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Science Program 2024A

A total of 273 new proposals were received for the 01 August 2023 submission deadline for Semester 24A. The table below summarizes the approved observing programs for the Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array (VLA), the Very Long Baseline Array (VLBA)/High Sensitivity Array (HSA) and the Global 3mm VLBI Array (GMVA).  Listed are the PI name, proposal ID, proposal title, maximum hours approved, and proposal type (Regular, Triggered, or Large). Proposals from previous semesters that were awarded time by NRAO are included.  Also listed are HSA proposals that include the VLA as a VLBI station.

For each approved program, the Proposal Finder Tool will have access to its authors, title, abstract, and total approved hours.

Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array (VLA)

Abdelmaguid, Moaz VLA/24A-379 Unveiling the Origin of the PeVatron 1LHAASO J2002+3244u 3 Regular
Alexander, Kate VLA/24A-386 Prompt Radio Emission in TDEs: Probing the Early Disruption Process 32.67 Triggered
Alford, Jason VLA/24A-347 Does Magnetar SGR 0501+4516 Power Unidentified TeV Source 1LHAASO J0500+4454? 3 Regular
Aravena, Manuel VLA/24A-391 Unveiling the Cold Molecular Gas of Main Sequence Galaxies in the Early Universe 71.1 Regular
Bait, Omkar VLA/24A-103 Continuing Radio Continuum Observations of Low-z extreme star-forming galaxies 38.115 Regular
Balasubramanian, Arvind VLA/24A-409 Follow-up observations of the persistent radio source associated with FRB190520B 6 Regular
Banados, Eduardo VLA/24A-173 One month in the life of a blazar at z=7 42.75 Regular
Barrett, Paul VLA/24A-005 J191213.72-441045.1: A second white dwarf pulsar 6 Regular
Bayandina, Olga VLA/24A-017 Happy Burstday, G24.33+00.14! 2 Regular
Bayandina, Olga VLA/24A-021 M2O: Catching accretion bursts (2024) 8 Triggered
Beaklini, Pedro VLA/24A-143 The radio SEDs of the early quasars: DELS J0038-1527 and HSC J1243+0100 20.7 Regular
Beck, Sara VLA/24A-165 HI Kinematics of the Ly alpha Emitter Haro 2 14 Regular
Belladitta, Silvia VLA/24A-277 Confirming the blazar nature of radio-loud quasars in the early Universe 7.79 Regular
Bonafede, Annalisa VLA/24A-040 The first study of magnetic field in protoclusters 36 Regular
Booth, Alice VLA/24A-167 Detecting NH3 in a planet-forming disk with the VLA 16 Regular
Bradbury, Sarah VLA/24A-205 Measuring Magnetised Gas to `Dye Trace' the M49 Group's Plunge into Virgo 80.4 Regular
Bruni, Gabriele VLA/24A-197 Radio WISSH: tuning on the most luminous quasars in the Universe 4 Regular
Busquet, Gemma VLA/22A-195 VOLS: The VLA Orion A Large Survey 342 Large
Cala, Roldan A. VLA/24A-401 A nascent planetary nebula from a magnetized water fountain 2.75 Regular
Cannon, John VLA/24A-254 HI Imaging of the Candidate Lyman Continuum Leaking Galaxy Tol1214-277  15 Regular
Carlson, Erik VLA/24A-226 Looking for the companion galaxy to the quasar J1429+5447 at z=6.18  4.5 Regular
Carretero-Castrillo, Mar VLA/24A-412 Search for radio emission from WISE bow shocks associated to runaway stars 10 Regular
Cendes, Yvette VLA/24A-322 Determining the Prevalence of Late-Time Radio Emission in TDEs 36 Regular
