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Science Program 2019B

by Davis Murphy last modified Jun 10, 2019 by Dana Balser

A total of 151 new proposals were received for the 1 February submission deadline for Semester 2019B. The table below summarizes the approved observing programs for the Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array (VLA), the Very Long Baseline Array (VLBA)/High Sensitivity Array (HSA) and the Global 3mm VLBI Array (GMVA).  Listed are the PI name, proposal ID, proposal title, maximum hours approved, and proposal type (Regular, Triggered, or Large). Proposals from previous semesters that were awarded time by NRAO are included.  Also listed are HSA proposals that include the VLA as a VLBI station.

For each approved program, the Proposal Finder Tool will have access to its authors, title, abstract, and total approved hours.

Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array (VLA)

Alexander, Kate VLA/19A-013 Exploring Mass Ejection in SMBHs via Radio Observations of TDEs 22 Triggered
Alexander, Kate VLA/19A-258 Pinpointing the Radio Emission from NS Mergers in LIGO/Virgo's 3rd Observing Run 46 Triggered
Araya, Esteban VLA/19B-255 Shocks Revealed by THOR in Young High-Mass Star-Forming Regions 6 Regular
Arce-Tord, Carla VLA/19B-260 Quantifying the connection between ERE and AME in NGC 7023 10.01 Regular
Bait, Omkar VLA/19B-205 Deep HI imaging of a 'pure' HI ring around a quiescient galaxy AGC 203001 24 Regular
Barrett, Paul VLA/19B-139 A radio survey of nearby cataclysmic variables 20 Regular
Behar, Ehud VLA/19B-113 Revealing the Inner Core Behavior of a NLS1 6; Chandra: 22 ksec Regular
Bhandari, Shivani VLA/19B-070 Uncovering the radio continuum properties of Fast Radio Burst host galaxies. 6.25 Triggered
Borthakur, Sanchayeeta VLA/19B-183 VLA-Disk: Gas Flows from the CGM and Subsequent HI-Disk Build-up in Galaxies 49.5 Regular
Cannon, John VLA/19B-002 The Enigmatic Dwarf Galaxy KK242 4 Regular
Cao, Yue VLA/19B-114 High-mass star formation in the most quiescent phase in Cygnus X 16.5 Regular
Chen, Xi VLA/19B-016 Class I methanol megamasers - a new tracer for feedback of active galaxies 4 Regular
Claussen, Mark VLA/19B-187 Probing Star-Formation in Free-Floating Evaporating Gaseous Globules in Cygnus 12 Regular
Climent Oliver, Juan Bautista VLA/19B-238 A search for radio emission from exoplanets and M dwarfs 20 Regular
Coppejans, Deanne VLA/19A-274 Radio Observations of Rapid, Luminous and Blue Stellar Explosions 12 Triggered
Costa, Allison VLA/19B-257 Faraday Rotation Study of the Radio Variable, High Mass X-Ray Binary LSI+61303 12 Regular
de Blok, Erwin (W.J.G.) VLA/19B-081 Cold Accretion in NGC 2403 16.6 Regular
de Gasperin, Francesco VLA/19B-100 Cosmic shocks under the magnifying glass 14 Regular
Demorest, Paul VLA/19A-356 Optimizing frequency choice for pulsar timing arrays 84 Regular
Edge, Alastair VLA/19B-189 Cold accretion in silhouette - ISM absorption in Hydra-A 10 Regular
Eftekhari, Tarraneh VLA/19B-252 The First Radio Source Associated with a SLSN:  Constraining the SED 6.75 Regular
Emonts, Bjorn VLA/19B-184 Cold molecular medium in 4C41.17 (z=4): in-situ birth of a giant cluster galaxy 37 Regular
Emonts, Bjorn VLA/19B-225 Cold Molecular Gas across Enormous Lya Nebulae:  Evolution of the Multiphase CGM 75 Regular
Flanagan, Conor VLA/19B-054 A search for water masers in NGC6822 8 Regular
Fong, Wen-fai VLA/19B-217 Elucidating the Explosion Properties of Cosmological Short GRBs with the VLA 5.83 Triggered
Frail, Dale VLA/18B-320 JAGWAR: Jansky VLA mapping of Gravitational Wave bursts as Afterglows in Radio 8 Large
Gonzalez Egea, Elena VLA/19B-109 The age-activity relationship for M dwarfs in the radio domain 2.13 Regular
