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All versions of the VLBA OSS

Previous versions of the VLBA OSS are made available primarily to support archival research. >>>> Click item 1. immediately below for access to ALL previous versions, including hypertext versions produced for observations since February 2013. >>>> The links below to "Attached files" access only the earlier, LaTeX-based PDF versions of the VLBA OSS.

  1. All Versions of the VLBA OSS

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Attached files

Planned NM Data Center Outage

Monday, August 21 11:00MDT (August 21 17:00UT) through August 21 23:00MDT (August 22 05:00UT)

18 May 2023: Mauna Kea Antenna Panels Damaged due to Ice Storm (update)

9 February 2023: Kitt Peak VLBA Station Returns to Service

1 September 2022: VLBA Produces First Full 3-D View of Binary Star-Planet System 

19 April, 2022 : Future of Earth’s Defense is Ground-Based Planetary Radar