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Science Program 2024B

A total of 266 new proposals were received for the 31 January 2024 submission deadline for Semester 24B. The table below summarizes the approved observing programs for the Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array (VLA), the Very Long Baseline Array (VLBA)/High Sensitivity Array (HSA) and the Global 3mm VLBI Array (GMVA).  Listed are the PI name, proposal ID, proposal title, maximum hours approved, and proposal type (Regular, Triggered, or Large). Proposals from previous semesters that were awarded time by NRAO are included.  Also listed are HSA proposals that include the VLA as a VLBI station.

For each approved program, the Proposal Finder Tool will have access to its authors, title, abstract, and total approved hours.

Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array (VLA)

AJ, Nayana VLA/24B-081 Radio Observations of Fast Blue Optical Transients  11 Triggered
Alexander, Kate VLA/24A-386 Prompt Radio Emission in TDEs: Probing the Early Disruption Process 32.67 Triggered
Algera, Hiddo VLA/24B-220 Radio Emission from the Brightest Starbursts 40 Regular
Arcodia, Riccardo VLA/24B-353 VLA follow-up of massive black holes in low-mass galaxies 3.5 Regular
Audibert, Anelise VLA/24B-307 Unveiling radio emission and feedback in radio-quiet quasars 25.04 Regular
Bahramian, Arash VLA/24B-213 A deep search for intermediate-mass black holes in globular clusters 81 Regular
Bakx, Tom VLA/24B-259 A pilot for an alternative magnetic field tracer towards the early Universe 20.5 Regular
Bastian, Tim VLA/24B-440 Observing Solar Maximum Wind: Parker Solar Probe's Closest Approach to the Sun 3.65 Regular
Bayandina, Olga VLA/24A-021 M2O: Catching accretion bursts (2024) 8 Triggered
Beaklini, Pedro VLA/24B-301 Blazar variability at redshifts beyond Cosmic Noon 67.5 Regular
Beasley, Anthony VLA/24B-280 Studying the Aurorae of the Brown Dwarf Binary WISEP J045853.90+643452.6AB  32 Regular
Beck, Tracy VLA/24B-190 Characterizing T Tau S ejecta at periastron 7 Regular
Biava, Nadia VLA/24B-284 Studying the youngest phase of AGN activity in the galaxy cluster MS 0735.6+7421 7.5 Regular
Boyden, Ryan VLA/24B-071 The VLA Orion Nebula Cluster Disk Survey 70 Regular
Brienza, Marisa VLA/24B-237 AGN feedback at the cosmic noon in the JWST era: the radio-quiet QSO XID2028 7 Regular
Brienza, Marisa VLA/24B-404 Radio nuclear activity in the archetypal remnant radio galaxy B2 0924+35 2 Regular
Burke, Colin VLA/24B-110 New Constraints on the Black Hole Occupation Fraction in Local Dwarf Galaxies 59.9 Regular
Carlson, Erik VLA/24B-010 A Backbone for Multi-Spectral Investigations into High-Redshift Quasars 188 Regular
Carlson, Erik VLA/24B-083 Monitoring the X-ray and Radio Variability of SDSS J154824.01+333500.1 0.6 Regular
Castro Segura, Noel VLA/24B-245 Constraining the radio emission mechanism in white dwarf pulsars 4 Regular
Cendes, Yvette VLA/24B-249 A Survey for Delayed Radio Emission in Tidal Disruption Events 6.75 Regular
Chandra, Poonam VLA/24B-401 Late time evolution of SN 2018ivc - an extreme version of a binary evolution 4 Regular
Chen, Sina VLA/24B-051 Exploring the 1-24 GHz radio emission of radio quiet quasars on pc to kpc scales 18.2 Regular
Chen, Xiang-Lei VLA/24B-247 Refining Sub-kpc Scale Study of FRB20220319D Environment with S-band Observation 10.1 Regular
Christy, Collin VLA/24B-118 Radio Monitoring of a Rapidly Evolving Radio Luminous TDE 2.67 Regular
