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Science Program 2021A

by Davis Murphy last modified Nov 16, 2020 by Dana Balser

A total of 235 new proposals were received for the 3 August 2020 submission deadline for Semester 2021A. The table below summarizes the approved observing programs for the Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array (VLA), the Very Long Baseline Array (VLBA)/High Sensitivity Array (HSA) and the Global 3mm VLBI Array (GMVA).  Listed are the PI name, proposal ID, proposal title, maximum hours approved, and proposal type (Regular, Triggered, or Large). Proposals from previous semesters that were awarded time by NRAO are included.  Also listed are HSA proposals that include the VLA as a VLBI station.

For each approved program, the Proposal Finder Tool will have access to its authors, title, abstract, and total approved hours.

Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array (VLA)

Akins, Alex VLA/21A-260 Microwave Sounding of the Deep Atmosphere of Venus 8 Regular
Alexander, Kate VLA/20B-377 A Systematic Investigation of Radio Tidal Disruption Events 146 Large
Algera, Hiddo VLA/21A-326 Free-free Emission in High-redshift Star-forming Galaxies 11.75 Regular
Algera, Hiddo VLA/21A-366 Mapping the radio continuum in the brightest lensed galaxy 5.5 Regular
Anderson, Craig VLA/21A-257 Evaluation of VLASS capabilities for the physics of Radio Galaxy magnetism 68 Regular
Babul, Aliya Nur  VLA/21A-342 Closing in on a Shocking Picture of Dust Formation in Novae 43.5 Triggered
Baldi, Ranieri VLA/21A-001 Exploring the nature of the extended emission in FR0 radio galaxies 5 Regular
Balser, Dana VLA/21A-005 The 3He Abundance in Planetary Nebulae 29 Regular
Barrett, Paul VLA/21A-143 High Frequency Observations of White Dwarf Pulsar AR Sco 8 Regular
Barrett, Paul VLA/21A-144 LAMOST 0240+19: A Possible Twin of AE Aqr 3 Regular
Battaglia, Marina VLA/21A-118 A 3D view on electron acceleration and transport in solar flares  40 Regular
Bayandina, Olga VLA/21A-035 M2O: Catching accretion bursts 12 Triggered
Begin, Theophile VLA/21A-255 Low-frequency diffuse radio emission detection in the Lyra Complex 12 Regular
Biava, Nadia VLA/21A-169 Follow up observations of extended radio mini halo:  A1068 & RX J1532.9+3021 15.25 Regular
Blue Bird, Julia VLA/21A-304 CHILES in C-configuration, spin alignment in nearby galaxies and HI in filaments 24 Regular
Borghese, Alice VLA/21A-111 Hunting for the supernova remnant of a very young radio-loud magnetar 2 Regular
Borthakur, Sanchayeeta VLA/21A-275 xVLA-Disk survey: Tracing gas flows in and around the HI-disk of L* galaxies 100 Large
Brienza, Marisa VLA/21A-065 Evidence of AGN jet-driven bubble evolving in the intergalactic medium 7.5 Regular
Bruni, Gabriele VLA/21A-007 The duty cycle of restarted giant radio galaxies: a pilot study 9.5 Regular
Cala, Rold·n VLA/21A-138 Confirming new maser-emitting planetary nebulae 8.5 Regular
Carniani, Stefano VLA/20A-154 The molecular side of a star-forming galaxy within the epoch of Reionization 4 Regular
Carotenuto, Francesco VLA/20B-314 Constraining black hole accretion-ejection coupling at low accretion rate 53.3 Triggered
