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The European VLBI Network (EVN) and Global cm VLBI

EVN or Global cm VLBI

  • The EVN is a VLBI network of stations operated by an international consortium of institutes (Schilizzi 1995). The EVN home page provides access to the EVN User's Guide. Included in the guide is an EVN Status Table, giving details of current observing capabilities of all EVN stations; and the EVN Call for Proposals, which specifies EVN session dates and the wavelengths to be observed.
  • The EVN provides proposal, review, and scheduling mechanisms for such programs, and conducts regular sessions of several weeks throughout the year to carry out these observations. Unlike the VLBA, HSA, and GMVA, the EVN operates on a trimester cycle, with proposal deadlines on February 1, June 1, and October 1.
  • Proposals requesting the EVN in combination with the VLBA or other affiliates are classified as "Global cm VLBI". EVN and Global cm VLBI proposals must be prepared and submitted to the EVN using the EVN's NorthStar Tool. Approved observations will be carried out during EVN sessions.