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Science Program 2012A

A total of 400 proposals were received for the 2011 August 1 submission deadline for Semester 2012A.

The tables below list the approved observing programs for Semester 2012A for the Expanded Very Large Array, for the Very Long Baseline Array and High Sensitivity Array, and for the Green Bank Telescope. The following is provided for each approved program: PI name, proposal ID, proposal title, maximum hours allocated, and proposal type (Regular or Triggered or Large). For Large proposals or monitoring proposals the time allocated may be over more than one semester. For each approved program, the Proposal Finder Tool will have access to its authors, title, abstract, and approved hours.

Expanded Very Large Array (EVLA)

To maximize EVLA Early Science, while simultaneously commissioning the hardware and introducing new capabilities, three separate observing routes were created. They are, in brief: (1) Open Shared Risk Observing (OSRO) which provides first-light EVLA capabilities to the general user community; (2) Resident Shared Risk Observing (RSRO) which provides access to enhanced EVLA capabilities to those who are able to spend time in Socorro to help with commissioning; and (3) an EVLA Commissioning Staff Observing (ECSO) route giving commissioning staff access to the telescope to push new science capabilities.

PI ID RSRO Title Hours Type
Beuther VLA/12A-161 The HI/OH/Recombination line Galactic plane survey: A pilot study 10 REGULAR
Corby VLA/12A-424 Mapping the Spatial Distribution of Nitriles Towards SgrB2(N) 6 REGULAR
Csengeri VLA/12A-348 Searching for hot cores in IR-dark massive clumps revealed by ATLASGAL 15 REGULAR
Demorest VLA/12A-429 High-precision pulsar timing with the EVLA 33 REGULAR
Kepley VLA/12A-186 Radio Recombination Lines as a Probe of Nuclear Star Formation: IC 342 5 REGULAR
Kepley VLA/12A-184 Using RRLs to Probe Star Formation in Low-Metallicity Dwarf Starburst Galaxies 2 REGULAR
Law VLA/12A-336 RRAT Trap: Using Fast Imaging to Understand the Neutron Star Life Cycle 15 REGULAR
Lazio VLA/12A-343 A Search for Pulsars Orbiting Sgr A* 30 REGULAR
Roy VLA/12A-402 An EVLA high resolution survey of CCS and NH_3 in the Taurus Molecular Cloud 24 REGULAR


PI ID ECSO Title Hours Type
Chandler VLA/12A-249 Evolution of the Synchrotron Spectrum from Colliding Magnetospheres 20 REGULAR
Claussen VLA/12A-191 Imaging Line Surveys of Circumstellar Envelopes: A Pilot Project 14 REGULAR
Ott VLA/12A-041 Shocks, Feedback and Chemistry: Cm-Wave Spectroscopy of Arp 220 12 REGULAR


PI ID OSRO Title Hours Type
Adams VLA/12A-292 Are the Ultra-Compact High Velocity Clouds Minihalos? 52 REGULAR
Akeson VLA/12A-247 Radio emission from stellar hosts of transiting exoplanets 3 REGULAR
Alatalo VLA/12A-445 Mapping the relationship between H I and H2 in local ETGs 7 REGULAR
Andrews VLA/11B-065 Particle Growth in the Protoplanetary Disk Around V4046 Sgr 2 REGULAR
Anglada VLA/12A-326 An attempt to detect the exciting source of HH 30 at radio wavelengths 5.5 REGULAR
Ao VLA/12A-150 Gas Kinetic Temperatures in (U)LIRGs 6 REGULAR
Aravena VLA/12A-264 High-resolution CO imaging of star-forming disk galaxies at z~1.5 90 REGULAR
Aravena VLA/12A-262 Dense molecular gas in a gravitationally lensed submillimeter galaxy at z~4 15 REGULAR
Baker VLA/12A-272 Tracing Feedback with SiO(1-0) in the Nucleus of NGC1068 42 REGULAR