Cendes, Yvette VLA/21A-349 Follow-Up of Emission from A Very Young M-Dwarf Discovered in VLASS 3 Regular
Chandra, Poonam VLA/21A-106 SN 2017hcc with the JVLA - a highly polarized Type IIn supernova 5 Regular
Cheng, Yu VLA/21A-210 JVLA NH3 survey of filament clouds (supplementary D config.) 2.26 Regular
Chen, Xi VLA/21A-021 H2CO maser in accretion burst of high-mass star formation 1 Regular
Chen, Zhengyi VLA/21A-069 Off-nuclear star formation in a gas-rich low-mass S0 galaxy 4 Regular
Chowdhury, Aditya VLA/21A-078 Molecular Absorption in a High-opacity HI 21cm Absorber at z~1.2 2 Regular
Circosta, Chiara VLA/21A-253 Verifying molecular gas depletion in AGN hosts at z~2 45.6 Regular
Claussen, Mark VLA/20B-310 Monitoring SiO and Water Maser Emission from R Aqr During Periastron Passage 24 Regular
Colombo, Dario VLA/21A-061 Unveiling the inside-out quenching of green valley galaxies 120 Regular
Corsi, Alessandra VLA/20B-149 A VLA quest for relativistic explosions in the era of ZTF II 64 Triggered
Costa, Allison VLA/21A-198 HI Violating Social Distancing in the Isolated Dwarf Galaxy Henize 2-10 4.66 Regular
Crom, Genna VLA/21A-281 The Three Little Pigs: Tracing Evolutionary Stages in the Galactic Center 6 Regular
Damas, Ancor VLA/21A-334 Evolution of magnetic fields in defined interaction stages II 35 Regular
Dawson, Joanne VLA/21A-153 Probing Molecular Cloud-HII Region Dynamics using the OH Satellite Line Flip 42.3 Regular
DeMarchi, Lindsay VLA/21A-239 The Epic of Extreme Mass-Loss Events in Progenitors of H-stripped SNe 12 Triggered
De Simone, Marta VLA/21A-031 Hot Corinos chemical diversity: myth or reality? 22 Regular
Drout, Maria VLA/21A-317 Probing the Mass Loss History of Luminous IIn SN Prior to Their Final Eruptions 6.5 Regular
Eftekhari, Tarraneh VLA/21A-183 VLA Observations as a Probe of Mass Loss from the Progenitors of Luminous IIn SN 7.5 Regular
Eftekhari, Tarraneh VLA/21A-320 Constraining the Origin of the First Radio Source Associated with an SLSN 4.5 Regular
Eibensteiner, Cosima VLA/21A-269 FIREWORKS OF AMMONIA: Temperature Constraints in NGC6946 24.9 Regular
Emonts, Bjorn VLA/21A-059 Cold gas in the proto-ICM of 0902+34: in-situ growth at peak of cosmic accretion 36 Regular
Evans, Aaron VLA/21A-345 GOALS-NORTH: A VLA Census of Star Formation in Extreme Environments 13.17 Regular
Ferraro, Nick VLA/21A-246 A Local Wolf-Rayet Galaxy Survey 7 Regular
Flanagan, Conor VLA/21A-109 A search for water masers in NGC6822 8 Regular
Fong, Wen-fai VLA/20B-057 Elucidating the Explosion Properties of Cosmological Short GRBs with the VLA 23.33 Triggered
Forbrich, Jan VLA/21A-215 Star formation and more: a complete C-band survey of the Andromeda Galaxy (M31) 30.0 Regular
Friesen, Rachel VLA/21A-309 Disentangling filaments in TMC-1 32 Regular
Fujimoto, Seiji VLA/21A-145 Total Gas Content in a Vigorous Star-forming Red Quasar Discovered at z>7 22 Regular
Fujimoto, Seiji VLA/21A-162 First CO(1-0) Measurements of Strongly&Multiply Lensed sub-L* Galaxy at z=6.0719 23.3 Regular
Gendron Marsolais, Marie-Lou VLA/20A-092 The Perseus cluster's heart at high radio frequencies 12 Regular
Gendron Marsolais, Marie-Lou VLA/20B-231 Revealing the nature of the source IC 310 8 Regular
Gong, Hang VLA/21A-156 J1745-3213: A new X-ray binary with the shortest orbital period?  6 Regular
