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Science Program 2013A

by Davis Murphy last modified Jul 25, 2013 by Joan Wrobel

A total of 420 proposals were received for the 2012 August 1 submission deadline for Semester 2013A.

The tables below list the approved observing programs for Semester 2013A for the Robert C. Byrd Green Bank Telescope (GBT), for the Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array (VLA), and for the Very Long Baseline Array (VLBA) and High Sensitivity Array (HSA). The following is provided for each approved program: PI name, proposal ID, proposal title, maximum hours allocated, and proposal type (Regular or Triggered or Large). For Large proposals or monitoring proposals the time allocated may be over more than one semester. For each approved program, the Proposal Finder Tool will have access to its authors, title, abstract, and approved hours.

Robert C. Byrd Green Bank Telescope (GBT)

PI ID Title Hours Type
Amiri, Nikta VLBA13A-183 Probing Magnetic Fields in the Accretion Disks of Supermassive Black Holes 36 Regular
Anderson, Loren GBT13A-072 The Lost Diffuse HII Regions 53 Regular
Andersson, B-G GBT13A-267 Temperature mapping of the IC 63 nebula 36 Regular
Ashley, Trisha GBT13A-430 Mapping the Outer HI Pools of Blue Compact Dwarf Galaxies in LITTLE THINGS 193 Regular
Baker, Andrew GBT13A-474 Zpectrometer Observations of Dusty ACT Sources 24 Regular
Beaton, Rachael GBT13A-393 A Targeted Search for a Gas Component in M31 dSphs 80 Regular
Braatz, James GBT13A-236 The Megamaser Cosmology Project. VI 196 Large
Braatz, James VLBA13A-235 The Megamaser Cosmology Project. VI 192 Large
Burkhart, Blakesley GBT13A-332 Probing Interstellar Magnetic Turbulence with Faraday Rotation 22 Regular
Busch, Michael VLBA13A-143 Radar Speckle Observations of Near-Earth Asteroids During 2013-2015 23.78 Regular
Busquet, Gemma GBT13A-054 Characterizing filaments from Hi-GAL maps harboring high-mass star formation 30.5 Regular
Castangia, Paola GBT13A-005 The nature of the water maser in the obscured nucleus of the Sy2 IRAS15480-0344 6 Regular
Castangia, Paola GBT13A-006 Water masers in Compton-thick AGN 9.5 Regular
Corby, Joanna GBT13A-486 Characterizing Complex Chemistry in the Diffuse ISM by Line-of-Sight Absorption 27.5 Regular
Cordes, James GBT13A-452 A Global Campaign for  Precision Timing of a Millisecond Pulsar 12 Regular
Curran, Stephen GBT13A-052 Five Strong HI Absorbers Towards MG J0414+0534 - Where Is The Molecular Gas? 32 Regular
De Gasperin, Francesco GBT13A-095 Understanding M87: a multi-frequency campaign (GBT) 6 Regular
Donahue, Megan GBT13A-210 A Search for HI Emission in Cooling Flows 60.75 Regular
Edge, Alastair GBT13A-182 The variability of the core power of AGN in cluster centres 20.49 Regular
Frayer, David GBT13A-137 CO(1-0) Observations of the  Herschel-ATLAS Sub-mm Galaxies 53.75 Regular
Gao, Yu GBT13A-124 Completion of the CS(1-0) Survey in Local (U)LIRGs 39.5 Regular
Gupta, Harshal GBT13A-491 Elucidating the Chemistry of CHNO Isomers 72.01 Regular
Harris, Andrew GBT13A-042 Broadening the GBT/Zpectrometer Census of z = 2-3.5 Dusty Star Forming Galaxies 66 Regular
Hoffman, Ian GBT13A-001 The Pumping of the Nonmetastable Ammonia Maser in DR21 (OH) 5 Regular
Johnson, Michael GBT13A-314 Multi-Frequency Imaging of Pulsar Radio Emission Regions 7 Regular
Jones, Glenn GBT13A-390 Mitigating ISM delays to improve timing of the NANOGrav pulsar J1643-1224 12 Regular
Kepley, Amanda GBT13A-191 A New Technique for Measuring the Obscured Dense Ionized Gas in Galaxies 18 Regular
Kepley, Amanda GBT13A-253 Transforming the GBT into an HCN/HCO+ Mapping Machine for Nearby Galaxies 20 Regular
Kovalev, Yuri GBT13A-252 RadioAstron-GBT Space VLBI survey of AGN at the largest angular resolutions 40 Regular
Lippok, Nils GBT13A-420 Coupling of Gas and Dust Temperatures 30 Regular
Louie, Melissa GBT13A-108 HCN (J=1-0) Mapping of Central 3'x3' of M51 50.75 Regular