Banfield VLA/12A-119 Polarization Properties of Infrared Faint Radio Sources 13 REGULAR
Berger VLA/12A-394 Progenitors to Probes: New Insights on Gamma-Ray Bursts with the EVLA 50 TRIGGERED
Berger VLA/12A-090 A Detailed Study of the Unusual Ultracool Dwarf 2M1314+1320 22 REGULAR
Berger VLA/12A-088 Radio Observations of the First Kepler L Dwarf 3 REGULAR
Berger VLA/12A-089 Is Rotation a Fundamental Parameter in Fully-Convective Magnetic Dynamos? 7 REGULAR
Blundell VLA/12A-345 High energy acceleration in the hotspot of the nearby giant radio quasar 4C74.26 4 REGULAR
Bonafede VLA/12A-102 Unravelling the origin of radio halos 13.5 REGULAR
Bonafede VLA/11B-018 Search for diffuse radio emission in galaxy clusters at z>0.3 29.5 REGULAR
Bower VLA/12A-044 Will the Dog Bark in the Night? Late-Time Emission from Tidal Disruption Flares 3 REGULAR
Braatz VLA/12A-294 The Megamaser Cosmology Project. V 4 LARGE
Brinks VLA/12A-234 A deep 6cm radio continuum survey of LITTLE THINGS 40 REGULAR
Brunthaler VLA/12A-108 Monitoring the evolution of SN2008iz 7.5 REGULAR
Carilli VLA/11B-002 Imaging the molecular Einstein Ring MM18423+5938 at z=3.93 45 REGULAR
Carrasco-Gonzalez VLA/12A-240 Linear Polarization: A New Tool for the Study of Protostellar Jets 10.5 REGULAR
Castelletti VLA/12A-166 First EVLA observations of two TeV pulsar wind nebulae candidates 5.5 REGULAR
Cerrigone VLA/12A-017 Radio variability in young Planetary Nebulae: real-time action of shaping agents 7 REGULAR
Chakraborti VLA/12A-306 Green Peas: Magnetic Fields and Nonthermal Electrons in Young Galaxies 6 REGULAR
Chakraborti VLA/12A-344 SN 2008jb: Witnessing Supernova Feedback in Real-time 12 REGULAR
Chandler VLA/12A-384 Formation, growth, and dust properties of protostellar disks in Perseus 67 REGULAR
Chandra VLA/12A-058 EVLA observations of 4 Type IIN supernovae with known radio/X-ray emission 14 REGULAR
chen VLA/12A-192 Searching for radio continuum emission of nearby dwarf spheroidal 10 REGULAR
Choi VLA/11B-039 Search for the Rotation of Protostellar Jets 10 REGULAR
Choi VLA/12A-382 Absolute positions of H2O and SiO masers in the Red Supergiant Clusters 8 REGULAR
Chyzy VLA/12A-369 RM-synthesis to solve the mystery of M81's magnetism 7 REGULAR
Clarke VLA/12A-278 Tracing AGN Feedback in the Highest Redshift Cool Core Cluster 9 REGULAR
Condon VLA/12A-032 What is Wrong with the MicroJansky Sky? 57 REGULAR
Darling VLA/12A-283 Mapping Two New Water Masers: A Maser Disk Candidate and a Dwarf Merger 2 REGULAR
De Gasperin VLA/12A-098 M84 grows a tail of diffuse emission 6 REGULAR
De Looze VLA/12A-205 Can supernova feedback explain the missing ISM problem in NGC205? 8 REGULAR
De Pree VLA/11B-058 Dynamic UC HII Regions in Sgr B2: Flickering and Ionized Flows 4 REGULAR
DeLaney VLA/12A-398 Magnetic Field Amplification at Shocks in Cassiopeia A 28 REGULAR
Dinh VLA/12A-341 Structure of the circumstellar envelope around yellow supergiants 12 REGULAR
Duc VLA/12A-117 ChaoticTHINGs: Turbulent ISM Conditions in The HI Interacting Galaxy Survey 60 LARGE
Edge VLA/12A-182 An EVLA survey of cool core clusters - building a multi-frequency picture 18 REGULAR
Eilek VLA/12A-215 3C465: Interactions of a Radio AGN and the ICM 20 REGULAR
Elias VLA/12A-227 AX Monocerotis: Caught Between a Star and a Dark Place 9 REGULAR
Elias VLA/12A-230 V367 Cygni: Probing the Depths of the Circumbinary Environment 6 REGULAR