Cendes, Yvette VLA/24A-328 VLA Observations of a New Class of Infrared Tidal Disruption Events 16 Regular
Cendes, Yvette VLA/24A-353 Tracking the Size and Motion of the First Optical TDE Resolved with VLBI 3 Regular
Chatterjee, Swarna VLA/24A-413 VLA observation of diffuse radio emission in new X-ray detected RXGCC clusters 20 Regular
Chavan, Kshitij VLA/24A-164 Multi-band JVLA study of rare triple-double radio galaxies 13.5 Regular
Chen, Qingxiang VLA/24A-343 Disentangling Radio Continuum as an Extinction-free Resolved SFR Tracer at z~2 29.25 Regular
Chen, Xiang-Lei VLA/24A-307 Sub-kpc Scale Study of FRB20220319D Environment by Continuum Observations 11 Regular
Chen, Yuyang VLA/24A-318 Investigating an unusual bright stellar candidate radio transient 1.25 Regular
Ching, Tao-Chung VLA/24A-402 Pilot Interferometric Observations of the CH 3.3 GHz Lines toward Starless Cores 88 Regular
Claussen, Mark VLA/24A-338 Continuation of SiO Maser Monitoring of the Symbiotic Binary R Aquarii 6 Regular
Colombo, Dario VLA/24A-416 Inside-out quenching in nearby galaxies 104 Regular
Corsi, Alessandra VLA/22B-235 Jansky VLA mapping of Gravitational Waves as Afterglows in Radio (JAGWAR) 52 Large
Corsi, Alessandra VLA/23B-172 Radio follow up of sub-threshold GRBs associated with O4 GW triggers 30 Triggered
Costa, Allison VLA/24A-315 Multifrequency Faraday Rotation Study of High Mass X-Ray Binary LSI +61 303 48.75 Regular
Dabhade, Pratik VLA/24A-084 Multi-band study of 5 XRGs showing peculiar spectral trends and morphologies 4.8 Regular
Damasso, Mario VLA/24A-042 A first radio follow-up of the 20-Myr old multi-planet host star V1298 Tau 12 Regular
Das   , Barnali VLBA/24A-068 Probing energetic particles in the magnetospheres of hot stars 39 Regular
Delvecchio, Ivan VLBA/24A-321 Deciphering the puzzling nature of a sub-kpc dual AGN candidate 12 Regular
Demorest, Paul VLA/21B-286 The North American Nanohertz Observatory for Gravitational Waves 494.63 Large
De Simone, Marta VLA/24A-016 The chemical and dynamical history of the NGC 1333 IRAS 2A protostars 17 Regular
Eddins, Avery VLA/24A-093 Radio follow-up of candidate kilonova flares from nearby binary NS mergers 6 Regular
Eftekhari, Tarraneh VLA/24A-331 Unveiling a New Population of Radio Sources on the Sky 143 Large
Feng, Yi  VLA/24A-196 Linking persistent radio source to burst properties of repeating FRBs 18 Regular
Fischer, Travis VLA/24A-424 Chicken or the Egg: Origins of Radio Continuum in NGC 1068 3 Regular
Gault, Lexi VLA/24A-058 Stellar Feedback Driven Outflow Signatures in Low-mass Galaxies 64 Regular
GHOSH, SALMOLI VLA/24A-122 Study of Jet Formation and Propagation in Seyfert Galaxies  through Polarization 35 Regular
Gomez, Sebastian VLA/24A-368 Confirmation of the First Tidal Disruption Event of a White Dwarf 10 Triggered
Goodwin, Adelle VLA/24A-159 Tracking the late-time radio evolution of long-lived tidal disruption events 7.5 Regular
Gu, Minfeng VLBA/24A-221 Revealing the pc-scale binary AGN buried in recent merger system LIRG IC 860 8 Regular
Hajela, Aprajita VLA/23B-139 Mapping the Zoo of Engine Driven Explosions with Deep Radio Observations 12 Triggered