Lovell, Amy GBT13A-037 OH Observations of Two Bright Comets 40 Regular
Lynch, Ryan GBT13A-424 Completing a GBT Timing Campaign of 11 Pulsars Discovered in the PALFA Survey 18 Regular
McGuire, Brett GBT13A-200 Centimeter-wave Surveys of Chemically Diverse Sources 93.25 Regular
Milam, Stefanie GBT13A-316 Observational Studies of Nitrogen Isotope Enrichments in Prestellar Cores 12 Regular
Milam, Stefanie GBT13A-436 Molecular Survey towards Comet C/2011 L4 (PanSTARRS) 12.5 Regular
Morris, Mark GBT13A-415 Evolution of Silicon Isotope Abundances Across the Galaxy 25 Regular
Oonk, Raymond GBT13A-093 Cool Gas Physics in ABELL 1068 6.5 Regular
Ou-Yang, Benjamin GBT13A-468 HI Spectroscopy of Reverberation-Mapped AGN Host Galaxies 182.75 Regular
Pagani, Laurent GBT13A-240 CO depletion and the CO/N2 depletion crisis in L183 11 Regular
Peck, Alison GBT13A-350 The Search for Evidence of Jet-Induced Shocks in Minkowski's Object 4 Regular
Pennucci, Timothy GBT13A-446 Measuring Shapiro Delay in NANOGrav Pulsars 77.5 Regular
Pulliam, Robin GBT13A-367 Mapping Acetaldehyde Towards NGC 7538 3 Regular
Ransom, Scott GBT13A-438 Long Term Timing of 55 Recycled Pulsars in Bulge Globular Clusters 85 Regular
Ransom, Scott GBT13A-445 Continuing the GBT All-Sky 350-MHz Pulsar Survey 600 Large
Remijan, Anthony GBT13A-306 The GBT PRIMOS Survey toward the Galactic Center Region Sgr B2(N-LMH) - Redux 40 Large
Riechers, Dominik GBT13A-021 Molecular Gas Excitation in Lensed, Herschel-Selected Submillimeter Galaxies 53.25 Regular
Rivilla, Victor M. GBT13A-156 Revealing superclusters of hot cores (SCHC's) in Arp 220 with HC3N* 10 Regular
Rosen, Rachel GBT13A-335 Timing and Followup Observations of Pulsars Discovered by the PSC 24.75 Regular
Roshi, D. Anish GBT13A-187 Helium Ionization in the Diffuse Ionized Gas surrounding UCHII regions 22.5 Regular
Rosolowsky, Erik GBT13A-044 Do the Properties of Star-Forming Dense Gas Vary Across the Galactic Disk? 20.75 Regular
Sakai, Nami GBT13A-224 Non-Thermal Desorption of Saturated Organic Molecules in TMC-1 17.5 Regular
Scott, Kimberly GBT13A-104 Evolution in the molecular gas content of LIRGs at z=0.25-0.35 25.5 Regular
Seo, Youngmin GBT13A-126 A Study of the Physics and Evolution of L1495/B213 Molecular Filament in Taurus 35 Regular
Siemion, Andrew GBT13A-379 SETI Observations of Exoplanet Conjunctions 24 Regular
Smith, Allison GBT13A-290 Magnetic Fields towards High-Latitude Intermediate-Velocity Molecular Clouds 46 Regular
Stairs, Ingrid GBT13A-447 The Pulsar Triple System in M4 9 Regular
Stark, David GBT13A-276 Tracking Star Formation Efficiency as a Function of Cosmic Structure 182.25 Regular
Stierwalt, Sabrina GBT13A-456 Gas Reservoirs in Dwarf-Dwarf Mergers: Fueling Star Formation 16 Regular
Stocke, John GBT13A-413 Search for HI 21-cm Absorption in Obscured CSOs 11 Regular
Storm, Shaye GBT13A-310 Connecting the Scales: VLA+GBT Large Area, High Resolution Ammonia Mapping 9.5 Regular
Stovall, Kevin GBT13A-458 Timing 56 Pulsars Discovered by the Green Bank Telescope 158 Regular
Teng, Stacy GBT13A-348 GBT Monitoring of Variable Polarization in Two Quasars 20.5 Regular
Wagner, Jan GBT13A-172 Search for 22 GHz Water Masers in 40 Nearby Galaxies 29.25 Regular
Watson, Christer GBT13A-068 Molecular Gas Surrounding MIR-identified Bubbles 25.25 Regular
Wolfe, Spencer GBT13A-312 Gas Streams in the Local Group 50 Large
Wootten, Henry GBT13A-405 Cold Perseus Cloud Cores Characterized by Nitrogen Isotopic Ratios 18 Regular

Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array (VLA)

Four separate observing routes are possible: General Observing (GO), Shared Risk Observing (SRO), Resident Shared Risk Observing (RSRO), and EVLA Commissioning Staff Observing (ECSO). In the proposal type column, a superscript "s" indicates the SRO route, a superscript "r" indicates the RSRO route, a superscript "e" indicates the ECSO route, and no superscript indicates the GO route.

