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VLBA Memo Series

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VLBA Memo Series

VLBA Memo Series date from a variety of epochs.  In the Date Range column below, those series tagged "Construction" were issued only during the construction, commissioning, and possibly early operations phases of the VLBA project.  Some original memo series, and other series initiated more recently (both tagged as "Current") are still active.

In the Content Available column, "Memos online" means that the links in the Title column  go to an active index from which individual memos can be accessed; "Recent online" means the same, but only for a recent subset of all memos in the series.  "Index only" indicates that only an index of memo numbers, titles, authors, and dates is available; copies can be requested through the NRAO Library.

TitleDate Range
Content Available
MAIN Construction Not available
Antenna Current Memos online
Correlator Construction Index only
Data Acquisition Current Recent online
Electronics Construction Not available
Operations Construction Index only
Scientific Current Memos online
Sensitivity Upgrade Current Memos online
Technical Reports Construction Memos online
Test Current Memos online
VLA/VLBA Interference Current Recent online
Memos are accepted electronically.  Authors are asked to adhere to certain Memo Submission Guidelines