Emonts VLA/11B-048 CO content of massive protocluster galaxies in the Early Universe: an EVLA study 39 REGULAR
Emonts VLA/12A-152 CO content of massive protocluster galaxies in the Early Universe: an EVLA study 19.5 REGULAR
Farnsworth VLA/11B-156 Recovery of the dominant diffuse components in two clusters 3 REGULAR
Furuya VLA/12A-308 Exploring a First Core candidate ``Source A" for a Compact Distribution of CH3OH 10 REGULAR
Gary VLA/12A-285 EVLA Observations of the Sun During the Solar Eclipse of 2012 May 20 2.5 REGULAR
Gelfand VLA/12A-351 The Late-Time Radio Emission from GRB 980703: Host Galaxy or Counter Jet? 7 REGULAR
Gentile VLA/12A-174 HI mapping of the HEROES edge-on spiral galaxies UGC2048 and UGC4277 13 REGULAR
Giacani VLA/12A-070 Search of radio counterpart for the Fermi/VERITAS PWN candidate in the SNR CTA 1 1.5 REGULAR
Giannetti VLA/12A-216 G353.2+0.9: Molecular fragments along and across a photon dominated region 4.5 REGULAR
Giovannini VLA/12A-016 Non thermal properties of massive, merging clusters of galaxies 15 REGULAR
Goddi VLA/12A-274 Kinematics and physical conditions of hot gas at small radii from O young stars 18 REGULAR
Gomez VLA/12A-080 The Cluster of Time-variable, Compact Radio Sources in HH 124IRS 6 REGULAR
Green VLA/12A-104 Second-epoch high-resolution observations of G1.9+0.3 8.5 REGULAR
Guedel VLA/12A-172 The Radio Sun in Time and the Faint Young Sun Paradox 14 REGULAR
Hagiwara VLA/12A-189 Monitoring H2O masers in the merging galaxy NGC6240 5 REGULAR
Hardcastle VLA/12A-195 The physics of jets in radio galaxies: a study with e-MERLIN and the EVLA 16 REGULAR
Hardcastle VLA/12A-153 Broad-band spectra of the jets, lobes and hotspots in FRII radio galaxies 11 REGULAR
Haynes VLA/11B-027 HIghMass: High HI Mass, HI-rich Galaxies at z~0 40 REGULAR
Heesen VLA/12A-288 Star formation and magnetic fields in dwarf galaxies 12 REGULAR
Hlavacek-Larrondo VLA/12A-029 Abell 2146: a bullet-like merging cluster with no extended radio emission? 16 REGULAR
Hodge VLA/12A-110 Resolving the Dynamics in Two Submillimeter Galaxies at z=3.5 31 REGULAR
Hoffman VLA/12A-075 The Pumping of the Nonmetastable Ammonia Maser in NGC 7538 1 REGULAR
Hoffman VLA/12A-387 Tracing the Stellar Outflow in NGC7538-IRS1 using Ammonia Masers 1.5 REGULAR
Hofstadter VLA/12A-420 Composition and Dynamics of the Atmospheres of Uranus and Neptune 16 REGULAR
Horesh VLA/12A-363 Short-lived Optical Transients 12.5 TRIGGERED
Ivison VLA/12A-201 12CO J=1-0 in a unique sample of extraordinarily bright, lensed Herschel SMGs 45.5 REGULAR
Jackson VLA/12A-385 Characterizing the earliest stages of massive star formation and testing models 25 REGULAR
Johnson VLA/12A-401 Are Super Star Clusters Special? 11 REGULAR
Johnson VLA/12A-396 The Gastrophysics of a Low Metallicity Merger 5 REGULAR
Kale VLA/12A-164 EVLA observations to confirm the candidate radio halos/relics in Planck Clusters 16 REGULAR
Kanekar VLA/12A-242 A search for methanol absorption at intermediate redshifts 13 REGULAR
Kanekar VLA/12A-244 A search for CH absorption/emission at intermediate redshifts 33 REGULAR
Kaplan VLA/12A-332 Are long-period, high-B radio pulsars progenitors of Isolated Neutron Stars? 2 REGULAR
Kulkarni VLA/12A-371 Exploring the Dynamic Radio Sky with the EVLA 47.5 REGULAR
Kurtz VLA/12A-334 Methanol Masers in High Mass Protostellar Objects 7.5 REGULAR
Laskar VLA/12A-310 The First Direct Detection of Molecular Gas in a GRB Host Galaxy 13 REGULAR