PI ID Title Hours Type
Adams, Elizabeth VLA/13A-248 Ultra-Compact High Velocity Clouds: Candidate Galaxies in the Local Group 4 REGULAR
Akahori, Takuya VLA/13A-131 RM Observations of 6 Galaxy Clusters for Probing IGMF Turbulence Amplification 70.75 REGULAR
Amiri, Nikta VLBA/13A-183 Probing Magnetic Fields in the Accretion Disks of Supermassive Black Holes 36 REGULAR
Anderson, Loren VLA/13A-351 How Many Ultra-Compact HII Regions Are There in the Milky Way? 20 REGULAR
Andrews, Sean VLA/13A-319 Particle Growth in the Protoplanetary Disk around V4046 Sgr 4.75 REGULAR
Anglada, Guillem VLA/13A-355 The driving source of the HH 30 jet 5 REGULAR
Asaki, Yoshiharu VLA/13A-345 First phase observations of the flare due to vast mass infall onto the Sgr A* 15 TRIGGERED
Babul, Arif VLA/13A-268 A census of radio haloes in Planck-SZ selected galaxy clusters 51.5 REGULAR
Balser, Dana VLA/13A-030 Transgalactic Abundances in the Milky Way Disk 5 REGULAR
Bastian, Tim VLA/13A-384 Dynamic Imaging Spectroscopy of Coherent Solar Radio Bursts II 20s REGULAR
Bastian, Tim VLA/13A-378 Radio and IR Imaging of a Coronal Cavity: Probing the Magnetic Heart 10 REGULAR
Berger, Edo VLA/13A-046 New Insights on Gamma-Ray Bursts with the JVLA 36 TRIGGERED
Best, Philip VLA/13A-023 Molecular gas in normal galaxies at z>2: a targeted and blind survey approach 90 REGULAR
Beuther, Henrik VLA/13A-120 The HI/OH/Recombination line survey of the Milky Way (THOR) 100 LARGE
Bignall, Hayley VLA/13A-313 Wide-band interstellar scintillation as a probe of ultracompact AGN jets 24 REGULAR
Bihr, Simon VLA/13A-008 Kinematical signatures of dynamical cloud collapse 14 REGULAR
Blomme, Ronny VLA/13A-160 The Colliding Winds of the Massive Early-Type Binary 9 Sgr 6 REGULAR
Blundell, Katherine VLA/12A-345 High energy acceleration in the hotspot of the nearby giant radio quasar 4C74.26 4 REGULAR
Bolatto, Alberto VLA/13A-115 Driving Star Formation:Cold Molecular Gas Mass and Excitation in Galaxies at z~2 24 REGULAR
Bonafede, Annalisa VLA/13A-056 Radio halos in galaxy clusters:detection of the steepest spectrum known so far. 7 REGULAR
Braatz, James VLA/13A-234 The Megamaser Cosmology Project. VI 4 LARGE
Braatz, James VLBA/13A-235 The Megamaser Cosmology Project. VI 144 LARGE
Broekhoven-Fiene, Hannah VLA/13A-476 Characterizing the disk population in the Auriga GMC 50 REGULAR
Brunthaler, Andreas VLA/13A-245 The nature of radio emission from the  ultracompact binary HM Cnc 4 REGULAR
Burgasser, Adam VLA/13A-363 Radio Emission from a Newly Detected Hyperactive L Dwarf 14 REGULAR
Cannon, John VLA/13A-027 SHIELD: Re-Execution of Low-Resolution HI Imaging 24 REGULAR
Cannon, John VLA/13A-026 Leo P: A New Extreme Dwarf Galaxy Discovered by ALFALFA 4 REGULAR
Cannon, John VLA/13A-181 HI Morphologies and Kinematics of the Lyman Alpha Reference Sample 54.5 REGULAR
Cannon, John VLA/13A-028 (Almost) Dark Galaxies Discovered by ALFALFA 10.5 REGULAR
Carilli, Chris VLA/13A-012 Anatomy of massive galaxy and SMH formation 16 REGULAR
Carrasco-Gonzalez, Carlos VLA/13A-118 A search for compact accretion disks around massive YSOs 12 REGULAR
Castelletti, Gabriela VLA/13A-117 New EVLA data of the gamma-ray emitting source G353.6-0.7/HESS J1731-347 4 REGULAR
Cesaroni, Riccardo VLA/13A-024 A quest for high-mass star formation in two families of molecular clumps 18 REGULAR
Chakrabarti, Sukanya VLA/13A-490 A New Probe of Dark Matter In Spiral Galaxies 14 REGULAR
chapman, scott VLA/13A-473 CO(1-0) in the most overdense cluster known at z>2, Q1549+19 17 REGULAR
Charness, Cameron VLA/13A-356 Mapping a New Astronomical Maser towards SgrB2(N)-LMH 4 REGULAR
Chitsazzadeh, Shadi VLA/13A-394 Ammonia Observations of Cores on the Brink 60.75 REGULAR
Choi, Minho VLA/13A-159 Is NGC 2024 FIR 6c the Nearest Hypercompact H II Region? 2 REGULAR
Chomiuk, Laura VLA/13A-461 The E-Nova Project: Explosion Dynamics Traced in Detail by the VLA 24 REGULAR