Gorski, Mark VLA/19B-196 Methanol Masers in Global Starbursts 4.07 Regular
Gusinskaia, Nina VLA/19A-188 Mapping accretion states in transitional millisecond pulsars 6 Triggered
Gutierrez-Chaves, Carlos VLA/19B-272 Is the dynamical state of dense cores in filamentary clouds changing with time? 34 Regular
Henshaw, Jonathan VLA/19B-037 Turbulence in Central Molecular Zone clouds 24 Regular
Hofner, Peter VLA/19B-158 Molecular Jets in High-Mass Protostars 4.25 Regular
Horellou, Cathy VLA/19B-162 Double Irony in XXL-North:  Magnetic Field & Cosmic-Rays in a Giant Radio Galaxy 7 Regular
Hsieh, Tien-Hao VLA/19B-018 Swimming of ions and neutrals in magnetic pool - The drift velocity in protostar 16 Regular
Izumi, Natsuko VLA/19B-245 Massive star formation activity in the extreme outer Galaxy: Sh2-209 7.1 Regular
Jones, Gareth VLA/19B-136 Imaging Extended Gas Accretion in the Epoch of Galactic Assembly 9.6 Regular
Kanekar, Nissim VLA/19B-271 The Nature of the Host Galaxies of High-Redshift Damped Lyman-alpha Absorbers 31.96; HST: 4 orbits Regular
Kao, Melodie VLA/19B-232 Testing Brown Dwarf Cloud Models with One Rotation Period 17.2 Regular
Kim, Dongjin VLBA/19B-141 Excited OH absorption in Cygnus A: torus or accretion flow? 14 Regular
Klose, Sylvio VLA/19B-120 Is there a magnetar-powered radio flare following a kilonova? 1.5 Regular
Kunert-Bajraszewska, Magdalena VLA/19B-209 Changing look AGNs - radio observations 6 Regular
Laskar, Tanmoy VLA/19A-305 Observations of the nearby, low-energy GRB 171205A: a once in a decade event 5 Regular
Laskar, Tanmoy VLA/19B-124 Exploring Extreme Explosions from the Cosmic Dawn 5 Triggered
Lewis, Megan VLA/19B-216 Molecular signatures of carbon stars 18 Regular
Linden, Sean VLA/19B-215 The Origin of Anomalous Microwave Emission in Extragalactic Star-Forming Regions 24.2 Regular
Linford, Justin VLA/19A-313 Direct Imaging of the Gamma-ray-Producing Shocks in Classical Novae 18 Triggered
Linford, Justin VLA/19B-219 Rapid Radio Monitoring to Uncover Shocks in Classical Novae 3.3; Swift: 28 ksec Triggered
Linford, Justin VLA/19B-220 VLA Follow-up of REALFAST Fast Radio Bursts 3 Triggered
Liu, Hauyu VLA/19B-023 Constraining dust opacity index from a disk which already formed planet(s) 5.2 Regular
Liu, Hauyu VLA/19B-069 Laminar gas accretion towards molecular clumps with extreme fragmentation? 5.5 Regular
Liu, Lijie VLA/19B-150 WISDOM: Star Formation in GMCs with Thermal Radio Continuum 5 Regular
Lucero, Danielle  VLA/19B-226 Understanding the HI-H2 Transition in Early-type Galaxies 22.5 Regular
Malik, Sunil VLA/19B-204 Magnetic field profile in galaxy clusters by rotation measure of background QSOs 2 Regular
Margutti, Raffaella VLA/19A-276 The radio hunt for the power source in Super-luminous Supernovae 12 Triggered
Matthews, Lynn VLA/19A-330 Characterizing the Radio Photospheres of AGB Stars 3 Regular
Ma, Yik Ki VLA/19B-128 Zooming In to the Magnetized Turbulence Cascade in the Galactic ISM 4.2 Regular
McKinney, Jed VLA/19B-254 Molecular Gas in GSIRS20: A Detailed Study of the Multiphase ISM at Cosmic Noon  9 Regular
Miller-Jones, James VLA/19A-217 Transient jet launching in stellar-mass black holes 15.96 Triggered
Moutzouri, Maria VLA/19B-105 Hunting for non-thermal emission in stellar bow-shock candidates 16 Regular
Park, JongHo VLBA/19B-108 Mapping the Faraday rotation and the magnetic field of the M87 jet 36 Regular
Pineda, Jaime VLA/19B-178 Key observations to Constrain the Edge of Cores 8 Regular
Pineda, John VLA/19B-145 New Tests of Ultracool Dwarf Radio Emission 20 Regular
Plotkin, Richard VLA/19B-001 Opening the Radio Time Domain for the Faintest Black Holes  40 Regular
Riechers, Dominik VLA/18A-040 COLDz: Faint-End Slope of the CO Luminosity Function at z=2-3 210 Regular
