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VLBA and Global VLBI

by Gustaaf Van Moorsel last modified Apr 02, 2019 by Tony Perreault




  • Instructions for Proposal Preparation and Submission

    • VLBA and HSA proposals

      • VLBA and HSA (some subset of VLBA+Eb+Ar+Gb+Y27) proposals, must be prepared and submitted using the Proposal Submission Tool. See the HSA page for more detailed information. 

      • Submission deadlines: February 1, August 1. A proposal must be received by close of business (5:00 p.m. = 1700 hours Eastern Standard or Daylight Time) on the date of the deadline. If the deadline falls on a holiday or weekend, it is extended to the next working day.

      • Submissions by email, fax, or paper will not be considered.

    • Global 3mm VLBI (GMVA)

      • GMVA projects are correlated at Bonn, using the DiFX software correlator.  GMVA proposals are submitted using the NRAO Proposal Submission Tool (PST).

      • Beginning semester 2016B phased ALMA may be requested as part of the GMVA.  See the most recent Call for Proposals for how to request inclusion of ALMA in the array.  Currently, the "B" semester (February proposal deadline) is the time to submit GMVA proposals requesting phased ALMA, since a VLBI proposal submitted to the GMVA must also be submitted to ALMA directly (ALMA proposal deadline is usually in April).
      • Submission deadlines: February 1, August 1, as for the VLBA/HSA, at 1700 Eastern Standard or Daylight Time.

      • Submissions by email, fax, or paper will not be considered.
    • EVN or Global cm VLBI

  • Information for visiting observers