Law VLA/12A-339 Understanding Black Holes through Coordinated Monitoring of Sagittarius A* 32 REGULAR
Lelli VLA/12A-246 Gas Dynamics and Star Formation in Blue Compact Dwarfs 13 REGULAR
Leroy VLA/12A-304 Cloud-Scale HI Imaging of the Whole Disk of M31 56 REGULAR
Leroy VLA/11B-061 A Complete and Deep Continuum Survey of M31, the Nearest Large Spiral Galaxy 33 REGULAR
Liu VLA/12A-173 The Origin of Jets in Young Stars 17.5 REGULAR
Lobanov VLA/12A-162 Dark matter annihilation in the halo of the dwarf spheroidal galaxy UMa II 2 REGULAR
Long VLA/12A-403 A Complete Census of Supernova Remnants in M33 64 REGULAR
Lonsdale VLA/12A-064 Feedback from the most luminous dust-obscured AGNs in the universe 16 REGULAR
Mangum VLA/12A-342 Characterizing the Temporal Variation of Protostellar Infall and Outflow 16 REGULAR
Mangum VLA/12A-067 Imaging the Spatial Density within Starburst Galaxies 24.5 REGULAR
Mao VLA/12A-419 A Study of Magnetism in Mildly Inclined Galaxies with the EVLA (SMMILE) 9.5 REGULAR
Mao VLA/12A-414 The Nature of Extragalactic Sources with Ultra-high Fractional Polarization 8.5 REGULAR
Marecki VLA/12A-168 Laing-Garrington effect in quasars with one active and one relic lobe 3 REGULAR
Marvil VLA/11B-139 A sensitive, multi-frequency continuum study of M82 and NGC 2146 32 REGULAR
Mason VLA/12A-340 Filler Time Proposal to Confirm a Newly Discovered 3mm Source in CLJ1226+3332 0.5 REGULAR
Matthews VLA/12A-180 Tracing the Kinematics of Circumstellar Envelopes from Small to Large Scales 15 REGULAR
McKean VLA/12A-319 An EVLA study of extended CO (1-0) molecular gas in radio-loud AGN 42 REGULAR
Melis VLA/12A-100 Microwave Observations of Edge-on Protoplanetary Disks: C-array 10.5 REGULAR
Melis VLA/12A-129 Microwave Observations of Edge-on Protoplanetary Disks: B-array 18.5 REGULAR
Menten VLA/12A-389 Time Variations of the Proton-to Electron Mass Ratio 11 REGULAR
Menten VLA/11B-168 A comprehensive Galactic plane radio wavelength star formation survey 10 REGULAR
Mezcua VLA/12A-183 A search for radio counterparts of extreme ultraluminous X-ray sources 10.5 REGULAR
Miller-Jones VLA/12A-226 Probing jet acceleration and collimation in stellar-mass black holes 20 TRIGGERED
Miller VLA/12A-287 Constraining the Nature of ULXs: Nearby Source Survey 3.5 REGULAR
Monnier VLA/11B-001 Orbital Period and the Fundamental Parameters of Colliding Wind WR 112 2 REGULAR
Moscadelli VLA/12A-054 Kinematics and structure of a candidate rotating hot molecular core 6.5 REGULAR
Mundell VLA/12A-255 Triggering and Regulation of Extragalactic Star Formation 12.5 REGULAR
Murphy VLA/12A-023 Star Formation in XUV Disks Revealed in the Radio 25 REGULAR
Nyland VLA/12A-404 Star Formation and LLAGN in the Atlas3D sample of Early-Type Galaxies 23 REGULAR
O'Sullivan VLA/12A-139 Tracing the fate of ancient radio lobes in NGC 1407 14 REGULAR
Orienti VLA/12A-048 High frequency peaking objects and their radio properties 12 REGULAR
Osorio VLA/12A-439 Substructure in the 7 mm emission of the protoplanetary disk of HD 169142 9 REGULAR
Pandian VLA/12A-030 Ammonia study of very early phase intermediate and high-mass protostars 8 REGULAR
Parma VLA/12A-019 EVLA observations of a complete sample of dying radio galaxies 7.5 REGULAR
Paron VLA/12A-020 Study of a bright-rimmed cloud towards the HII region Sh 2-48 2 REGULAR
Paul VLA/12A-417 Study on different phases of major galaxy-cluster mergers with EVLA 12 REGULAR
Pellizzoni VLA/12A-010 Imaging of Radio Emission Associated to Geminga Pulsar 10 REGULAR
