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Monthly Schedules

Detailed VLBA schedules showing array activities. Open time is scheduled dynamically.

Schedsoc Home Page

Information from the VLA/VLBA Scheduling Officers in Socorro, New Mexico, for astronomers and for schedulers of other telescopes.

Daily UT1-UTC Observing

Instructions to help observers effectively schedule observations in the presence of daily UT1-UTC observations.

Dynamic Scheduling

A guide to dynamic scheduling at the VLBA. To be eligible for VLBA dynamic scheduling, observers must have: (a) a regular or large VLBA proposal that has been approved for dynamic scheduling or approved for triggering on a known transient, or (b) an exploratory or target-of-opportunity proposal approved for dynamic scheduling.

Site Weather

Current weather information for each VLBA station, including: temperature, dew point, relative humidity, wind speed and direction, peak gust, precipitation, atmospheric pressure, and links to the weather forecast, radar, and camera.