Hashimoto, Jun VLA/24A-001 Searching for Centimeter Pebbles in the Ring around class I object WL 17 8.29 Regular
Hlavacek-Larrondo, Julie  VLA/24A-008 A radio mini-halo candidate in a z = 1.709 cluster of galaxies 7.5 Regular
Ho, Anna VLA/23B-138 A New Class of Relativistic Explosions 29 Triggered
Jones, Michael VLA/24A-048 Witnessing ram pressure stripping of satellites in Milky Way-like systems 27 Regular
Jones, Michael VLA/24A-308 A new gas-rich local dwarf galaxy identified with machine learning 3.5; HST: 1 orbit Regular
JOSHI, RAVI VLA/24A-019 Multi-band JVLA continuum and polarimetric imaging of  a Twin-Radio Galaxy 10.33 Regular
Kalinova, Veselina VLA/24A-348 Outside-in quenching in nearby galaxies 108 Regular
Kao, Melodie VLA/24A-337 Radio Characterization of Y dwarf Showing Methane Emission 9 Regular
Kaur, Balpreet VLA/24A-025 Mapping HI 21cm emission from two FRB host galaxies at z~0.045 40.98; HST: 2 orbits Regular
Kawai, Chikara VLA/24A-216 An Ultra-deep Search For Dark Matter Annihilating Signal in the dSph Draco 36 Regular
Keszthelyi, Zsolt VLA/24A-013 RAMBO: detecting auroral cyclotron maser emission from the Bp star HD HD 36313 20 Regular
Kooi, Jason VLA/24A-135 Triggered Faraday Rotation Observations of Coronal Mass Ejections 40 Triggered
Kumari, Shobha VLA/24A-194 Multi-frequency VLA Follow-up Observations of Odd Radio Circles 18 Regular
Lacey, Christina VLA/24A-423 Investigating the Strange Behavior of SNR J1228+441 6.26 Regular
Ladu, Elisabetta VLA/24A-279 Monitoring of the water megamaser in IC485: weighing the BH of a LINER galaxy 10 Regular
Laskar, Tanmoy VLA/23A-106 Exploring Extreme Explosions from the Cosmic Dawn 5 Triggered
Laskar, Tanmoy VLA/24A-299 Probing the Magnetization of GRB Jets with Reverse Shocks 23.3 Triggered
Law, Charles VLA/24A-206 Detecting Free-free Emission around a Giant Protoplanet in the HD 169142 Disk 20 Regular
Lee, Kianhong VLA/24A-298 Revealing the nature of three gas reservoirs close to the radio galaxy at z=5.2 7 Regular
Lee, Kianhong VLA/24A-306 Revealing the nature of molecular gas reservoirs of three radio galaxies at z~2 3.87 Regular
Lelli, Federico VLA/24A-296 Cold gas and dark matter in massive galaxies at z=4-5 101.5; ALMA: 5hr Large
Liao, Mai VLA/24A-381 The excess of radio emission in extremely stable quasars: broadband radio SEDs 16.15 Regular
Linford, Justin VLA/23B-129 Pre-Eruption Monitoring of T CrB 34.72 Regular
Liu, Hauyu VLA/24A-028 Characterizing the concentrations of pebbles in the very low mass disk CIDA1 23.3 Regular
Li, Zongnan VLA/24A-204 Exploring the Imprint of An Energetic Wind from A Prototype Low-Luminosity AGN 11.15 Regular
Li, Zongnan VLA/24A-273 Probing the cold neutral hydrogen in the M31/M33 halo  19.6 Regular
Lovell, Joshua VLA/24A-383 Measuring the grain distribution of the largest protoplanetary disk 1 Regular
Lu, Anan VLA/24A-294 SFR mapping of nearby starburst nuclear rings at unprecedented resolution 22 Regular
Luo, Tian-Xian VLA/24A-262 High-resolution imaging polarimetry and proper motion observation of Tycho's SNR 10.5 Regular
Mahato, Mousumi VLA/24A-117 Study of giant double-double radio galaxies with JVLA- part 2 13.61 Regular
Mancera Pina, Pavel VLA/24A-104 Ultra-deep HI imaging of galaxies defying Cold Dark Matter 150 Regular