Perley VLA/12A-144 EVLA Observations of a New Population of Infrared-Luminous GRB Host Galaxies 22 REGULAR
Prescott VLA/12A-421 Radio Continuum Observations of a Sample of Giant Lya Blobs 14 REGULAR
Rahman VLA/11B-148 Continuum Component-Separated Mapping of SINGS Galaxies: Pilot Study of NGC 2403 0.5 REGULAR
Randriamampandry VLA/12A-407 Multi-wavelength Studies of Star Forming Galaxies in Cluster Cl 0016+16 2 REGULAR
Reines VLA/12A-057 Confirming the Supermassive Black Hole in the Dwarf Starburst Galaxy Henize 2-10 24 REGULAR
Ricci VLA/12A-231 Investigating the growth of solids in the IC348 proto-planetary disks 15 REGULAR
Ricci VLA/12A-151 The spatial distribution of solids in a 5 Myr-old transition disk - copy 21 REGULAR
Riechers VLA/12A-013 The Clustered Formation of Massive Galaxies around a z=5.3 Submillimeter Galaxy 44.5 REGULAR
Riechers VLA/11B-025 Zooming-In on the Star Formation Reservoirs in z~2.5 Quasar Host Galaxies 12 REGULAR
Riechers VLA/12A-009 A Census of Total Molecular Gas Masses in z>2 Star-Forming Galaxies 12.5 REGULAR
Rodriguez VLA/12A-077 Waiting for the new radio ejecta from Z CMa 5 REGULAR
Rodriguez VLA/12A-007 The Nature of the Extended Non-Thermal Emission Associated with Cyg OB2 #5 4 REGULAR
Rodriguez VLA/12A-111 Radio Recombination Lines from Source I in the Orion KL Region 4 REGULAR
Ros VLA/12A-320 Radio Emission of Nearby Compact Massive Galaxies 72 REGULAR
Rosenberg VLA/12A-074 Extended Gas in an Unusual Galaxy Group 18 REGULAR
Roy VLA/12A-428 Understanding the connection between CII cooling & star formation in the Galaxy 17 REGULAR
Royster VLA/12A-395 RRL Observations to Probe the Kinematics of Ionized Gas in the Galactic Center 22 REGULAR
Saigo VLA/12A-260 Detection of the central structure of the first core candidate Source A 2 REGULAR
Salter VLA/12A-356 Detecting Star-Planet Magnetic Interactions 8 REGULAR
Sanchez-Monge VLA/12A-145 Confirming the discovery of new Hypercompact HII regions 3 REGULAR
Sanchez-Monge VLA/12A-099 A Quest for Radio Jets from Massive Young Stellar Objects 21.5 REGULAR
Sarma VLA/12A-094 Zeeman observations of 44 GHz Class I Methanol Masers 12 REGULAR
Sarma VLA/12A-095 Zeeman Observations in 36 GHz Class I Methanol Masers at 6.7 GHz Maser Sites 15 REGULAR
Sarma VLA/12A-096 Zeeman observations of 36 GHz & 44 GHz Class I Methanol Masers toward M8E 8 REGULAR
Sarma VLA/12A-132 Zeeman Observations of 36 GHz Class I Methanol Masers toward the Galactic Center 15 REGULAR
Schinnerer VLA/12A-176 Unveiling the Physics of the Radio-IR Relation on Sub-kpc Scales 8.5 REGULAR
Scudder VLA/12A-061 Gas flows in interacting galaxies: what governs star formation triggering? 7.5 REGULAR
Sharon VLA/12A-427 High-resolution Mapping of CO(1-0) in the Cloverleaf 30 REGULAR
Sharon VLA/12A-399 Resolved CO Mapping of a z=2.26 Disk Galaxy 27 REGULAR
Sjouwerman VLA/12A-243 Radio emission of the super-massive black hole in M32 18 REGULAR
Sjouwerman VLA/12A-245 Class I methanol in the Galactic Center 2 REGULAR
Smail VLA/12A-027 Completion of an EVLA/eMERLIN Survey of AGN/Star Formation in Distant Clusters 2 REGULAR
Smail VLA/12A-275 The kpc-scale structure and dynamics of cold gas in submillimetre galaxies 68 REGULAR
Soderberg VLA/12A-286 The Diversity of SNe Ibc and the Nature of the GRB-SN Connection 12 TRIGGERED
Soderberg VLA/12A-441 Triggered EVLA Follow-up of Gamma-ray Selected Tidal Disruption Events 2 TRIGGERED
