Technical Justification

by Gustaaf Van Moorsel last modified Apr 02, 2018 by Lorant Sjouwerman

This is where you specify how the technical set-up requested for your proposal enables the scientific goals to be met. For each telescope the page is organized as a series of technical cues with associated text boxes. For example, the user is asked to justify the proposed receivers, back end modes, sensitivity required, total time requested, etc. Links are provided that direct the user to documentation on each of the relevant topics. The technical justification should be thorough and clear despite the small text box sizes. Please enter ascii text and do not use LaTex.

Results from sensitivity/exposure calculators are not yet integrated into the PST. For the GBT cut/paste output from the sensitivity calculator directly into the relevant text box. For the VLA use the Browse/Upload buttons to upload exposure calculator graphics in pdf format. For VLBA/HSA proposals, a png file of the EVN exposure calculator should be uploaded. There are different ways of making such a png file as noted in the cue. For solar observations, the VLA exposure calculator is used to specify the configuration and band but the sensitivity derived is irrelevant. Please use other sections of the technical justification to justify the time request and the observing mode(s) employed.

More than one file can be uploaded (e.g. for different resources).

Input is required for all fields. If a field is not relevant for your proposal then enter "NA" into the text box for not applicable.''