Marcote, Benito VLA/24A-189 CEN 1a and 1b: The third case of a colliding wind binary emitting gamma rays? 16 Regular
Margutti, Raffaella VLA/24A-217 JVLA monitoring of SN2023ixf - the closest core-collapse supernova in a decade 10 Regular
Martinez Henares, Antonio VLA/24A-380 Imaging the ionized jet in MWC 349A for the first time 4 Regular
Matthews, David VLA/23B-183 The Radio Hunt for the Power Source in Super-luminous Supernovae 16 Triggered
Ma, Yik Ki VLA/24A-085 Direct Spatial Resolution of the Galactic Anisotropic Turbulent Magnetic Fields 7 Regular
Meier, Dave VLA/24A-426 Excited Ammonia in Embedded Starburst/AGNs 13.5 Regular
Menendez-Delmestre, Karin VLA/24A-421 A Realistic Dark Matter Halo Model for our Milky Way based on Milky-Way Analogs 75.7 Regular
Menten, Karl VLA/24A-238 A comprehensive Galactic plane radio wavelength star formation survey   88 Regular
Meyer, Eileen VLBA/24A-422 HSA Observations of the PG Quasar Sample 118.7 Regular
Michail, Joseph VLA/24A-106 Simultaneous Radio and Millimeter Monitoring of Sgr A* with JWST and EHT 21 Regular
Miller, Jessie VLA/24A-404 VLA Characterization of a Missing Compact Binary Population 8.65 Regular
Miller-Jones, James VLA/23B-151 Highly-relativistic jets from a tidal disruption event 20 Triggered
Miller-Jones, James VLA/24A-283 Transient jet launching in stellar-mass black holes 10.64; Swift: 12 ksec Triggered
Minchin, Robert VLA/23B-047 VLA search for ram pressure stripping in [CII]-rich dwarfs in the Virgo cluster 24 Regular
Moldon, Javier VLA/24A-082 Radio observations of a very nearby SN Ia with strong CSM dust continuum 7.23 Regular
Molina, Isabella VLA/24A-360 Triggered Monitoring  and Imaging of a New Bright Nova 14 Triggered
Moscadelli, Luca VLBA/24A-032 Testing the dynamic role of the magnetic field in  the massive SFR G16.59-0.05 12 Regular
Motiwala, Khadeejah VLA/24A-089 Mapping HI in UDGs to constrain dark matter 36 Regular
Muto, Takayuki VLA/24A-083 What is the Grain Size in the Most Prominent Dust Trap? 37.02 Regular
Nandi, Sumana VLA/24A-363 High frequency study of peculiar shaped radio galaxies 15.5 Regular
OConnor, Brendan VLA/24A-320 An off-axis view of compact binary mergers  12 Triggered
O'Dwyer, Tanner VLA/24A-119 Continued late-time observations of GW170817 with the Jansky VLA 28 Regular
Pal, Arpan VLA/24A-220 Tracing the Origin of Filaments in Radio Relics  29 Regular
Pal, Arpan VLA/24A-228 A Comparison of Polarization Properties between Single and Double Relics 64.5 Regular
Park, Jongho VLBA/24A-031 Revealing the Nature of the VLBI Core of the M87 Jet 12.5 Regular
Pattie, Eli VLA/24A-335 A strange, extended radio transient without counterparts 8 Regular
Pattie, Eli VLA/24A-387 Investigating short timescale radio variability of Neutron Star jets 16 Regular
Pattie, Eli VLA/24A-388 Exploring evolving eccentricity in the ultracompact X-ray binary 4U 1820-30 16.67; NICER: 10 ksec Regular
Pena, Luis VLA/24A-179 Disentangling the radio emission mechanisms of the UCD LSR J1835+3259 19.8 Regular
Perley, Daniel VLA/24A-130 Radio Characterization of ZTF Orphan Afterglows 18.17 Triggered
Perrott, Yvette VLA/24A-411 X-band survey of galaxy cluster minihalos 22 Regular