Spangler VLA/12A-039 Determining the Structure of the Plasma Shell of the Rosette Nebula 8 REGULAR
Spangler VLA/12A-024 Probing the Internal Structure of Coronal Mass Ejections with Faraday Rotation 22 TRIGGERED
Spekkens VLA/12A-071 RINGS and the Structure of Nearby Spirals 35 REGULAR
Stanimirovic VLA/12A-256 SPONGE: 21-cm SPectral line Observations of Neutral Gas with the EVLA 200 LARGE
Stanway VLA/12A-279 GRB Host Galaxies at z~1 13 REGULAR
Stockdale VLA/12A-349 ToO Observations of Core Collapse Supernovae (Type II) 10 TRIGGERED
Stockdale VLA/12A-335 Low Frequency Survey of Radio Source Populations in the Grand Design Spiral M83 37.5 REGULAR
Strazzullo VLA/12A-188 Star formation/AGN activity and cold gas in the most distant galaxy cluster 36 REGULAR
Tabatabaei VLA/11B-145 Uncovering the Magnetized ISM in M33 with the EVLA 11 REGULAR
Tarchi VLA/12A-181 Water maser and Narrow Line Seyfert 1's: the cases of IGR16385 and IRAS03450 10.5 REGULAR
Tarchi VLA/12A-066 EVLA observations of binary AGN candidates 2.5 REGULAR
Tobin VLA/12A-082 Detecting and Characterizing Disks Around the Youngest Protostars 13 REGULAR
Tsai VLA/12A-222 Far-Infrared-Radio Correlation in WISE Extreme HyLIRGs 9 REGULAR
Umana VLA/12A-097 Unveiling the nature of Galactic Bubbles 8 REGULAR
Vacca VLA/12A-053 The intracluster magnetic field power spectrum in A520 and A209 29 REGULAR
van velzen VLA/12A-005 Delayed radio emission from stellar tidal disruption events 3.5 REGULAR
Wagg VLA/12A-233 A CO redshift for the luminous mm-selected starburst galaxy: MMJ1541+6630 8 REGULAR
Walter VLA/12A-270 HI Maps to Complement the KINGFISH Herschel Survey 64 REGULAR
Wang VLA/12A-165 Searching for 30 to 40 GHz continuum excess in ULIRG/LIRGs 15.5 REGULAR
Wang VLA/12A-296 Imaging molecular gas in the host galaxies of the z~6 quasars 66 REGULAR
White VLA/12A-444 The powerful X-ray pulsar PSR J1813-1749 and the TeV nebula HESS J1813-178 3.5 REGULAR
Williams VLA/12A-091 Do Planetary Nebulae make planetesimals? 4 REGULAR
Wilson VLA/12A-033 Ammonia Masers in W51 4 REGULAR
Worrall VLA/12A-149 Structural evolution in high-redshift quasars 12.5 REGULAR
Yim VLA/12A-405 Completing a Reference Sample of Vertically Resolved Edge-on Disks 48 REGULAR
Yusef-Zadeh VLA/12A-120 A Continuum and Methanol Maser Survey of the Galactic Center Region at 35 GHz 18 REGULAR
Yusef-Zadeh VLA/12A-121 The Molecular Ring, a Testbed for the Study of Star Formation near Sgr A* 10 REGULAR
Zapata VLA/12A-087 Massive Star Formation in a Cold, Dense and Massive ``Starless'' Cloud? 3 REGULAR
Zauderer VLA/12A-280 Continued Insights into Transient Accretion onto a Supermassive Black Hole 18 REGULAR
Zhang VLA/12A-254 Resolving dense gas in (U)LIRGs via CS J=1-0 with the EVLA 10.5 REGULAR
Zhao VLA/12A-037 Expansion Rate of SgrA East: Dynamics of Nonthermal Gas at The Galactic Center 16 REGULAR
Zhu VLA/12A-170 Using HCN Direct l-type Lines to Probe Pressure-driven Flows in UC HII Regions 2 REGULAR
Zschaechner VLA/12A-357 The HI Halo in the LSB Galaxy UGC 7321 and its Clues to Galaxy Evolution 28 REGULAR
Zwaan VLA/12A-400 Resolving the neutral gas in gas-rich post-starburst galaxies 12 REGULAR


Very Long Baseline Array (VLBA) and High Sensitivity Array (HSA)

The newly approved programs for the VLBA and HSA make up only a part of the total science time available. Existing and new Large programs continue to dominate the scheduled observing over Regular programs.