Claussen, Mark VLA/13A-197 An Imaging Spectral Survey of the AGB Carbon Star IRC+10216 from 18 - 50 GHz 27s REGULAR
Clements, David VLA/13A-084 H-ATLAS: A z=3.26 Starbursting Galaxy Cluster found by Planck and Herschel 18 REGULAR
Corsi, Alessandra VLA/13A-411 Probing the composition of GRB jets with JVLA: a quest for reverse shocks 45 TRIGGERED
Darling, Jeremy VLA/13A-071 High Velocity Masers in the Galactic Center:  A New Probe of General Relativity 4 REGULAR
De Gasperin, Francesco VLA/13A-096 Understanding M87: a multi-frequency campaign (VLA) 36 REGULAR
DeCesar, Megan VLA/13A-342 Spectral Breaks in Pulsar Wind Nebulae 5 REGULAR
Degenaar, Nathalie VLA/13A-352 Revisiting the X-ray/radio correlation for neutron star X-ray binaries 9 REGULAR
DiPompeo, Michael VLA/13A-114 "Polar" Broad Absorption Line Quasars: Fact or Fiction? 2.5 REGULAR
Donovan Meyer, Jennifer VLA/13A-380 Hunting for Dense Gas in Early-Type Galaxies 12.75 REGULAR
Ellingsen, Simon VLA/13A-144 Radio Continuum Emission from the Youngest High-mass Star Formation Regions 5.5 REGULAR
Fender, Rob VLA/13A-203 Black hole accretion at the lowest luminosities 5.5 REGULAR
Fertig, Derek VLA/13A-246 Extended Gas in an Unusual Galaxy Group 6 REGULAR
Gastaldello, Fabio VLA/13A-078 The tidal interaction of the NGC 5054 spiral with the NGC 5044 group 5 REGULAR
Giessuebel, Rene VLA/13A-013 Magnetic Field Tomography of M31 7.5 REGULAR
Ginsburg, Adam VLA/13A-064 Massive stars and ionized and molecular gas in the W51 complex 13 REGULAR
Goddi, Ciriaco VLA/13A-339 When does dust grain growth start in star formation? 7 REGULAR
Gomez, Arturo VLA/13A-315 Polarization observations of class I methanol masers 4 REGULAR
Gralla, Megan VLA/13A-478 Candidate lensed sub-millimeter galaxies from the Atacama Cosmology Telescope 9.75 REGULAR
Green, David VLA/13A-154 Observations of G327.6+14.6=SN AD1006: high-resolution continuum plus HI 12 REGULAR
Guedel, Manuel VLA/13A-201 The Radio Sun in Time and the Faint Young Sun Paradox 19 REGULAR
Hallenbeck, Gregory VLA/13A-274 Gas-Bearing Red Dwarf Ellipticals in Virgo: Re-accretion from the Cosmic Web? 12 REGULAR
Hallinan, Gregg VLA/13A-365 Bridging the Gap: Detecting the Magnetic Fields of the Coolest Brown Dwarfs 28s REGULAR
Hallinan, Gregg VLA/13A-423 Capturing Sweeping Radio Bursts from Nearby Active Stars 8 REGULAR
Hallinan, Gregg VLA/13A-471 The Thermal Atmospheres of Nearby Solar-type Stars 36s REGULAR
Heesen, Volker VLA/13A-328 Star formation and magnetic fields in dwarf galaxies 16 REGULAR
Heesen, Volker VLA/12B-334 Radio filaments and the WMAP haze from Fermi bubbles in nearby galaxies 12 REGULAR
Hewitt, John VLA/13A-426 A New Epoch of EVLA Observations of Tycho's SNR: Proper Motions and More 8 REGULAR
Hezareh, Talayeh VLA/13A-216 Measurement of the Zeeman effect in OH absorption lines towards DR21 8 REGULAR
Ho, Anna VLA/13A-431 Monitoring the flux from eclipsing binary pulsar Terzan 5A 4 REGULAR
Horesh, Assaf VLA/13A-475 A Search For Collisionless Shocks In Recent Nearby Type IIn Supernovae 8 REGULAR
Hsieh, Tien-Hao VLA/13A-202 Estimating the Mass of Proto Binary System of VeLLO - DCE185 6 REGULAR
IMAI, Hiroshi VLA/13A-041 Diagnostics of a centimeter SED for the ``water fountain" source W43A 2 REGULAR
Ivison, Rob VLA/13A-015 Water megamasers in a unique sample of FIR-bright, lensed SMGs 11.75 REGULAR
Ivison, Rob VLA/13A-016 Submillimeter-selected protoclusters at z~3-4 4.5 REGULAR
Jalali, Behrang VLA/13A-266 Searching for an IMBH in a newly discovered Massive Globular Cluster 6 REGULAR
Johnson, Kelsey VLA/13A-287 Using the Antennae Galaxies as a Laboratory to Study Extreme Star Formation 33 REGULAR
Kale, Ruta VLA/13A-152 Deep L band imaging of a new radio halo and a relic in Planck clusters 6 REGULAR
Kanekar, Nissim VLA/13A-262 A blind Ka- and Q-band survey for molecular absorption at high redshift 49 REGULAR