Pineda, John VLA/24A-102 Hot Jupiter Around an M-dwarf: A Potential Standard for Star-Planet Interactions 24 Regular
Pineda, John VLA/24A-253 Harnessing Orbit Eccentricity to Test Star-Planet Magnetic Interaction Theory 8 Regular
Plotkin, Richard VLA/23B-064 Tracking the black hole disk/jet connection into quiescence 6.67 Triggered
Plotkin, Richard VLA/24A-274 Jet Powers of quiescent X-ray binaries with the VLA and JWST  12 Triggered
Podio, Linda VLA/24A-020 Tracing the ices in the planet-forming disk V883 Ori 17.1 Regular
Quirós Rojas, Marianela VLA/24A-357 Confirming and characterizing extreme galaxy proto-clusters beyond cosmic noon 17 Regular
Rajpurohit, Kamlesh  VLA/24A-053 Mapping the impact of shock heating by NGC742 as it falls through a  group  20 Regular
Ricci, Tiago VLA/24A-138 Revisiting The Radio Emission From Nearby Early-Type Galaxies 7.91 Regular
Riseley, Christopher VLA/24A-063 Relighting the IGrM of HCG15: fossil plasma shocked by a high-speed interloper 8.5 Regular
Rodriguez, Luis VLA/24A-358 The Galaxy GX: its Radio Lobes and Runaway Supermassive Black Hole 3.25 Regular
Roth, Nathan VLA/24A-377 First Maps of Cometary NH_3: VLA Imaging of Exceptional Comet C/2023 A3 7 Regular
Russell, Thomas VLA/24A-127 Using thermonuclear explosions on accreting neutron stars to reveal jet speeds 8; ALMA: 6 hr & Swift: 9 ksec Triggered
Rybarczyk, Daniel VLA/24A-088 The properties of CO-dark molecular gas in the diffuse interstellar medium 7.2 Regular
Salunkhe, Sameer VLA/24A-310 EXPLORING THE RADIO MARVEL IN PLCKG287.0+32.9 VIA JVLA C-BAND 20 Regular
Santamaria-Miranda , Alejandro VLA/24A-259 Radio jets and substellar objects: unveiling their primary formation mechanism 28.6 Regular
Santra, Ramananda VLA/23B-200 Characterization of high-frequency end of the diffuse radio sources in Abell 521 10 Regular
Santra, Ramananda VLA/24A-199 A2319: The treasure trove of ICM plasma physics 20 Regular
Schettino, Nur VLA/24A-043 Radio identification of the neutrino source WISEA J175051.31+105645.3 3 Regular
Sethi, Sagar VLA/24A-420 Deep imaging of a newly identified narrow 100 kpc twin jet in an S-shaped GRG 12 Regular
Sfaradi, Itai VLA/24A-245 Characterizing the Interaction of CCSNe Ejecta with Distant CSM Shells 8 Triggered
Shu, Xinwen VLA/24A-078 Origin of years-long bright radio emission from hostless core-collapse supernova 2.34 Regular
Shu, Xinwen VLA/24A-261 Radio SED evolution of likely resolved jet from a candidate ``turn-on'' AGN 1.28 Regular
Sourivong, Krislyn VLA/24A-038 Using HI, H2, and [C II] to measure Pressure in Early-Type Galaxies IV 10 Regular
Spekkens, Kristine VLA/24A-047 HI Imaging of Nube and its Environment 12 Regular
Spolaor, Sarah VLA/24A-309 Completing a Radio Survey of CRTS-Identified Periodic Quasars 12.25 Regular
Stark, David VLA/23B-163 Constraining the Evolution of BreakBRD Galaxies with VLA HI Mapping 65 Regular
Stierwalt, Sabrina VLA/24A-355 Gas Kinematics in Dwarf-Dwarf Interactions: Fueling Hierarchical Assembly  180 Regular
Sun, Jingbo VLA/24A-195 Confirming the radio property of a triple broad-line AGN candidate at kpc scale  7 Regular
Surcis, Gabriele VLBA/24A-041 Investigating the B-field in high-mass YSO jets through water masers 24 Regular
