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Preferred Dynamic Constraints

by Patrick Murphy last modified Mar 04, 2019 by Davis Murphy
Template for user supplied VLBA dynamic constraints.

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! ================================================================
!   Preferred Dynamic Constraints.  Alter [defaults] as desired.
! ================================================================
! Equipment constraints:
!    Stations.  Below each station code, the "o" indicates an
!       [optional] station that is to be used if it is available.
!       Change "o" to "r" if the station is required or change
!       "o" to "n" if the station is not to be used.
!           SC  HN  NL  FD  LA  PT  KP  OV  BR  MK
!           o   o   o   o   o   o   o   o   o   o
!       Minimum number of stations [9 (6 for 3mm)]:  
!    Bands and polarizations.  Below each band code, insert "R" 
!       if the righthand polarization is to be used, "L" if the
!       lefthand polarization is to be used, "d" if dual 
!       polarizations are to be used, or "o" if the band is in
!       your setups but scheduling should not be constrained by
!       its availability.
!           90cm  50cm  20cm  13cm  6cm  4cm  2cm  1cm  7mm  3mm
! Weather constraints: 
!    [appropriate for bands marked "L", "R", or "d" above
!     and for at least the minimum number of stations]
! Date constraints:
!    Preferred date(s), usually a series start: 
!    Excluded dates plus reason [none]:
!    Preferred interval between segments in days [none]:
!    Special conditions (e.g., a series with different
!       spacings in time): nighttime observations
! Start-time constraints:
!    Start-time range in (hhmm - hhmm), in PT_LST [none]:
! ================================================================