Kanekar, Nissim VLA/13A-395 A search for molecular oxygen at intermediate redshifts 1.5 REGULAR
Kellermann, Kenneth VLBA/13A-418 Getting closer to SMBHs with the space VLBI interferometer RadioAstron-VLA 7 REGULAR
Kepley, Amanda VLA/13A-212 Measuring the Dense Ionized Gas in Dwarf Starburst Galaxies Using RRLs 20 REGULAR
Kilborn, Virginia VLA/13A-207 The Star Formation Efficiency of Galaxies in Groups 16 REGULAR
King, Ashley VLA/13A-361 The Disk-Wind-Jet Connection in the Stellar-Mass Black Hole IGR J17091-3624 4 TRIGGERED
Klaassen, Pamela VLA/13A-098 Accretion Dynamics and  HII Regions 40 REGULAR
Konar, Chiranjib VLA/13A-251 Which accretion mode is on during quiescent phase of jet activity in AGN? 5.25 REGULAR
Kurtz, Stan VLA/13A-406 A New Class of Hydroxyl Masers? 20 REGULAR
Lacy, Mark VLA/13A-343 The molecular gas reservoirs in normal and obscured high redshift quasars 77 REGULAR
Laing, Robert VLA/13A-153 How fast are the jets in NGC6251? 9 REGULAR
Lang, Cornelia VLA/13A-336 The Nature and Origin of the Galactic Center Radio Arc: A VLA Faraday Study 18 REGULAR
Lemonias, Jenna VLA/13A-344 A Test of Star Formation Suppression Mechanisms in Massive HI-Rich Galaxies 50 REGULAR
Leroy, Adam VLA/13A-213 The L-Band Local Group Legacy: Resolving the ISM and Star Formation Cycle 87.5 LARGE
Li, Zhiyuan VLA/13A-311 A mapping of the polarized synchrotron emission from the central region of M31 2.5 REGULAR
Liszt, Harvey VLA/13A-097 Origins of hydrocarbons, their chemistry, and DIBS in diffuse interstellar gas 8 REGULAR
Liu, Hauyu VLA/13A-206 The Jet-Accretion Connection in Young Stellar Objects 24 REGULAR
LIU, LI-JIE VLA/13A-449 Radio Emission from Normal Star Forming Galaxies at z~1 13.5 REGULAR
Long, Knox VLA/13A-291 A Complete Census of Supernova Remnants in M33 48 REGULAR
Lopez-Sepulcre, Ana VLA/13A-175 Catching the first formation steps of an intermediate-mass protocluster in Orion 1.5 REGULAR
MacGregor, Meredith VLA/13A-301 Testing Collisional Models of Planetesimals in the AU Mic Debris Disk 3.5 REGULAR
Mangum, Jeff VLA/13A-178 Imaging the Spatial Density within Starburst Galaxies 60 REGULAR
Mao, Sui Ann VLA/13A-400 Mapping the Magnetic Field Structure in the Interacting Antennae Galaxies 4.5 REGULAR
Mauersberger, Rainer VLA/13A-392 An extragalactic NH3 (J,K)=(6,6) maser toward IC342 West? 7 REGULAR
Melis, Carl VLA/13A-401 Microwave Observations of Edge-on Protoplanetary Disks: IRAS04368+2557 5 REGULAR
Menten, Karl VLA/13A-334 A comprehensive Galactic plane radio wavelength star formation survey 105 LARGE
Menten, Karl VLA/13A-325 Addressing the Ammonia Enigma around Evolved Stars 4 REGULAR
Middleton, Matthew VLA/13A-256 Observing extragalactic binaries to reveal the nature of Eddington accretion 60 REGULAR
Miller-Jones, James VLA/13A-376 Probing jet acceleration and collimation in stellar-mass compact objects 20 TRIGGERED
Mills, Elisabeth VLA/13A-329 Non-Metastable NH3 in the Galactic Center: The Distibution of the Densest Gas 9 REGULAR
Momjian, Emmanuel VLA/13A-375 Resolved Physics and Chemistry in Nearby Star Forming Galaxies 34 REGULAR
Monkiewicz, Jacqueline VLA/13A-467 The outflowing wind of the ultra-low metallicity dwarf galaxy Sextans A 7 REGULAR
Morata, Oscar VLA/13A-330 Looking for radiojets in the first sample of proto-brown dwarf candidates 4.25 REGULAR
Morris, Mark VLA/13A-464 Structure of the Galactic Center Magnetic Field -- Climbing to Larger Scales 1.5 REGULAR
Mulcahy, David VLA/13A-014 Vertical magnetic fields and outflows in the face-on spiral galaxy NGC 628 11 REGULAR
Mundell, Carole VLA/13A-066 Triggering and Regulation of Extragalactic Star Formation 8.25 REGULAR
Murgia, Matteo VLA/13A-168 Single-dish and interferometric imaging of radio halos in Galaxy Clusters 36 REGULAR
Murillo, Nadia VLA/13A-244 VLA1623B: a First Core candidate?: Probing the temperature of VLA1623B with NH3 12.75 REGULAR