Svoboda, Brian VLA/24A-399 Flares, shocks, and YSOs: a systematic VLA survey of ammonia masers 28 Regular
Tabatabaei, Fatemeh VLA/23B-251 Unveiling Magnetic Fields From Star Forming Regions to Diffuse ISM in M31 6 Regular
Tahani, Mehrnoosh VLA/24A-376 Three-Dimensional Magnetic Field of the Perseus Molecular Cloud 58.1 Regular
Takahashi, Satoko VLA/24A-247 Nature of atomic wind from the protostars revealed by the HI gas observations 32 Regular
Trapman, Leon VLA/24A-214 Exploring extreme pebble drift and growth in the HD 179218 protoplanetary disk 7.91 Regular
Trejo-Cruz, Alfonso VLA/24A-414 The Nearby Evolved Star Survey (NESS): The importance of accurate distances 10.5 Regular
Tremblay, Chenoa VLA/24A-288 Confirmation of Life in the Galaxy: Re-Observation of Signals From COSMIC 4 Triggered
TROJA, ELEONORA VLA/24A-371 The collimation and energetics of short gamma-ray bursts  7.83 Triggered
Ubertosi, Francesco VLA/23B-041 The JVLA view of a shocked radio mini-halo 7 Regular
Urosevic, Dejan VLA/24A-190 Radio continuum emission of non-radiative and radiative filaments in Cygnus Loop 51 Regular
van den Eijnden, Jakob VLA/24A-036 Monitoring the radio jets of strongly-magnetized accreting pulsars 15 Triggered
Villadsen, Jackie VLA/24A-050 Defining the Rate of Non-Planetary Radio Bursts from Planet Host YZ Ceti 20 Regular
Vos, Johanna VLA/24A-140 Vertically-Resolved Winds in an Extrasolar World 33 Regular
Walsh, Gregory VLA/24A-311 The Radio Emission of Low Redshift Major Galaxy Mergers 25.26 Regular
Wang, Ran VLA/24A-070 The molecular gas mass and CO excitation in the young quasar hosts at z~6 18.17 Regular
Wenger, Trey VLA/24A-270 Abundances & Ionized Gas Kinematics in Sh2-158 8.5 Regular
WHITE, Stephen VLA/24A-366 VLA and LWA Observations of the 2024 Apr 8 Eclipse 6 Regular
Wolnik, Kamil VLA/24A-002 Restarted phase of activity in J1528+0544 double-double radio galaxy 2 Regular
Yang, Aiyuan VLA/24A-090 A continuum study toward very young HII regions 5 Regular
Yang, Aiyuan VLA/24A-091 A search for radio jets toward massive outflows 13.5 Regular
Yang, Lei VLA/24A-275 Spectral properties of radio transients in the centers of inactive galaxies 2.24 Regular
Yang, Wenjin VLA/24A-198 First unbiased 36 GHz class I methanol maser survey toward SNR G1.4-0.1 9 Regular
Yao, Yuhan VLA/24A-290 Late-time Observations of Radio-Loud Tidal Disruption Events 14.4 Regular
Yiu, Wing Hei VLA/24A-268 A new radio white dwarf pulsating around a reignited star? 4 Regular
Yoon, Ilsang VLA/24A-248 Observing Radio Recombination Lines from High-redshift QSO Host 9.52 Regular
Young, Jason VLA/24A-408 HI Dynamics in an Extreme LSB Spiral with the VLA 9 Regular
Yu, Niankun VLA/24A-407 Cold Gas Conversion and Ionization States in Galaxy Mergers 41.4 Regular
Zhang, Kai VLA/24A-272 Possible triggers of isolated Blue Compact Dwarfs 25.15 Regular
Zhang, Lei VLA/24A-212 Detecting the counter jet in the Cloverleaf quasar 9.2 Regular
Zhang, Lei VLBA/24A-234 Resolving the radio jet in the Cloverleaf quasar 16 Regular
Zhu, Jingyao VLA/24A-349 Probing ram pressure stripping in dwarf satellite galaxies using 21-cm HI 18 Regular

