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High Sensitivity Array

by Amy Mioduszewski last modified Dec 14, 2015

By adding the GBT, phased VLA, Arecibo, Effelsberg and/or the LMT to a VLBA experiment the sensitivity can be increased by an order of magnitude. This capability opens up new avenues for scientific discovery. The aim of the High Sensitivity Array initiative is to facilitate the planning, scheduling, and calibration of observations making use of this array.

Technical Information

    • Use the EVN sensitivity Calculator to estimate the rms noise (except where including the LMT).  For observations including the LMT use the GMVA sensitivity calculator.
    • Arecibo: Keep in mind the limitations on transit time for Arecibo of 1-2.75 hours for 0 < declination < 37 degrees (see also The VLBI Guide at Arecibo and The New Users Guide at Arecibo).
    • Effelsberg: Effelsberg has often been used in conjunction with the VLBA, and is frequency agile at 5 GHz and above. For more information about including Effelsberg with the HSA we refer to the Effelsberg HSA page.
    • Green Bank Telescope: The Green Bank Telescope is also commonly used with the VLBA, and is frequency agile (with some limitations) at all its bands.  See the VLBI at the GBT page for more information.
    • Large Millimeter Telescope: The Large Millimeter Telescope (LMT) is only available for HSA observations at 3mm.  See the LMT VLBI page for more information.
    • Very Large Array:  The Very Large Array (VLA) in only available in phased-array mode.  Please see the VLBI at the VLA page for further considerations.
    • Before you schedule your run consult Observing with the HSA.


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