Murphy, Eric VLA/13A-129 The Star Formation in Radio Survey: Completion of JVLA Ka-Band Observations 26 REGULAR
Mushotzky, Richard VLA/13A-281 The Origin of Far-Infrared Radiation in AGN 12 REGULAR
Myers, Steven VLA/13A-362 A 6-GHz Pilot Synoptic Survey of the COSMOS Field 5e REGULAR
Nikiel-Wroczynski, Blazej VLA/13A-278 Compact galaxy groups: tracing the relic of past intruder? 4.5 REGULAR
Nyland, Kristina VLBA/13A-353 HSA Observations of the AGN Driving the Massive Molecular Outflow in NGC 1266 8 REGULAR
Osten, Rachel VLA/13A-360 The Nature of Magnetic Activity at the Low-Mass End of the Main Sequence 37.5 REGULAR
Ott, Juergen VLA/13A-349 Molecular Absorption Survey against the G2 Cloud Sgr A* Accretion Event 10 TRIGGERED
Ott, Juergen VLA/13A-371 Water Masers in the Central Molecular Zone 10 REGULAR
Peretto, Nicolas VLA/13A-388 Where do massive star get their mass from ? 12 REGULAR
Pihlstrom, Ylva VLA/13A-273 On The Relation between Shock Excited Masers, CO and TeV emission in the W28 SNR 10 REGULAR
Pope, Alexandra VLA/13A-407 Tracing molecular gas in the highest redshift massive galaxy cluster 22.5 REGULAR
Popping, Attila VLA/13A-232 Local Turbulent Disks: analogs of high-redshift vigorously star-forming disks 36 REGULAR
Popping, Attila VLA/13A-286 The Evolution of Neutral hydrogen:  measuring Omega-HI out to redshift z~0.4 72 REGULAR
Rabidoux, Katherine VLA/13A-463 Measuring star formation in local luminous compact blue galaxies 20.5 REGULAR
Ricci, Luca VLA/13A-346 Investigating the trapping of particles and planetesimal formation with the EVLA 20 REGULAR
Ricci, Luca VLA/13A-109 Investigating grain growth in the disk of a young brown dwarf 19 REGULAR
Richards, Emily VLA/13A-107 Baryonic Distributions in Dark Matter Halos 64 REGULAR
Riechers, Dominik VLA/13A-398 Measuring the Dense Gas History of the Universe 300 LARGE
Rodriguez, Luis VLA/13A-059 The IC 348MMS Outflow: Rotation or Binary System? 1.75 REGULAR
Rodriguez, Luis VLA/13A-125 The Nature of JVLA 35 in M17 2.25 REGULAR
Roy, Nirupam VLA/13A-112 CCS 22.3 GHz Zeeman observations of the molecular core TMC-1C 24 REGULAR
Roy, Nirupam VLA/13A-194 A sensitive search for HI 21 cm emission from superdisks in large radio galaxies 11 REGULAR
Royster, Marc VLA/13A-451 Continuation of RRL Observations to Probe the Kinematics in the Galactic Center 8 REGULAR
Rudnick, Gregory VLA/13A-025 Detecting CO[1-0] in the star-forming galaxies of a z=1.62 galaxy cluster 45 REGULAR
Rujopakarn, Wiphu VLA/13A-385 Probing the Star Formation Law with Lensed Star-Forming Galaxies at z = 2 - 4 22 REGULAR
Sahai, Raghvendra VLA/13A-404 Shocked and Scorched in the Cygnus Star Forming Region 5 REGULAR
Sanchez-Monge, Alvaro VLA/13A-149 A multilevel study of ammonia in hot molecular cores 13.5 REGULAR
Sarazin, Craig VLA/13A-383 Is the Diffuse Radio Source in Abell 2061 a USS Cluster Halo, Relic, or Hybrid? 16 REGULAR
Savage, Allison VLA/13A-035 Faraday Rotation Measurements of the Superbubble Associated with W4/IC1805 16 REGULAR
Schinnerer, Eva VLA/12A-176 Unveiling the Physics of the Radio-IR Relation on Sub-kpc Scales 4.75 REGULAR
Schmiedeke, Anika VLA/13A-050 Sagitarius B2: An early phase of a Super Stellar Cluster? 12 REGULAR
Sharon, Chelsea VLA/13A-269 Cold gas in a multi-component submm galaxy with varying excitation conditions 11.5 REGULAR
Shirley, Yancy VLA/13A-320 A High Resolution Study of Dense Cores in the L1495/B213 Filaments 16 REGULAR
Sjouwerman, Lorant VLA/13A-331 BAaDE: Bulge Asymmetries and Dynamic Evolution 70 LARGE
Sjouwerman, Lorant VLA/13A-060 25 GHz Class I methanol in the Galactic Center 6 REGULAR
Smail, Ian VLA/13A-211 A CO(1-0) survey at z=3.3-5.2 through a massive cluster lens 25 REGULAR
Soderberg, Alicia VLA/13A-437 Triggered EVLA Follow-up of New Tidal Disruption Events 6 TRIGGERED
Soderberg, Alicia VLA/13A-370 The Diversity of SNe Ibc and the Nature of the GRB-SN Connection 40 TRIGGERED