Very Long Baseline Array (VLBA), High Sensitivity Array (HSA), and Global 3mm VLBI Array (GMVA)

An, Tao VLBA/24A-077 Measuring Proper Motions in the relativistic jet of PG 1407+263  16 Regular
An, Tao VLBA/24A-154 High frequencies exploration of the X-ray luminous blazar J1702+1301 at z=5.5 21 Regular
Banados, Eduardo VLBA/24A-240 One month in the life of a blazar at z=7 5 Regular
Barcos-Munoz, Loreto GMVA/23B-212 Arp 220: AGN or not AGN?, that is the question... 16 Regular
Bartolini, Vieri VLBA/24A-417 mm-VLBI observations of HEG and LEG misaligned jets detected by Fermi 24; Swift: 55 ksec Regular
Bian, Shuaibo VLBA/24A-012 Parallax and Proper Motions of Supernova Remnant W44 4 Regular
Bietenholz, Michael VLBA/24A-289 SN 2023ixf: Resolving the Nearest Supernova in a Decade  16 Regular
Boven, Paul VLBA/24A-393 Have we solved the orbit of GJ3789 A/B ? 21 Regular
Burns, Ross VLBA/24A-074 High-mass protostellar accretion bursts, continuation 2023 48 Triggered
Cendes, Yvette VLBA/24A-350 Tracking the Size and Motion of the First Optical TDE Resolved with VLBI 8 Regular
Cheng, Xiaopeng VLBA/24A-157 OJ 287: monitoring its innermost wobbling jet with 10 uas precision at 43 GHz 24 Regular
Cheng, Xiaopeng VLBA/24A-158 Searching for sub-pc-scale jet from the extremely low accretion rate source M60 8 Regular
Chen, Sina VLBA/24A-079 The core radio variability of radio-quiet quasars: a VLBA mini survey 25 Regular
Chen, Yuyang VLBA/24A-317 Investigating an unusual bright stellar candidate radio transient 7.25 Regular
Curiel, Salvador VLBA/23B-054 Astrometric detection of a planetary system associated to a nearby brown dwarf 27 Regular
D'Amato, Quirino VLBA/24A-280 The quest for dual AGN using the Gaia-VLBA synergy  41.5 Regular
Das   , Barnali VLBA/24A-068 Probing energetic particles in the magnetospheres of hot stars 39 Regular
Deller, Adam VLBA/22B-108 Determining the origin of the unusual young pulsar J0837-2454 18 Regular
Deller, Adam VLBA/24A-213 MSPSRPI2: Turbocharging the most precisely timed pulsars with VLBI astrometry 103 Large
Delvecchio, Ivan VLBA/24A-321 Deciphering the puzzling nature of a sub-kpc dual AGN candidate 12 Regular
Eppel, Florian VLBA/24A-162 Historical Radio Flaring in the Doppler-Crisis Blazar S2 0109+22 16 Regular
Eppel, Florian VLBA/24A-163 Studying the Kinematics of a TeV-emitting HSP Blazar and SMBBH Candidate 18 Regular
Gomez, Jose L. GMVA/23B-152 Imaging supermassive binary black hole candidate OJ287 with GMVA+ALMA 28 Regular
Gu, Minfeng VLBA/24A-221 Revealing the pc-scale binary AGN buried in recent merger system LIRG IC 860 8 Regular
Janssen, Michael GMVA/23B-134 Precision astrometry of Sgr A* with 3mm VLBI observations of SiO stellar masers 8 Regular
JNHS, Aditya VLBA/24A-069 Neutral gas in the nuclear regions of PKS 0428+20 16 Regular
Kameno, Seiji GMVA/23B-053 Scanning the Molecular Torus in NGC 1052 12 Regular
Kim, Jae-Young GMVA/23B-237 ALMA+VLBA imaging of the base of serendipitous jet in a spiral galaxy 0313-192 7 Regular
Lacy, Mark VLBA/24A-225 Optically bright, highly radio-variable AGN discovered in VLASS 72; Chandra: 30 ksec Regular
Lin, Zehao VLBA/24A-035 Do the Sagittarius and Perseus spiral arms merge near the Galactic Center?  32 Regular