Clarke, Tracy VLA/24B-337 Disentangling the Unusual Emission in Abell 133 6.25 Regular
Claussen, Mark VLA/24A-338 Continuation of SiO Maser Monitoring of the Symbiotic Binary R Aquarii 12 Regular
Climent Oliver, Juan Bautista VLA/24B-345 Studying the radio emission of the nearby eccentric brown dwarf LHS 1610 b 16 Regular
Corsi, Alessandra VLA/23B-172 Radio follow up of sub-threshold GRBs associated with O4 GW triggers 22.5 Triggered
Costa, Allison VLA/24B-281 Constraining the Birth Conditions of Super Star Clusters in Henize 2-10 37.25; JWST: 5.62 hr Regular
Cromartie, Thankful VLA/24B-429 The North American Nanohertz Observatory for Gravitational Waves 48 Large
D'Ammando, Filippo VLA/24B-144 The compact symmetric object 0108+388: a restarted source or a galaxy pair? 8 Regular
Darling, Jeremy VLA/24B-372 A Search for Extragalactic Antimatter:  Positronium in Maffei 1 and M87 24.66; JWST: 4.7 hr Regular
De Breuck, Carlos VLA/24B-147 A VLA+JWST 0.1" study of jet deflection in a powerful radio galaxy at z=3.6 8.7 Regular
Deller, Adam VLA/24B-386 Uncovering the mysteriously missing PSR J0837-2454 1.5 Regular
De Rubeis, Emanuele VLA/24B-067 Revealing the nature of the filaments of the Original TRG in Abell 2255 10 Regular
Dolch, Timothy VLA/24B-400 An Unidentified Ultra-Steep Spectrum Source 2 Regular
Dong, Dillon VLA/24B-448 VLASS stellar explosions: eruptive mass loss, pulsar wind nebulae or jets? 60 Regular
Donofrio, Vincenzo VLA/24B-451 Measuring Jet Ages to Test Radio AGN Feedback with Massive z~0.7 Post-Starbursts 9 Regular
Eftekhari, Tarraneh VLA/24A-331 Unveiling a New Population of Radio Sources on the Sky 286 Large
Eftekhari, Tarraneh VLA/24B-331 Late-time Radio Observations of Type II Supernovae in the Nearby Universe 20 Regular
Eftekhari, Tarraneh VLA/24B-343 A High Frequency Search for Persistent FRB Counterparts 13 Regular
Endsley, Ryan VLA/24B-346 Did Radio AGN Feedback Quench the First Massive Galaxies? 18.33; JWST: 4.72 hr Regular
Faber, Jakob VLA/24B-391 The Origins of Extreme Scattering Events 9.99 Triggered
Ferraro, Nicholas VLA/24B-389 H2O Masers in Local Wolf-Rayet Galaxies 8.4 Regular
Fijma, Stefanie VLA/24B-349 A multiwavelength study of an accreting neutron star over a state transition  4.02 Triggered
Giarratana, Stefano VLA/24B-183 Chasing Gamma Ray Burst radio afterglows in the early Universe 35 Triggered
Golay, Walter VLA/24B-090 The First Systematic Search for Late-time Radio Emission from X-ray TDEs 12.75 Regular
Golay, Walter VLA/24B-091 Radio Monitoring of Obscured Infrared Tidal Disruption Events 14.25 Regular
Gomez, Sebastian VLA/24A-368 Confirmation of the First Tidal Disruption Event of a White Dwarf 12 Triggered
Goodwin, Adelle VLA/24B-108 Tracking the late-time radio evolution of long-lived tidal disruption events 15.5 Regular
Gorski, Mark VLA/24B-453 Survey for Methanimine Megamasers  20 Regular
Gross, Arran VLA/24B-361 Luminous Sub-arcsec Dual/Lensed SDSS Quasars at z > 1.5 62.4 Regular
Hajduk, Marcin VLA/24B-028 Radio emission at the boundary of hot bubbles in planetary nebulae 10 Regular
Hashimoto, Jun VLA/24B-099 Characterizing Azimuthal Asymmetries around Very Low Mass Star CIDA 1 22.5 Regular
Hashimoto, Jun VLA/24B-128 Searching for Azimuthal Asymmetry around Class I Object WL 17 1.75 Regular
Hayashi, Takayuki VLA/24B-011 Probing the Origin and Role of 100-kpc Radio Emission in an obscured AGN 8 Regular
Hlavacek-Larrondo, Julie  VLA/24A-008 A radio mini-halo candidate in a z = 1.709 cluster of galaxies 15 Regular