Sokoloski, Jennifer VLA/13A-455 The E-Nova Project: Early Radio Light Curves for a Diverse Sample of Novae 64 REGULAR
Stanimirovic, Snezana VLA/13A-205 21-SPONGE: 21-cm Spectral line Observations of Neutral Gas with the EVLA 230 LARGE
Stil, Jeroen VLA/13A-489 Integrated Polarization of Spiral Galaxies 6 REGULAR
Storm, Shaye VLA/13A-309 Connecting the Scales: VLA+GBT Large Area, High Resolution Ammonia Mapping 40 REGULAR
Tadaki, Ken-ichi VLA/13A-136 The accelerated star formation in an extremely dense proto-cluster at z=2.5 35 REGULAR
takuma, izumi VLA/13A-487 The CS multi-transition analysis for the robust AGN diagnostic 12 REGULAR
Torii, Kazufumi VLA/13A-180 Zeeman Splitting Measurements near the Galactic center 5 REGULAR
UEDA, Junko VLA/13A-466 The Distribution and Kinematics of the HI gas in the Merger Remnant NGC 828 3 REGULAR
van der Werf, Paul VLA/13A-102 Confirmation of first 13CO and C18O 1-0 detections at high z 20 REGULAR
van Weeren, Reinout VLA/13A-399 Shock and Awe: Deep JVLA observations of the 'Sausage Cluster' 58 REGULAR
Verdes-Montenegro, Lourdes VLA/13A-341 The extended HI envelope of the  isolated galaxy  CIG 96 13 REGULAR
Vlemmings, Wouter VLA/13A-088 JVLA observations of water fountain candidates 3 REGULAR
Vlemmings, Wouter VLA/13A-082 The HI column density towards X-ray emitting AGB Stars 5 REGULAR
Wagg, Jeff VLA/13A-340 A CO redshift for the luminous mm-selected starburst galaxy: MMJ1541+6630 5.5 REGULAR
Walker, Lisa VLA/13A-387 The Role of Gas Processing in Galaxy Evolution 64.5 REGULAR
Wang, Junzhi VLA/13A-270 Looking into  Heavily  Obscured AGN with RRLs using VLA 24 REGULAR
Wang, Ke VLA/13A-373 Ammonia in Filamentary IR-dark Clouds 36 REGULAR
Wang, Ran VLA/13A-142 Molecular gas in the starburst quasar host galaxies at redshift 6 51.5 REGULAR
Weston, Jennifer VLA/13A-465 The E-Nova Project: Testing the Hubble flow model for V1723 Aql 9 REGULAR
WHITE, Stephen VLA/13A-462 Radio Measurements of Coronal Magnetic Fields 6 REGULAR
Wilson, Thomas VLA/13A-226 Ammonia Masers in W51 4.75 REGULAR
Yoshito, Shimajiri VLA/13A-063 Unveiling Nature of Shocked Gas associated with Chemically Enriched source 2.25 REGULAR
Yusef-Zadeh, Farhad VLA/13A-130 Polarization  and Spectral Index Studies of a Jet-like Feature  from Sgr A* 10 REGULAR
Zauderer, Bevin VLA/13A-049 Continued Monitoring of the Relativistic Outflow from a Tidal Disruption Event 9 REGULAR
Zhang, Qizhou VLA/13A-307 Star Formation in the Central Molecular Zone 7 REGULAR
Zhang, Qizhou VLA/13A-264 Filaments, Star Formation and Magnetic Fields 1 REGULAR
Zhang, Zhiyu VLA/13A-448 High-velocity Atomic Outflows in High-mass Star Formation Regions 16 REGULAR
Zhang, Zhiyu VLA/13A-382 Resolving CS J=1-0 in local (U)LIRG  with the JVLA 17.5 REGULAR
Zhu, Qingfeng VLA/13A-258 Using HCN Direct $l$-type Lines to Probe Density Gradients near UC HII Regions 12 REGULAR
Zijlstra, Albert VLA/13A-186 The third twin in a dusty cocoon: hidden evolution of WISE J1810-3305 1 REGULAR
Zschaechner, Laura VLA/13A-417 The HI Halo in the LSB Galaxy UGC 7321 and its Clues to Galaxy Evolution 7 REGULAR
Zwaan, Martin VLA/13A-396 First measurement of the cosmic molecular mass density at z=1.6 29.75 REGULAR

Very Long Baseline Array (VLBA) and High Sensitivity Array (HSA)

PI ID Title Hours Type
Alves, Felipe VLBA/13A-089 Water masers in a low-mass protostar: tracing the 3D magnetic field structure 15 REGULAR
Amiri, Nikta VLBA/13A-183 Probing Magnetic Fields in the Accretion Disks of Supermassive Black Holes 36 REGULAR
An, Tao VLBA/13A-051 VLBA observations of four dual AGNs at 18cm 12 REGULAR
Asada, Keiichi VLBI/13A-493 Jet Streamline Measurement in M87 to Probe the Initial Accelleration Mechanism 12 REGULAR
Asaki, Yoshiharu VLBA/13A-403 Determination of the SMBH positions of the BL Lac objects up to 86 GHz 48 REGULAR
Braatz, James VLBA/13A-235 The Megamaser Cosmology Project. VI 192 LARGE