PI ID Title Hours Type
Bower VLBA/12A-078 Testing the Jet Hypothesis in the Tidal Disruption Candidate Swift 1644+57 12 REGULAR
VLBA/12A-293 The Megamaser Cosmology Project. V 144 LARGE
VLBA/12A-324 VLBI observations Will Reveal the Nature of Tidal Disruption Event, Sw 1644+573 28 REGULAR
VLBA/12A-107 The evolution of SN 2008iz in M82 24 REGULAR
VLBA/12A-081 Radar Speckle Observations of Asteroids During 2012 14 REGULAR
VLBA/12A-282 Offset and Binary Black Holes in Nearby Galaxies: Dual-Band Imaging 24 REGULAR
VLBA/12A-122 A Search for Offset Black Holes in Nearby Galaxies: Lowering the Detection Limit 48 REGULAR
VLBA/12A-210 Dust Formation in the Atmospheres of AGB Stars 6 REGULAR
VLBA/12A-284 Mapping Two New Water Masers: A Maser Disk Candidate and a Dwarf Merger 12 REGULAR
VLBA/12A-312 Characterizing the mJy compact radio source population 200 LARGE
VLBA/12A-350 Measuring the Distance to the Galactic Center: Parallax of SgrA* 21 REGULAR
VLBA/12A-412 Dynamical Mass Measurement of A Brown Dwarf Binary System 35 REGULAR
VLBA/12A-056 VLBA Geodesy/Astrometry Observations for 2012 144 REGULAR
VLBA/12A-006 Planetary Ephemeris Improvement through Spacecraft Astrometry 50 REGULAR
VLBA/12A-437 Limits on the position wander of Mrk 501 core at 7 mm 24 REGULAR
VLBA/12A-140 The incidence and evolution of AGN in 2865 COSMOS radio sources 276 LARGE
VLBA/12A-228 Probing jet acceleration and collimation in stellar-mass black holes 84 TRIGGERED
VLBA/12A-131 Polar-aligned Radio Structures in Active Late-type Binaries 60 REGULAR
VLBA/12A-307 Resolving the Synchrotron Emission from Colliding Magnetospheres 20 REGULAR
VLBA/12A-160 VLBA observations of the nearby binary AGN system Mrk739 7 REGULAR
VLBA/12A-043 A commensal method for the detection of fast transients using the VLBA - V-FASTR 24 REGULAR
VLBA/12A-276 Locating the TeV Emission Region in M87, IV. 32 TRIGGERED


Green Bank Telescope (GBT)

PI ID Title Hours Type
Agueros GBT/12A-431 Searching for Millisecond Pulsars in Extremely Low Mass White Dwarf Companions­1 8.6 REGULAR
Allen GBT/12A-269 Thermal OH Emission from Nearby Galaxies: A Feasiility Study 24 REGULAR
Bania GBT/12A-114 Constraining Stellar and Galactic Chemical Evolution 30 REGULAR
Braatz GBT/12A-297 The Megamaser Cosmology Project. V 1CL 220 LARGE
Campbell GBT/12A-034 Extension Request for 12.6-cm Radar Mapping of the Moon 44 REGULAR
Campbell GBT/12A-446 A Radar Mapping Search for Recent Volcanism on V 24 REGULAR
Castangi GBT/12A-052 Water maser in Compton-thick AGN 15 REGULAR
Chang GBT/12A-418 Baryon Acoustic Oscillations with 21cm Intensity Mapping T5L 100 LARGE
Darling GBT/12A-035 SiO Masers in the Galactic Center: Probing the Metric and General Relativity 12 REGULAR
Darling GBT/12A-046 Completing a Water Maser Survey of Active Black Hole 20 REGULAR
Darling GBT/12A-134 Secular Drift of Absorption Line Systems and the Co 18 REGULAR
Deller GBT/12A-379 A scintillation-based search for Galactic Center pulsars 10 REGULAR
Demorest GBT/12A-321 Expansion of the NANOGrav pulsar timing array project 180 REGULAR
Demorest GBT/12A-434 High-precision pulsar timing with the EVLA A 9 REGULAR
Frayer GBT/12A-299 CO(1-0) Observations of the Herschel-ATLAS Sub-mm Galaxies in the NGP Field 56 REGULAR