Ho, Anna VLA/24B-338 Relativistic Explosions in Dense Circumburst Matter 7.60; ALMA: 6.9 hr Triggered
Horesh, Assaf VLA/24B-347 A comprehensive systematic exploration of the phase space of TDE outflows 16.5 Large
Hou, Meicun VLA/24B-049 A Triple Galaxy System Caught in the Act of Merging 2.96 Regular
Huelamo, Nuria VLA/24B-250 Characterization of a proto-brown dwarf binary system 10 Regular
Jacobson-Galan, Wynn VLA/24B-146 Constraining the CSM Interaction Engine in Type II Supernovae 2 Triggered
Jiao, Sihan VLA/24B-264 A Pilot Survey of AME within Clouds in Different Environments of M31 42 Regular
Jurlin, Nika VLA/24B-394 Hunting for black holes in low-mass star-forming galaxies 18.5 Regular
Jurlin, Nika VLA/24B-443 Deep Radio Continuum Observations of Abel S1063  10.5 Regular
Kenny, Kenny VLA/24B-336 PSP's Yule Perihelion: VLA's Last Chance at Coordinated Observations with WISPR 8.5 Regular
Koch, Eric VLA/24B-224 Resolved atomic ISM, HII regions and supernova remnants beyond the Local Group 52 Regular
Koch, Eric VLA/24B-262 Comparing the Galactic and extragalactic gold-standard star formation tracers 15.02 Regular
Koss, Michael VLA/24B-379 A VLA Study of Close Kpc Scale Mergers and Dual AGN 9 Regular
Koss, Michael VLA/24B-387 Studying the Coronal Properties of Nearby AGN with the VLA, ALMA, and the GMVA 16 Regular
Ko, Takatoshi VLA/24B-095 Resolving the nature of a merger-made white dwarf inside the remnant of SN 1181 11 Regular
Kukreti, Pranav VLA/24B-325 A VLA and GMOS study of feedback at different stages of jet growth 3.48 Regular
Kumari, Shobha VLA/24B-166 VLA observation of five radio galaxies involved in multi-episodic activities 10 Regular
Kunneriath, Devaky VLA/24B-385 Studying resolved Kennicutt-Schmidt relation in the nearby LIRG NGC 5331 3.36 Regular
Kuo, Cheng-Yu VLA/24B-019 The VLA survey for 22 GHz H2O Gigamasers from High-z Compton-thick Quasars 37.24 Regular
Ladu, Elisabetta VLA/24A-279 Monitoring of the water megamaser in IC485: weighing the BH of a LINER galaxy 10 Regular
Laskar, Tanmoy VLA/24A-299 Probing the Magnetization of GRB Jets with Reverse Shocks 23.33 Triggered
Laskar, Tanmoy VLA/24B-072 Exploring Extreme Explosions from the Cosmic Dawn 5 Triggered
Law, Casey VLA/24B-076 Testing the Magnetar Nebula Model for FRB Persistent Counterparts 9 Regular
Law, Charles VLA/24B-068 Searching for a Giant Protoplanet in a Massive, Edge-on Protoplanetary Disk 22.5 Regular
Leung, James VLA/24B-079 Investigating the diverse properties of SGRBs through late-time observations  15 Regular
Lewandowska, Natalia VLA/24B-436 High-frequency dispersion measure and polarimetry studies of the Crab pulsar 1.2 Regular
Li, Mingyu VLA/24B-358 Origin and Feedback of a Giant Radio Galaxy in an Extreme Protocluster at z=2.3 9; HST: 2 orbits Regular
Linford, Justin VLA/24B-074 Continued Pre-Eruption Monitoring of T CrB  8.68 Regular
Livingston, Jack VLA/24B-229 ERMINES: Extreme Rotation Measures in AGN jEtS 24 Regular
Macias, Enrique VLA/21B-255 The VLA View of Substructures in Protoplanetary Disks 32.5 Large
Magno, Macon VLA/24B-382 Searching for Water Masers Outflows in the Swift-BAT AGN 21.94 Regular
Mahatma, Vijay VLA/24B-425 The radio galaxies 3C 20 & 3C 123: Particle acceleration and jet dynamics 8 Regular
Manurakar, Basavaraj VLA/24B-275 Studying the Gas Dynamics in Hypercompact HII Regions 15.75 Regular
Margutti, Raffaella VLA/24A-217 JVLA monitoring of SN2023ixf - the closest core-collapse supernova in a decade 10 Regular
