Study TitlePI
Wideband Low-Noise Balanced IF Amplifiers for ALMA Band 6, with Future Application to ALMA Bands 3-10 (Report) Kerr (NRAO)
Quantum-Limited Very-Wideband 4-Kelvin RF and IF Amplifiers for ALMA (Report) Noroozian (NRAO)
Neuroscope: Neural Machine Intelligence Tools for Discovery and Interpretation in Complex ALMA Data (Report)
Merenyi  (Rice U.)
Full-Mueller Mosaic Imaging with ALMA (Report) Bhatnagar (NRAO)


Cycle 4

The results of the Cycle 4 call for ALMA Development Studies were reported in eNews August 2016: https://science.nrao.edu/enews/9.7/index.shtml

The Call can be viewed HERE

Cycle 4 Study TitlePI
Development of 2nd Generation SIS Receivers for ALMA Kerr (NRAO)
Prototype of a Complete Dual-Linear 2SB Block and a Single-Polarization Balanced 2SB Block Henke (NRC-HIA)
Digital Back End Antenna Article Ford (NRAO)
Diversifying the Scientific Applications of the ALMA Phasing System Matthews (MIT)
Cleaning Up Interactive Cleaning Rosolowsky (U. Alberta)
Total Power Map to Visibilities Koda (Stony Brook)


Cycle 3

Results from the third call for ALMA Development Studies (Cycle 3) were reported in eNews Dec 2015: https://science.nrao.edu/enews/8.11/index.shtml

Cycle 3 Study TitlePI
Extensions & Enhancements to the ALMA Phasing System Matthews (MIT)
Spectral Resolution and Bandwidth Upgrade of the ALMA Correlator Lacasse (NRAO)
Improving the Calibration of Atmospheric Spectral Features Hunter (NRAO)
Pulsars, Magnetars, and Transients with Phased ALMA Cordes (Cornell)
Feature Extraction and Data Cube Visualization through Topology Rosen (U. of Utah)
Advanced Materials and On-wafer Chip Evaluation: 2nd Generation Lichtenberger (UVA)
Digital Correlation and Phased Array Architectures Weintroub (SAO)


Cycle 2

The second call for ALMA Development Studies (Cycle 2) was reported in eNews Feb 2014:

Cycle 2 Study Title



Advanced Solar Observing

Bastian (NRAO)

Study has resulted in ALMA offering solar observations in Cycle 4 Observations

2nd Generation Band 10 Receiver

Kerr (NRAO)

Community Science Tool Development

Leroy (NRAO)

2nd Generation Band 6 Receiver

Kerr (NRAO)

Millimeter Camera

Claude (NRC-Herzberg)

Calibration Refinements for ALMA Imaging

Wilson (NRL)

Cycle 1

 The first call for ALMA Development Studies (Cycle 1) was reported in eNews:  https://science.nrao.edu/enews/5.6/index.shtml#almadev

Cycle 1 Study Title

Second Generation Receiver for ALMA Band 6 Kerr (NRAO) Study continues into Cycle 2
Ultra-wideband quantum limited amplifiers for receiver frontends Woody (Caltech)
Design Study for Production of the Band 2 Cartridges Bryerton (NRAO) Study has become a Cycle 2 ALMA Development Project: Design and Testing of a Prototype Band-2 Cartridge (PI: K. S. Saini)
A Visualization Portal for ALMA Data Rosolowski (UBC-Okanagan) Study has become a Cycle 2 ALMA Development Project: The Next Generation ALMA Viewer (PI: E, Rosolowsky)
Millimeter/Submillimeter VLBI with ALMA Kern (NRAO) Study was associated with an ALMA Development Project now reaching realization: The ALMA Phasing Project (PI: S. Doeleman, MIT)
Unleashing Large Dataset Science Mundy (U. of Maryland) Study has become a Cycle 2 Development Project: ALMA Data Mining Toolkit: ADMIT (PI: Lee Mundy)
Increasing the ALMA Data Rate Glendenning (NRAO) Study proposal was withdrawn
ALMA Band 1 Receiver Development Study Ho (ASIAA) Study has become an ALMA Development Project led by East Asia, in collaboration with North America and Universidad de Chile


ALMA Partner Development Webpages

EA Development Program: https://researchers.alma-telescope.jp/e/report/development/

EU Development Program: https://www.eso.org/sci/facilities/alma/development-studies.html