Gorski, Mark VLA/21A-024 K and Ka band chemical inventory of Compact Obscure Nucleii 22.15 Regular
Gregg, Michael VLA/21A-385 Galaxy Formation and the Isolated Ring Galaxy NGC1211 4 Regular
Gusinskaia, Nina VLA/21A-211 Mapping accretion states in transitional millisecond pulsars 6; Swift: 12 ksec Triggered
Hajela, Aprajita VLA/21A-303 Measuring the True Prevalence of Jets in TDEs 26 Regular
Hlavacek-Larrondo, Julie  VLA/20A-198 Imaging the coma cluster of galaxies with the JVLA 10 Regular
Ho, Anna VLA/21A-308 Fast-Luminous Optical Transients: Radio-Loud, Engine-Driven Stellar Explosions 18 Triggered
Hodge, Jacqueline VLA/21A-335 Detecting a massive molecular gas reservoir at z=7.3 40 Regular
Hofner, Peter VLA/19B-158 Molecular Jets in High-Mass Protostars 4.25 Regular
Horesh, Assaf VLA/21A-182 Exploring A New Class of Flares in Active Galactic Nuclei 6.67 Triggered
Horesh, Assaf VLA/21A-184 Exploring the Nature of Radio Emission Excess in Tidal Disruption Events 9.33 Triggered
Hunter, Laura VLA/21A-027 Timescales of Neutral and Ionized Gas Kinematics in Low-Mass Galaxies 9 Regular
Hurley-Walker, Natasha VLA/21A-148 Candidate remnant radio galaxies from wide-area surveys 53.36 Regular
Hyman, Scott VLA/21A-236 Searching for Polarized Emission from MSP Candidates in the Galactic Bulge 3 Regular
Jin, Ruolan VLA/21A-265 Probing the Youngest Pulsar Wind Nebula in the Galaxy 1.5 Regular
Kado-Fong, Erin VLA/21A-081 A Quenched Dwarf in a Massive HI Reserve: Regulating Star Formation in the Field 11.99 Regular
Kakkad, Darshan VLA/21A-256 Relation between radio properties and ionized gas outflows in high redshift AGN 36 Regular
Kalinova, Veselina VLA/21A-064 Star formation quenching from active to passive galaxies 100 Regular
Kanekar, Nissim VLA/21A-262 Mapping HI 21cm emission in Green Pea galaxies 24 Regular
Kang, Yijung VLA/21A-310 High-resolution HI Imaging of Early-type Galaxies Hosting Type Ia Supernova 50 Regular
Kaur, Balpreet VLA/21A-268 The Host Galaxies of High-Redshift Damped Lyman-alpha Absorbers 6.5 Regular
Kimball, Amy VLBA/21A-381 Probing the AGN-core/jet contribution to radio emission from radio-quiet QSOs 21.2 Regular
Kim, Dongjin VLA/21A-147 A search for molecular absorption in the nuclear region of radio galaxies 8.2 Regular
Kumari, Nimisha VLA/21A-358 Using JVLA to identify a nearby potential Lyman Continuum leaker Pox 186 13 Regular
Kurahara, Kohei VLA/21A-116 Polarimetry of nearby spiral galaxies in S-band 47.44 Regular
Lacy, Mark VLA/21A-017 A 3GHz survey of the Expanded Chandra Deep Field South 80 Regular
Lai, Chong Wa VLA/21A-058 High Resolution Radio Study of the Boomerang Pulsar Wind Nebula 1.5 Regular
Laskar, Tanmoy VLA/20B-065 Exploring Extreme Explosions from the Cosmic Dawn 10 Triggered
Laskar, Tanmoy VLA/20B-198 VLA Observations of the Nearby Unusual GRB 190829A 4 Regular
Laskar, Tanmoy VLA/21A-241 Probing the Magnetization of GRB Jets with Reverse Shocks 21 Triggered
Lau, Ryan VLA/21A-391 Capturing the 20-yr Radio Re-Brightening of WR 112 1.5 Regular
Leroy, Adam VLA/20A-346 A VLA Local Group Legacy Survey - X-Proposal 338 Large
Linden, Sean VLA/19B-215 The Origin of Anomalous Microwave Emission in Extragalactic Star-Forming Regions 9.8 Regular