Lister, Matthew VLBA/21B-053 MOJAVE: Parsec-Scale Jet Acceleration and the Blazar-Neutrino Connection 288 Large
Mai, Xiaofeng VLBA/24A-029 Off-arm mini starburst in G34 region? 18 Regular
Marscher, Alan VLBA/23B-058 BEAM-ME: Blazars Entering the Astrophysical Multi-Messenger Era (continuation) 288 Large
Meyer, Eileen VLBA/24A-223 VLBA Monitoring of the radio outburst of changing-look AGN 1ES 1927+654 19.92 Regular
Meyer, Eileen VLBA/24A-356 Proper-motions monitoring of the jet in changing-look AGN Mkn 590 10.65; Swift: 6 ksec Regular
Meyer, Eileen VLBA/24A-422 HSA Observations of the PG Quasar Sample 118.7; Swift: 62 ksec Regular
Michail, Joseph VLBA/24A-105 Simultaneous Radio and Millimeter Monitoring of Sgr A* with JWST and EHT 21 Regular
Miller-Jones, James VLBA/24A-222 Testing black hole misalignment in a high-mass X-ray binary 28 Triggered
Miller-Jones, James VLBA/24A-282 Transient jet launching in stellar-mass black holes 24; Swift: 12 ksec Triggered
Molina, Isabella VLBA/24A-359 Triggered Monitoring  and Imaging of a New Bright Nova 14 Triggered
Momjian, Emmanuel VLBA/24A-372 Resolving the Highest Redshift Radio-Loud Quasars 30 Regular
Moscadelli, Luca VLBA/24A-032 Testing the dynamic role of the magnetic field in  the massive SFR G16.59-0.05 12 Regular
Munari, Ulisse VLBA/24A-284 Flash photography of symbiotic novae: the gas distribution around T CrB 6 Triggered
Nanci, Cristina VLBA/24A-057 Are blazars associated with IceCube neutrinos?  50 Triggered
Park, Jongho GMVA/23B-067 Peering into M87's black hole in multiple colors 56 Regular
Park, Jongho VLBA/24A-031 Revealing the Nature of the VLBI Core of the M87 Jet 25 Regular
Roesch, Florian GMVA/23B-213 Probing Characteristic Signatures of Neutrino Production in Blazars 24 Regular
Roesch, Florian GMVA/24A-297 Probing Characteristic Signatures of Neutrino Production in Blazars at 3 mm  16 Regular
Spingola, Cristiana VLBA/24A-266 The sharpest view of the jetted AGN J1429+5447 at z = 6.18 48 Regular
Surcis, Gabriele VLBA/24A-041 Investigating the B-field in high-mass YSO jets through water masers 32 Regular
Tetarenko, Alexandra GMVA/23B-068 Probing Relativistic Jets through mm-VLBI of X-ray Binaries 32 Regular
Tremblay, Chenoa VLBA/24A-287 Confirmation of Life in the Galaxy: Re-Observation of Signals From COSMIC 4.5 Triggered
Vestergaard, Marianne VLBA/24A-374 Origin of the radio emission in a low state, repeat-flaring changing-look AGN 21.6; Swift: 55 ksec Regular
von Fellenberg, Sebastiano VLBA/24A-239 Measuring the core-shift of the X-ray bursting galaxy RXJ1301.9+2747 12 Regular
Walsh, Gregory GMVA/24A-384 Resolving the Microarcsecond Jet of the rSMBH Candidate Mrk 1018 13.5 Regular
wu, zhongzu VLBA/24A-325 VLBA observations of the OH line emission in IRAS 21272+2514 10 Regular
Xu, Shuangjing GMVA/24A-150 A Geodetic and Astrometric mm-VLBI Observation with GMVA 24 Regular
Yang, Jun VLBA/24A-155 Deriving nearly bias-free core shifts with ~15 uas precision in BL Lac   11 Regular
Zhang, Jingdong VLBA/24A-094 Validating the Gaia Reference Frame via VLBI Astrometry of New Radio Stars: III 69.5 Regular
Zhang, Lei VLBA/24A-234 Resolving the radio jet in the Cloverleaf quasar 16 Regular