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Guide to Observing with the VLBA (and HSA/Global VLBI)

This document provides an overview of observing with the VLBA, HSA, and Global VLBI. For questions regarding this Guide, please submit helpdesk tickets under the VLBA General Queries section. For comprehensive reference material, please consult the VLBA Observational Status Summary (OSS).

  1. Disposition Letter and Scheduling Constraints
  2. Scheduling Considerations
  3. Calibration Strategies
  4. High Sensitivity Array (HSA), Global Millimeter VLBI Array (GMVA), and Global cm VLBI
  5. Radio Frequency Interference
  6. Frequency Dependent Observing Strategies
  7. Building a Scheduling File in SCHED
  8. Submitting the Schedule
  9. Frequently Asked Questions

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