Li, Shanghuo VLA/21A-128 How to make massive protostellar cluster? 9 Regular
Li, Shanghuo VLA/21A-165 Filaments and Massive Star Formation 14 Regular
Liu, Hauyu VLA/21A-122 A Pilot JVLA Dust Polarization Study Towards High Mass Star-Forming Regions 18.64 Regular
Liu, Hauyu VLA/21A-135 B-field, outflow, are you ever misaligned? 6.99 Regular
Liu, Lijie VLA/21A-251 Star formation, turbulence and cloud collisions in dwarf galaxy NGC 404 2 Regular
Loomis, Ryan VLA/20A-390 Probing the Nitrile Reservoir of the Comet Forming Zone in a Solar Nebula Analog 2 Regular
Luber, Nicholas VLA/21A-386 Studying Spiral-Elliptical Mergers with Neutral Hydrogen 24 Regular
Lucero, Danielle  VLA/21A-264 Using HI, H2, and [C II] to measure Pressure in Early-Type Galaxies 38.5 Regular
Luo, Gan VLA/21A-217 Tracing Dark Gas Through Multi-band Absorption Observations 14.5 Regular
Maccarone, Thomas VLA/21A-175 Understanding anomalous soft state radio emission in neutron star X-ray binaries 1.5 Regular
Mahato, Mousumi VLA/21A-227 Studying giant double-double radio galaxies (DDRGs) from LoTSS 17.64 Regular
Matthews, David VLA/20B-144 The Radio Hunt for the Power Source in Super-luminous Supernovae 29.33 Triggered
Matthews, David VLA/21A-080 Radio Observations of Fast Blue Optical Transients 7.33 Triggered
Matthews, Lynn VLA/21A-179 Exploring the Nature of delta Cephei's Newly Discovered Radio Emission  10 Regular
Ma, Yik Ki VLA/21A-315 Spectro-polarimetry to Solve the Mystery of M 81's Magnetism 30 Regular
McKinney, Jed VLA/21A-036 Linking Heating and Star-Formation Efficiencies in the ISM of High-z Galaxies 25.06 Regular
Miller-Jones, James VLA/21A-204 Transient jet launching in stellar-mass black holes 10.64; Swift: 27 ksec Triggered
Miller-Jones, James VLBA/21A-195 Transient jet launching in stellar-mass black holes 26.67; Swift: 27 ksec Triggered
Momjian, Emmanuel VLA/21A-173 Zeeman Observations of Class II Methanol Masers in NGC 6334F 8 Regular
Morokuma, Kana VLA/21A-187 Are Blueberry galaxies as HI-deficit as Lyman-continuum leakers? 59.1 Regular
Mueller, Ancla VLA/21A-248 Magnetic fields in jellyfish galaxies 101 Regular
Munari, Ulisse VLBA/21A-051 Flash photography around a symbiotic nova: the circumstellar gas distribution 8 Triggered
Neff, Susan VLA/21A-082 Energy Flows in Centaurus A's Transition Regions 5 Regular
North-Hickey, Freya VLA/21A-160 Unravelling the Radio Properties of Fast Radio Burst Host Galaxies 5.5 Regular
Ogle, Patrick VLA/21A-191 Weighing the Dark Matter Halos of the Most Massive Spirals 88 Regular
Ono, Yoshiaki VLA/21A-151 Deep CO(2-1) spectroscopy for three remarkably luminous LBGs at z=6.029-6.204 8 Regular
Orienti, Monica VLA/21A-012 Magnetic fields in the interacting system Arp 143 2 Regular
Orienti, Monica VLBA/21A-014 Unveiling particle acceleration regions in the X-ray emitting hotspot 3C227 West 6 Regular
Perley, Daniel VLA/21A-319 Radio Characterization of ZTF Orphan Afterglows 15.06 Triggered
Pirogov, Lev VLA/21A-339 Triggered star formation in the W40 region 5 Regular
Plotkin, Richard VLA/20B-034 Tracking the black hole disk/jet connection into quiescence 6.66 Triggered
Richards, Gordon VLA/21A-368 A Novel Method to Probe the Origin of Radio Emission in Luminous Quasars 43.42 Regular