Busch, Michael VLBA/13A-143 Radar Speckle Observations of Near-Earth Asteroids During 2013-2015 30 REGULAR
Casadio, Carolina VLBA/13A-165 A sensitive study of the peculiar jet structure HST-1 in M87 24 REGULAR
Cerrigone, Luciano VLBA/13A-022 Understanding the fast outflow in IRAS 15452-5459 through maser observations 8 REGULAR
Choi, Yoon Kyung VLBA/13A-295 Parallax Measurements of the Red Supergiant Clusters 48 REGULAR
Deller, Adam VLBA/13A-090 Characterizing the mJy compact radio source population with mJIVE-20 400 LARGE
Doi, Akihiro VLBA/13A-427 Water-vapor megamasers and the location of black hole in Mrk 348 12 REGULAR
Edge, Alastair VLBA/13A-222 A VLBA survey of cool core radio sources - the heart of the beast 23 REGULAR
Franco-Hernandez, Ramiro VLBA/13A-441 The magnetic field  and the structure of a disk  in a massive young star 4 REGULAR
Gomez, Jose L. VLBA/13A-164 The mm-VLBI radio core and its connection with gamma-ray flares in AGN jets 70 REGULAR
Gonidakis, Ioannis VLBA/13A-150 Simultaneous observations of seven J=1-0 SiO Maser Lines 8 REGULAR
Hada, Kazuhiro VLBA/13A-237 Constraining the Black Hole Location of the 3C338 Jet with Core-shift Astrometry 24 REGULAR
Hayashi, Takayuki VLBA/13A-283 Probing Nuclear Environment of a Broad Absorption Line Quasar J1159+0112 3 REGULAR
Hodgson, Jeffrey VLBA/13A-166 Measuring the core shift in intra-hour variable blazar PKS 1257-326 8 REGULAR
Homan, Jeroen VLBA/13A-318 How super-Eddington are the brightest accreting neutron stars? 48 REGULAR
Kellermann, Kenneth VLBA/13A-418 Getting closer to SMBHs with the space VLBI interferometer RadioAstron-VLA 7 REGULAR
Kunert-Bajraszewska, Magdalena VLBA/13A-077 High resolution imaging of radio-loud compact BAL quasars - part II. 22 REGULAR
Lonsdale, Carol VLBA/13A-408 VLBA imaging of red mid-IR luminous radio-loud QSOs 48 REGULAR
Ma, Chopo VLBA/13A-198 VLBA Geodesy/Astrometry Observations for 2013 144 REGULAR
Maccarone, Thomas VLBA/13A-121 A trigonometric parallax for a globular cluster 6 REGULAR
Mao, Minnie VLBA/13A-139 Why is there a giant radio source in a spiral galaxy? 27 REGULAR
Marecki, Andrzej VLBA/13A-189 Restarted activity in J142735.6+263214, a giant source identified with a QSO 6 REGULAR
Miller-Jones, James VLBA/13A-374 Probing jet acceleration and collimation in stellar-mass black holes 56 TRIGGERED
Miller-Jones, James VLBA/13A-261 Calibrating the luminosity of Type I X-ray bursts via the parallax of 4U0614+091 24 REGULAR
Morgan, John VLBA/13A-391 Probing the turbulence in the ISM in the core and disk of M31 24 REGULAR
NIINUMA, KOTARO VLBA/13A-151 Limits on the core position jitter of Mrk 421 at 1.3 cm 18 REGULAR
Nyland, Kristina VLBA/13A-353 HSA Observations of the AGN Driving the Massive Molecular Outflow in NGC 1266 8 REGULAR
O'Sullivan, Shane VLBA/13A-048 VLBI spectropolarimetry of the Centaurus A jet 150 REGULAR
Ojha, Roopesh VLBA/13A-208 Parsec Scale Spectral Evolution of Gamma-ray Loud AGN 24 REGULAR
Orienti, Monica VLBA/13A-229 Investigating the radio properties of the gamma-ray candidate NLS1 J1548+3511 5 REGULAR
Petrov, Leonid VLBA/13A-134 Low cost densification of the VLBA calibrator list 48 REGULAR
Reid, Mark VLBA/13A-247 Astrometry of Sgr A*: Preparing for the Infall of a Gas Cloud 24 REGULAR
Reynolds, Cormac VLBA/13A-219 The High Frequency Flares in Mrk 231 32 TRIGGERED
Sanna, Alberto VLBA/13A-174 Probing high-mass star formation with OH masers: AFGL 2591 & G9.62+0.20 16 REGULAR
Tafoya, Daniel VLBA/13A-155 Measuring the magnetic field of the X-ray AGB star R UMa 16 REGULAR
Tingay, Steven VLBA/13A-009 A continued commensal search for fast radio transients using the VLBA 24 REGULAR
Walker, R. Craig VLBA/13A-002 Pinpointing the Location of TeV Flares in M87 96 TRIGGERED
Wrobel, Joan VLBA/13A-241 VLBA Confirmation of a Kiloparsec-Scale Dual AGN 6 REGULAR
Yusef-Zadeh, Farhad VLBA/13A-100 Joint VLBA/Chandra/EVLA  Monitoring of the Gas Cloud G2 as it Encounters Sgr A* 48 REGULAR