Martinez, Cristian VLA/24B-112 Possible blazar candidates as UGS counterparts in the Galactic Plane 1.77 Regular
Martinez, Michael VLA/24B-441 Expanding the Elusive Population of Radio Emitting Lensed Sources - copy 23.75 Regular
Ma, Xiaoyi VLA/24B-287 Testing the vortex hypothesis in a protoplanetary disk 28.32 Regular
Ma, Yik Ki VLA/24B-149 When does the dynamo start cranking? Probing galactic B-fields at cosmic noon 36.5 Regular
Meyer, Eileen VLA/24B-327 The Palomar Bright Quasar Survey at 40: A New Epoch 24 Regular
Miller-Jones, James VLA/23B-151 Highly-relativistic jets from a tidal disruption event 18 Triggered
Miller-Jones, James VLA/24A-283 Transient jet launching in stellar-mass black holes 10.64 Triggered
Miller-Jones, James VLA/24B-222 Highly-relativistic jets from a tidal disruption event 4; ALMA: 5.5 hr Triggered
Minchin, Robert VLA/24B-085 The continued evolution of the NGC 660 outburst 1 Regular
Mioduszewski, Amy VLA/24B-292 Dynamic R Aquarii - the Fast, the Slow, and the Stationary 6 Regular
Molina, Isabella VLA/24A-360 Triggered Monitoring  and Imaging of a New Bright Nova 14 Triggered
Mondal, Surajit VLA/24B-221 Measure magnetic field of coronal mass ejection with joint VLA and OVRO-LWA data 32.5 Regular
Obonyo, Willice VLA/24B-231 Morphologies of non-thermal radio emission from massive protostars 12 Regular
OConnor, Brendan VLA/24A-320 An off-axis view of compact binary mergers  12 Triggered
Oei, Martijn VLA/24B-206 High-resolution JVLA imaging of the longest black hole jets known 24 Regular
Ortiz Ceballos, Kevin VLA/24B-377 Does Convective Turnover Regulate the Dynamos of Ultracool Dwarfs? 16 Regular
Otter, Justin VLA/24B-357 A multi-wavelength analysis of radio jets driving shocks in NGC 1266 4.05 Regular
Panurach, Teresa VLA/24B-265 Radio Monitoring of Her X-1 During its Superorbital Period 12 Regular
Pare, Dylan VLA/24B-326 Exploring the Unique Radio Filaments and the Galactic Center 195.5 Regular
Parekh, Viral VLA/24B-342 Serendipitous discovery of high-z extended radio sources in VLASS observations 10 Regular
Pattie, Eli VLA/24A-388 Exploring evolving eccentricity in the ultracompact X-ray binary 4U 1820-30 16.67 Regular
Pattie, Eli VLA/24B-399 Isolating remarkable radio emission of X-ray binary 4U 1820-30 5.5 Regular
Perley, Daniel VLA/24A-130 Radio Characterization of ZTF Orphan Afterglows 18.17 Triggered
Perley, Daniel VLA/24B-395 Multifrequency Evolution of the Serendipitous Cygnus A Radio Transient 6 Regular
Pineda, John VLA/24B-418 Do close-in substellar companions possess supressed magnetic field strengths? 15 Regular
Puig-Subira, Marta VLA/24B-323 Feedback in LINERs: the connection between radio emission and ionized gas 13.29 Regular
Reipurth, Bo VLA/24B-036 Multiplicity of Giant Herbig-Haro Jet Sources 12 Regular
Rodriguez, Luis VLA/24B-082 Understanding the Radio Emission from Free-floating Planets: JuMBO 24 9 Regular
Roth, Nathan VLA/24B-413 Multiband Thermal Photometry of Near Earth Asteroids with VLA 23 Regular
Russell, Thomas VLA/24B-103 Using thermonuclear explosions on accreting neutron stars to reveal jet speeds 8; ALMA 6 hr; Swift: 9 ks Triggered
Saito, Toshiki VLA/24B-100 Reestablishing Hydroxyl as an extragalactic molecular outflow tracer 14 Regular
Sanna, Alberto VLA/24B-168 Probing magnetically-regulated star formation: OH maser and dust polarizations 18 Regular
Santos-Costa, Daniel VLA/24B-236 Multi-data-set analysis of Jupiter's magnetobremsstrahlung emission at 0.2-6 GHz 16 Regular