Rodriguez, Luis VLA/21A-305 The kinematic age of G57.2+0.8, the SN remnant associated with SGR J1935+2154 1.25 Regular
Rojas-Ruiz, Sofia VLA/21A-307 Constraining the synchrotron lifetime of an extreme radio quasar at redshift 6 5 Regular
Roy, Nirupam VLA/21A-266 Measuring magnetic field and temperature in the  molecular envelope of DR 21 12 Regular
Rugel, Michael VLA/20A-160 THOR-GC: An extension of THOR to the Galactic Center 121.2 Regular
Rugel, Michael VLA/21A-287 HI and OH observations to complement SOFIA HyGAL legacy program 34.8 Regular
Salak, Dragan VLA/21A-113 Large-Field HI Imaging of the Superwind Galaxy NGC 1482 20 Regular
Sarma, Anuj VLA/21A-168 Zeeman Observations of 44 GHz Class I methanol masers 12 Regular
Schellenberger, Gerrit VLA/21A-002 Understanding the AGN outburst cycle in NGC1407 4 Regular
Schinnerer, Eva VLA/21A-282 PHANGS Radio: Cloud-scale S-Band imaging for 14 nearby galaxies from PHANGS-ALMA 7.07 Regular
Serrano Borlaff, Alejandro VLA/21A-043 Flares, breaks and warps in the outskirts of the HI and stellar disk of UGC11859 11.49 Regular
Shu, Xinwen VLA/21A-146 Temporal evolution of radio emission from galaxies with nuclear mid-IR outbursts 6.72 Regular
Sokolovsky, Kirill VLA/21A-120 Understanding classical novae through their multi-frequency radio lightcurves 14 Regular
Stark, Antony VLA/21A-228 First Radio Observations of the Brightest Object at z > 5 12; HST: 3 orbits Regular
Stroh, Michael VLA/21A-178 A systematic VLA study of stellar explosions 45 Regular
Sun, Xiaohui VLA/21A-056 The magnetic fields in the supernova remnant CTB 80 1.5 Regular
Tam, Pak Hin VLA/21A-285 Tracing the ambient density over the orbit of the gamma binary HESS J1832-093 5.5 Regular
Tendulkar, Shriharsh VLA/21A-387 Arcsecond Localization of Repeating FRBs 60 Large
TROJA, ELEONORA VLA/21A-277 Beyond the GRB jet: searching for the remnant of a neutron star merger 5 Regular
Umehata, Hideki VLA/21A-346 Uncovering the total molecular gas reservoirs within the Cosmic Web at z=3 74 Regular
Valentino, Francesco VLA/21A-133 A golden reference for ISM studies of distant normal galaxies 165.53 Regular
van den Eijnden, Jakob VLA/21A-003 Unravelling the radio emission of a transient high-mass X-ray binary 21 Triggered
Wagg, Jeff VLA/21A-294 RAGERS VLA: Molecular Gas Tracing High-Redshift Galaxy Overdensities  23 Regular
Walsh, Gregory VLA/21A-213 Exploring the Large-Scale Environment of CRTS Identified Periodic Quasars 5.5 Regular
Wang, Tao VLA/21A-276 A deep  CO(1-0) survey towards the most distant known galaxy cluster at z=2.51 25.2 Regular
Wang, Yuanming VLA/21A-129 VLA follow-up of extreme Intrahour Variability found with ASKAP 10 Regular
Williams, Gwenllian VLA/21A-026 Interaction of two IRDC hubs: A complete evolutionary study of the SDC13 region 13.4 Regular
Xi, Hongwei VLA/21A-108 JVLA observations of galaxies discovered in the Pilot FAST Ultra Deep Survey 17 Regular
Xue, Ci VLA/21A-232 Constraining the Molecular Morphology toward TMC-1 CP with VLA D Configuration 25.3 Regular
Yang, Yao-Lun VLA/21A-159 Do twins always look the same?: Testing the chemical difference in a protobinary 15 Regular
