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Guide to Proposing for the VLBA (and HSA/Global VLBI)

This document provides an overview of proposing for observing time on the VLBA, HSA, and Global VLBI. For questions regarding this Guide, please submit helpdesk tickets under the VLBA General Queries section. For comprehensive reference material, please consult the VLBA Observational Status Summary (OSS).

  1. Obtaining Time on the VLBA
  2. Array Options
    1. Standard VLBA
    2. VLBA + Single Dish VLA (Y1)
    3. High Sensitivity Array (HSA)
    4. Global VLBI
  3. Scheduling Considerations
  4. Frequency Bands and Observing Systems
  5. SCHED
  6. Correlator Setup including Multiple Phase Centers
  7. Calibration Considerations
  8. Exposure and Overhead
  9. Technical Justification
  10. Submission Guidelines
  11. Frequently Asked Questions

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