Sarbadhicary, Sumit VLA/24B-381 Is SN 2022esa the second radio-detected Type Ia supernova? 1 Regular
Sasikumar, Silpa VLA/24B-228 Black hole and jet launching demographics 4 Regular
Schoedel, Rainer VLA/24B-163 The age and mass of  young stars in Sgr B1 constrained by radio stars 9.4 Regular
Schwartzman, Emma VLA/24B-367 Confirming the First Triple Radio AGN 2.5 Regular
Scott, Chapman VLA/24B-439 HS1549+19: Tracing Proto-cluster Activity with S-band radio 24.36 Regular
Segura-Cox, Dominique VLA/24B-240 How rapidly do grains grow in disks during early phases of star formation? 8.75 Regular
Sfaradi, Itai VLA/24A-245 Characterizing the Interaction of CCSNe Ejecta with Distant CSM Shells 8 Triggered
Sheehan, Patrick VLA/24B-268 eDisk: Early Planet Formation in Embedded Disks - A Long Wavelength Perspective 14.28 Regular
Shu, Xinwen VLA/24B-169 Radio variability from a TDE in a passive galaxy: jet ejections or ISS effect? 2.4 Regular
Shu, Xinwen VLA/24B-210 Catching the delayed radio emission from an AGN with changing accretion states 2.56 Regular
Sun, Jiayi VLA/24B-235 A Census of Young Massive Clusters and Supernova Remnants in a Nuclear Starburst 5.16 Regular
Su, Renzhi VLA/24B-098 Localising repeating FRBs and probing their potential persistent radio sources 39 Regular
Su, Renzhi VLA/24B-105 Localize the FRB 20230607A and potentially discover its persitent radio source 10.6 Regular
Tan, Lizbeth Joy VLA/24B-437 An expanded VLA-HST Survey of VLBI-Gaia Offset Sources 14.5 Regular
Tobin, John VLA/24B-398 Characterizing the Orbital Motion of Close Protostellar Multiples 90.92; ALMA: 4.11 hr Regular
Towner, Allison VLA/24B-447 Direct Constraints on Planet Formation with the VLA and ALMA 38.45; ALMA: 16 hr Regular
Tremblay, Chenoa VLA/24A-288 Confirmation of Life in the Galaxy: Re-Observation of Signals From COSMIC 4 Triggered
TROJA, ELEONORA VLA/24A-371 The collimation and energetics of short gamma-ray bursts  7.83 Triggered
Ubertosi, Francesco VLA/24B-185 A JVLA and VLBA study of feedback in a rapidly cooling, yet perturbed cluster 10 Regular
Vazquez, Camilo VLA/24B-351 VLA Observations of Candidate Sub-kpc Dual AGN in Late-Stage Mergers 8.56 Regular
Villadsen, Jackie VLA/24A-050 Defining the Rate of Non-Planetary Radio Bursts from Planet Host YZ Ceti 20 Regular
Vito, Fabio VLA/24B-227 Probing the presence of a radio jet in an extremely X-ray variable QSO at z=6 6.32 Regular
Wiston, Eli VLA/24B-070 Constraining the Power Source of Super-luminous Supernovae 4 Triggered
Wiston, Eli VLA/24B-311 The first VLBA Large Survey of Astronomical Transients 38 Large
Wrobel, Joan VLA/23A-109 A Candidate Wandering SMBH in a Nearby Early-Type Galaxy 2.5 Regular
Wrobel, Joan VLA/24B-030 Testing ADAF Predictions for the Nearest Billion-Solar-Mass Black Hole 6 Regular
wu, zhongzu VLA/24B-316 VLA observation of the OH megamaser galaxy CGCG049-057 5 Regular
Yang, Aiyuan VLA/24B-037 Linking persistent radio source to burst properties of repeating FRBs 18 Regular
Yang, Lei VLA/24B-293 Spectral properties of slowly rising radio transients from inactive galaxies  4.8 Regular
Yang, Wenjin VLA/24B-109 Unveiling the enigma of Bania's Clump 2 with its 36 GHz methanol masers 3.5 Regular
Yan, Yaoting VLA/24B-174 Imaging newly detected non-metastable ammonia masers in the Milky Way 6 Regular
Zhang, Lei VLA/24B-154 A magnified view of the radio structure in the Cloverleaf quasar 7.3 Regular
Zhang, Suinan VLA/24B-172 Tracing the hierarchical cluster formation in the CMZ clouds 4 Regular