Yan, Yaoting VLA/21A-157  Imaging the Newly Discovered Ammonia (9,6) Masers in G34.26+0.15 and Cep A 1 Regular
Yoon, Ilsang VLA/21A-263 Characterizing Radio Spectral Shape of  'Winged' Radio Galaxies 41.1 Regular
Yusef-Zadeh, Farhad VLA/21A-075 Identification of the Stellar Sources Feeding the Galactic Center Filaments 14 Regular
Yusef-Zadeh, Farhad VLA/21A-076 Simultaneous VLA  and EHT observations of Sgr A* 28 Regular
Yu, Sijie VLA/21A-170 Tracing Energetic Electrons in the Solar Corona During PSP Perihelions 8 and 9 48 Regular
Zhang, Hong-Xin VLA/21A-231 VLA HI Mapping of Dwarf Mergers in the Virgo Cluster 63.05 Regular
Zhou, Chenlin VLA/21A-023 Observing gas temperature and column density structure of three prestellar cores 7.9 Regular

Very Long Baseline Array (VLBA), High Sensitivity Array (HSA), and Global 3mm VLBI Array (GMVA)

An, Tao VLBA/21A-181 Imaging the nuclear region of 7 accreting intermediate-mass black holes 21 Regular
Aydi, Elias VLBA/21A-095 Towards a universal scenario for shock formation in novae 84 Triggered
Baczko, Anne-Kathrin GMVA/21A-233 Resolving the twin-jet base in NGC 1052  11 Regular
Boccardi, Biagina GMVA/21A-336 Bulk acceleration and jet internal structure in NGC315 12 Regular
Breiding, Peter VLBA/21A-361 A Hunt for Binary Supermassive Black Holes with the VLBA and HST 32.62; HST: 4 orbits Regular
Burns, Ross VLBA/20B-048 High-mass protostellar accretion bursts 24.03 Triggered
Claussen, Mark VLBA/20B-317 Monitoring SiO and Water Maser Emission from R Aqr During Periastron Passage 48 Regular
Curiel, Salvador VLBA/20A-318 Unveiling the orbital motions of the sub-stellar companions of the WTTS DoAr21 18 Regular
Curiel, Salvador VLBA/21A-037 Characterizing the planetary companions of the nearby ultracool dwarf TVLM513 22.5 Regular
Curiel, Salvador VLBA/21A-038 Searching for planets around three nearby ultracool dwarfs 72 Regular
Ding, Hao VLBA/20B-146 VLBA astrometry of the double neutron star PSR J1537+1155 8 Regular
Dodson, Richard VLBA/21A-028 MultiView Astrometry to Measure the Structure of the Galactic Magnetic Field II 12 Regular
Dodson, Richard VLBA/21A-134 Astrometric Observations around the Galactic Bar 13 Regular
Dzib, Sergio VLBA/21A-284 Testing Gaia astrometry with VLBA astrometry to nearby pre-main sequence stars 88.9 Large
Giroletti, Marcello VLBA/20B-107 Are gamma-ray blazars associated with IceCube neutrinos? 30 Triggered
Gomez, Jose L. GMVA/20B-234 imaging massive binary black hole candidate OJ287 with the GMVA+ALMA 14 Regular
Immer, Katharina VLBA/20B-287 Tracing the gas flows in the inner Galaxy with maser astrometric observations 78 Regular
Issaoun, Sara GMVA/20B-269 Sharpening the Source Model for Sgr A* with GMVA+ALMA  10 Regular
Janssen, Michael GMVA/20B-042 Unraveling the nature of the Cen A jet: From cm to mm on light-day scales. 5.83 Regular
Jones, Dayton VLBA/20A-044 VLBA Astrometry of the Juno Spacecraft: The Final Epochs 8 Regular
Kaczmarek, Jane VLBA/21A-314 Precise Pulsar Positions for CHIME/FRB Outrigger Calibration 60 Regular
Kadler, Matthias GMVA/20B-244 Core Dynamics and Expansion of the Neutrino Blazars TXS 0506+056 and PKS1502+103 22 Regular
Kassim, Namir VLBA/21A-235 Resolving the Mystery of Steep Spectrum Radio Sources Towards the Galactic Bulge 14.01 Regular