Frayer GBT/12A-364 GBT 68-92 GHz Spectral Line Survey of Orion-KL 20 REGULAR
Higdon GBT/12A-178 The Molecular Content of Optically "Invisible" z~2.6 HLIRGs 32 REGULAR
Hoffman GBT/12A-076 The Pumping of the Nonmetastable Ammonia Maser in NGC 7538 4 REGULAR
Johnson GBT/12A-135 Searching for Extended HI Structures Around Starburst Galaxies 42 REGULAR
Jackson GBT/12A-366 The Radio Ammonia Mid-Plane Survey 2L 260 LARGE
Kaspi GBT/12A-433 Timing Followups of New RRAT Discoveries in GBT 5 20 REGULAR
Kiuchi GBT/12A-327 OH Zeeman Observations in GMCs and OH survey 6 REGULAR
Kurtz GBT/12A-406 A Search for New Class II Methanol Maser Transition 11 REGULAR
Lane GBT/12A-352 Carbon Radio Recombination Lines in HI Self-Absorbing Clouds 13 REGULAR
Leroy GBT/12A-436 An HCN and HCO+ Map of M100: Testing the 4mm 1 12 REGULAR
Lockman GBT/12A-206 The Flow of Gas in the Milky Way Halo 19 REGULAR
Lorimer GBT/12A-031 Deep searches for young pulsars in two globular clusters 17.9 REGULAR
Lovell GBT/12A-128 OH observations of comets at extreme heliocentric distances 20 REGULAR
Mangum GBT/12A-055 Kinetic Temperature in Starburst Galaxies 39 REGULAR
Margot GBT/12A-317 Venus Spin Dynamics 12 REGULAR
Margot GBT/12A-318 Spin state and interior of Mercury 4.5 REGULAR
Milam GBT/12A-200 Molecular Survey towards Comet C/2009 P1 (Garrad 7 REGULAR
Milia GBT/12A-380 Investigation of PSR J1719-1438 and its planetary mass companion 2 11 REGULAR
Pagani GBT/12A-011 DCO+ as a tracer of molecular cloud age 21 REGULAR
Privon GBT/12A-353 Molecular Gas Observations of Luminous Infrared G T2 20 REGULAR
Ransom GBT/12A-388 Continuing the GBT All-Sky 350-MHz Pulsar Survey 6L 500 LARGE
Ransom GBT/12A-391 Long Term Timing of 54 Recycled Pulsars in Bulge 1 85 REGULAR
Reichers GBT/12A-376 Molecular Gas Excitation in Lensed, Herschel-Select 1 72 REGULAR
Ries GBT/12A-381 A short study of bright Solar Sytem objects using the CCB T1 4 REGULAR
Rivilla GBT/12A-373 The HC3N* systematic trends in the kinematics of massive star forming regions 20.2 REGULAR
Roberts GBT/12A-442 Extended Timing of Some of the New Fermi MSPs 4 REGULAR
Roshi GBT/12A-355 Simultaneous wide-band and spectral-line imaging of 30 REGULAR
Rosolowski GBT/12A-252 Do the Properties of Star-Forming Dense Gas vary across the Galactic Plane? 19.7 REGULAR
Shirley GBT/12A-295 A Study of the Physics and Evolution of a Molecular 1 60 REGULAR
Stairs GBT/12A-386 The Pulsar Triple System in M4 9 REGULAR
Tarchi GBT/12A-083 Water vs. OH maser emission: brotherhood or mutual exclusion 11.7 REGULAR
Teng GBT/12A-123 Quasar/ULIRG Evolution STudy (QUEST): AGN Feedback in Merger Remanants 20 REGULAR
Tobin GBT/12A-085 Characterizing a New Population of Protostars in Orion 10 REGULAR
Trigilio GBT/12A-106 Unveiling the nature of galactic bubbles: search for OH masers 21 REGULAR
Urquhart GBT/12A-204 The RMS Survey: Massive Star Formation throughout the Galaxy 20 REGULAR
Walker GBT/12A-163 Holographic imaging of the ionised ISM 18 REGULAR
Winter GBT/12A-253 An H I 21-cm Survey of Active Galaxies Detected in t 1 40 REGULAR
Wolfe GBT/12A-266 Mapping the Low Column Density HI Around M31 T1L 50 LARGE
Wootten GBT/12A-072 Confirmation of Interstellar CH2D+, Cornerstone of H 8 REGULAR
Zhang GBT/12A-263 CS(1-0) Survey of Local (U)LIRGs 22.5 REGULAR