Zhang, Xian VLA/24B-203 Broad-band Revisit of the Persistent Radio Source of FRB 20121102A 2.89 Regular
Zhang, Xian VLA/24B-266 Polarimetric Measurements of the Persistent Radio Source of FRB 20190520B 4.58 Regular

Very Long Baseline Array (VLBA), High Sensitivity Array (HSA), and Global 3mm VLBI Array (GMVA)

Ayubinia, Ashraf VLBA/24B-161 Unraveling Parsec-Scale Radio Emission in AGNs with VLBA: I. Fringe Survey 4 Regular
Beasley, Anthony VLBA/24B-279 Studying the Aurorae of the Brown Dwarf Binary WISEP J045853.90+643452.6AB 20 Regular
Bian, Shuaibo VLBA/24A-012 Parallax and Proper Motions of Supernova Remnant W44 24 Regular
Bruni, Gabriele VLBA/24B-211 Giants with a blazar heart: testing extreme jet reorientation in radio galaxies 5 Regular
Cendes, Yvette VLBA/24A-350 Tracking the Size and Motion of the First Optical TDE Resolved with VLBI 16 Regular
Cheng, Xiaopeng VLBA/24A-157 OJ 287: monitoring its innermost wobbling jet with 10 uas precision at 43 GHz 48 Regular
Cheng, Xiaopeng VLBA/24B-171 AGN or Starburst? Confirming the Nature of Off-nuclear Radio Emission in NGC2146 5 Regular
Curiel, Salvador VLBA/23B-054 Astrometric detection of a planetary system associated to a nearby brown dwarf 40.5 Regular
Curtin, Alice VLBA/24B-328 Precise Pulsar Positions for CHIME/FRB Outrigger Calibration 64 Regular
Deller, Adam VLBA/24A-213 MSPSRPI2: Turbocharging the most precisely timed pulsars with VLBI astrometry 124 Large
Deller, Adam VLBA/24B-158 Determining the location and trajectory of an ultra-long period "pulsar" 9 Regular
Ding, Hao VLBA/24B-202 Revisiting 18 millisecond pulsars with multi-calibrator multi-frequency VLBI 96 Regular
Eppel, Florian VLBA/24A-162 Historical Radio Flaring in the Doppler-Crisis Blazar S2 0109+22 16 Regular
Eppel, Florian VLBA/24A-163 Studying the Kinematics of a TeV-emitting HSP Blazar and SMBBH Candidate 36 Regular
Feng, Hua VLBA/24B-014 Tracing the collimated jets in a supercritically accreting compact object 48 Regular
Fudolig, Paula VLBA/24B-333 VLBA Characterization of Astrometrically-Variable Quasars 24 Regular
Galli, Phillip VLBA/24B-087 Searching for brown dwarf companions around young stars from VLBI astrometry 23.2 Regular
Giroletti, Marcello VLBA/24B-216 Filming the shocked ejecta in T CrB 72 Triggered
Hayashi, Takayuki VLBA/24B-013 Origin of Low-frequency Extended Emission from Quasars with Disk Winds II 22 Regular
Johnstone, Makoto VLBA/24B-355 Rainbows in the Dark: Unveiling the Power Sources of ULIRGs with VLBA Radio SEDs 53.28 Large
Kovalev, Yuri VLBA/24B-312 MOJAVE: Jet Acceleration and the Blazar-Neutrino Connection (continuation) 144 Large
Laine, Seppo VLBA/24B-295 Deep VLBA Imaging of the Radio Nucleus in the Nearby Disk Galaxy NGC 7479 20 Regular
Leung, James VLBA/24B-116 High-resolution imaging of late-time radio rebrightening in SN 2022xxf 40 Regular
Lin, Zehao VLBA/24A-035 Do the Sagittarius and Perseus spiral arms merge near the Galactic Center?  120 Regular
Liu, Dejian VLBA/24B-130 Parallax and Proper Motion of 1720 MHz OH Masers in Supernova Remnant W28 4 Regular
Liu, Yuanqi VLBA/24B-246 Exploring the diversity of radio activities with southern sky quasars at z>5.5 16 Regular
Mai, Xiaofeng VLBA/24A-029 Off-arm mini starburst in G34 region? 36 Regular
Margutti, Raffaella VLBA/24B-252 The first VLBA Large Survey of Astronomical Transients 152 Large
Marscher, Alan VLBA/23B-058 BEAM-ME: Blazars Entering the Astrophysical Multi-Messenger Era (continuation) 432 Large