Kimball, Amy VLBA/21A-381 Probing the AGN-core/jet contribution to radio emission from radio-quiet QSOs 21.2 Regular
Kino, Motoki GMVA/20B-066 Ultra-deep imaging of the stratified jet base of Cygnus A 15 Regular
Kovalev, Yuri VLBA/20B-061 VLBI as a key to the source of high energy neutrino 96 Triggered
Koyama, Shoko GMVA/20B-383 Resolving the jet collimation region in TeV blazar Mrk 501 6 Regular
Lico, Rocco GMVA/20B-229 Zooming in the nuclear region of the first gamma-ray periodic blazar PG1553+113 8 Regular
Lister, Matthew VLBA/19B-194 MOJAVE: Probing Acceleration and Magnetic Field Evolution in AGN Jets 216 Large
Lu, Rusen GMVA/20B-220 Jet Meets Black Hole in M87: Breaking New Ground with GMVA+ALMA 28 Regular
MacDonald, Nicholas GMVA/20B-145 Disorder vs. Order: Discerning the nature of the magnetic field in PKS 1510-089 5 Regular
Marscher, Alan VLBA/20B-274 BEAM-ME: Blazars Entering the Astrophysical Multi-Messenger Era 288 Large
Meyer, Eileen VLBA/20B-240 Mapping the Full Kinematic Profile of Jets from VLBA to VLA scale 20.8 Regular
Miller-Jones, James VLBA/21A-195 Transient jet launching in stellar-mass black holes 52; Swift: 27 ksec Triggered
Mooley, Kunal VLBA/21A-247 Resolving Relativistic Afterglows in the VLA Sky Survey 36 Regular
Munari, Ulisse VLBA/21A-051 Flash photography around a symbiotic nova: the circumstellar gas distribution 13 Triggered
Nagar, Neil GMVA/20B-343 A sample of black holes at <100 R_g scales:  accretion flows, jets and shadows 21 Regular
Nagar, Neil VLBA/21A-322 A sample of black holes at <100 Rg scales: accretion flows, jets, shadows 18 Regular
Orienti, Monica VLBA/21A-014 Unveiling particle acceleration regions in the X-ray emitting hotspot 3C227 West 6 Regular
Ortiz, Gisela VLBA/20A-127 VLBA astrometry of water masers associated to protostars in  Serpens South 72.8 Regular
Paraschos, Georgios Filippos GMVA/21A-209 Where is the black hole in 3C84 located? 14 Regular
Park, Jongho VLBA/20B-116 Towards a complete understanding of jet acceleration & energy dissipation in M87 32 Regular
Perley, Daniel VLBA/20B-115 VLBA Monitoring of the Serendipitous Cygnus A Radio Transient 16 Regular
Pihlstrom, Ylva VLBA/21A-200 K- and Q-band VLBI Calibrators near the Galactic Center 35 Regular
Ramakrishnan, Venkatessh VLBA/21A-289 Jet profile of Low Luminosity AGNs 24 Regular
Shao, Yali VLBA/21A-084 On the Origin of the Radio Spectral Turnover of 6 Radio-loud Quasars at z > 5 28 Regular
Spolaor, Sarah VLBA/21A-270 Exploring Post-merger SMBH Evolution with the VLBA 149 Large
Vestergaard, Marianne VLBA/20A-029 The origin of low accretion state radio emission in the changing-look AGN Mrk590 33.6 Regular
Yang, Xiaolong VLBA/21A-224 Resolving the nuclear radio structure of NGC 1068 13.3 Regular
Yoon, Ilsang VLBA/21A-053 Hidden Binary Supermassive Black Holes Revealed by 'Radio-Near IR' Imaging 4; HST: 2 orbits Regular
Yoon, Ilsang VLBA/21A-104 Binary Supermassive Black Hole in the Center of X-shape Radio Galaxy 4.3 Regular
Zhang, Bo VLBA/20A-143 Validate Gaia Stellar Reference Frame via VLBI Astrometry of Radio Stars 40 Regular
Zhang, Bo VLBA/20B-119 Validate Gaia Stellar Reference Frame via VLBI Astrometry of New Radio Stars: I 16 Regular