McCollough, Michael VLBA/24B-366 A VLBA Study of the Relativistic Jets from Cygnus X-3 12; Swift: 15 ks; NICER: 25 ks Triggered
Meyer, Eileen VLBA/24A-356 Proper-motions monitoring of the jet in changing-look AGN Mkn 590 21.3 Regular
Meyer, Eileen VLBA/24B-352 VLBA Monitoring of the radio outburst of changing-look AGN 1ES 1927+654 in 24B 19.92 Regular
Miller-Jones, James VLBA/24A-222 Testing black hole misalignment in a high-mass X-ray binary 28 Triggered
Miller-Jones, James VLBA/24A-282 Transient jet launching in stellar-mass black holes 20 Triggered
Molina, Isabella VLBA/24A-359 Triggered Monitoring  and Imaging of a New Bright Nova 7 Triggered
Munari, Ulisse VLBA/24A-284 Flash photography of symbiotic novae: the gas distribution around T CrB 6 Triggered
Nanci, Cristina VLBA/24A-057 Are blazars associated with IceCube neutrinos?  40 Triggered
Orienti, Monica VLBA/24B-155 Active or relics? The life cycle of compact symmetric objects 16 Regular
Park, Jongho GMVA/24B-043 Assessing Temporal Variations in Polarization Leakages within GMVA Observations 24 Regular
Park, Jongho VLBA/24B-047 Enhancing the Gain-Transfer Method to Probe Circular Polarization in the M87 jet 48 Regular
Perger, Krisztina VLBA/24B-201 Parsec-scale structure of the proposed neutrino source J1718+4237 2 Regular
Perley, Daniel VLBA/24B-419 VLBA Monitoring of the Serendipitous Cygnus A Radio Transient 12 Regular
Poetzl, Felix VLBA/24B-151 Completing the SMILE sample: Search for milli-lens systems to constrain DM 20 Regular
Popkov, Alexander VLBA/24B-341 Relativistic jets with low-brightness radio cores selected by VLBI-Gaia offsets 48 Regular
Rodriguez, Tatiana VLBA/24B-370 VLBA Observations of Water Masers in the IRAS 19035+0641 A Jet 13 Triggered
Roesch, Florian GMVA/24B-371 Probing Characteristic Signatures of Neutrino Production in Blazars 18 Regular
Shu, Xinwen VLBA/24B-205 Constraining jet proper motion from a relativistic TDE in a starforming galaxy 8 Regular
Shu, Xinwen VLBA/24B-242 Mas-scale imaging of delayed and fast rising radio emission of a rare faint TDE  6 Regular
Spingola, Cristiana VLBA/24B-302 Confirming a strongly lensed dual AGN candidate at z > 3 24 Regular
Stanghellini, Carlo VLBA/24B-061 Detection of transverse motion of the hotspots in 2352+495 12 Regular
Treister, Ezequiel VLBA/24B-348 Compact Radio/mm Sources around Mrk 463E: Jet Knots or Additional Nuclei? 14 Regular
Tremblay, Chenoa VLBA/24A-287 Confirmation of Life in the Galaxy: Re-Observation of Signals From COSMIC 4.5 Triggered
Ubertosi, Francesco VLBA/24B-187 A JVLA and VLBA study of feedback in a rapidly cooling, yet perturbed cluster 8 Regular
Ubertosi, Francesco VLBA/24B-199 AGN feeding at the parsec scale: tracking HI absorption in NGC5044 with the VLBA 18 Regular
Ubertosi, Francesco VLBA/24B-256 Is the AGN in NGC5044 alive and kicking? A kinematic-polarimetric VLBA study 14 Regular
Vestergaard, Marianne VLBA/24A-374 Origin of the radio emission in a low state, repeat-flaring changing-look AGN 57.6 Regular
von Fellenberg, Sebastiano GMVA/24B-138 In light of the shadow: mm-VLBI study of M81* in the context of Sgr A* and M87* 12 Regular
Walsh, Gregory VLBA/24B-339 Testing the Changing-Look Nature of Mrk 1018 with the VLBA 24.1 Regular
Zhang, Jingdong VLBA/24B-159 Validating the Gaia Reference Frame via VLBI Astrometry of New Radio Stars: IV 55 Regular
Zuo, Wenwen VLBA/24B-289 Imaging the nuclear region of 2 Intermediate-mass Black Hole Candidates 9 Regular