Riechers, Dominik VLA/19B-131 VLASPECS: Cold Gas Mass Density in the Hubble Ultra Deep Field (HUDF) 82.5 Regular
Rybak, Matus VLA/19B-265 Decoding the star-formation laws in submillimeter galaxies 32.1 Regular
Schinzel, Frank VLBA/19B-048 A Parallax for PSR J0002+6216 33 Regular
Schmiedeke, Anika VLA/19B-180 Testing the dissipation of turbulence in dense cores 14 Regular
Sebastian, Biny VLA/19B-198 Examining Seyfert Outflows Through Polarimetry 16 Regular
Seo, Youngmin VLA/19B-058 Probing Density, Kinematics, and Chemistry of Fragmenting Core Candidate L1495AN 28.2 Regular
Sharon, Chelsea VLA/19B-073 Disentangling AGN and Star Formation Effects on the Molecular ISM of z~2 SMGs 29.25 Regular
Shinnaga, Hiroko VLA/19B-273 Mass Outflow and the Circumstellar Magnetic field of the Red Supergiant VY CMa 8 Regular
Soida, Marian VLA/19B-027 Hot gas and magnetic arms of M101 4.5 Regular
Sokolovsky, Kirill VLA/19B-244 Continued multi-frequency monitoring of classical novae 10.5 Regular
Soler, Juan VLA/19B-181 The Orion dynamics of ionized and neutral gas (ODIN) survey 22 Regular
Spekkens, Kristine VLA/19B-022 Ultra-Diffuse Galaxy Formation through Interactions 10; HST: 4 orbits Regular
Stroh, Michael VLA/19B-039 Do SiO v=3 lines or line ratios uniquely trace circumstellar shell conditions? 9 Regular
Svoboda, Brian VLA/19B-172 JVLA-ammonia and ALMA-dust measure the origins of the IMF 7.5 Regular
Tahani, Mehrnoosh VLA/19B-053 Magnetic Fields in Molecular Clouds - A New Use for Faraday Rotation Measures 64 Regular
talia, margherita VLA/19B-117 The cool side of structure formation in a giant proto-supercluster at z~2.45 96 Regular
Tendulkar, Shriharsh VLA/19B-223 Arcsecond Localization of CHIME-Discovered Repeating FRBs 50 Large
TROJA, ELEONORA VLA/19A-222 Electromagnetic counterparts to gravitational wave events 104 Triggered
van Velzen, Sjoert VLA/19A-395 Systematic radio follow-up of stellar tidal disruption flares  24.8 Triggered
Vidal, Matias VLA/19B-246 Measuring the spinning dust spectrum from NGC 2023 21 Regular
Villadsen, Jackie VLA/19B-222 Search for the Radio Signature of Star-Planet Interaction 23.5 Regular
Villadsen, Jackie VLA/19B-274 Radio Follow-Up of Close-In Exoplanetary Systems Discovered During TESS 24 Triggered
Wharton, Robert VLA/19B-188 What is the Persistent Radio Source Associated with FRB 121102? 3 Regular
White, Jacob VLA/19B-088 An Outburst in Decline: The circumstellar environment of L1251 VLA 6 0.5 Regular
WHITE, Stephen VLA/19B-227 The Sun's Basal Corona 8 Regular
Williams, Gwenllian VLA/19B-168 Interaction of two IRDC hubs: A complete evolutionary study of the SDC13 region 16 Regular
Xie, Chen VLA/19B-121 Testing turbulent re-acceleration in  Abell S1063 5.6 Regular
Yang, Aiyuan VLA/19B-040 A detailed study of PNe associated with OH and H2O masers 10 Regular
Yang, Aiyuan VLA/19B-041 A search for OH and H2O maser emissions towards obscured young planetary nebulae 4.5 Regular
Yang, Jinyi VLA/19B-211 Probing ISM of the FIR Brightest Quasar Host at Reionization Era 13.8 Regular
Zappacosta, Luca VLA/18B-149 Revealing the largest giant radio galaxy in the Universe. 0.8 Regular

Very Long Baseline Array (VLBA), High Sensitivity Array (HSA), and Global 3mm VLBI Array (GMVA)

Bietenholz, Michael VLBA/19A-303 Measuring the Size and Speed of AT2018cow's Outflow 12 Regular
Brisken, Walter VLBA/18B-041 FILLER: Extending the Deep-wide VLBA observations of the JWST-NEP Survey Field 300 Large
Burns, Ross VLBA/19B-068 Accretion burst in massive protostar G358.93-0.03 12 Regular
Busch, Michael VLBA/19A-260 Radar Speckle Tracking Observations of Near-Earth Asteroids in 2019 - 2021 16.83 Triggered
Cui, Yuzhu GMVA/19B-207 Unveiling the innermost jet collimation profile of  BL Lac S5 1803+784 6 Regular
Curiel, Salvador VLBA/18A-223 Unveiling the orbital motions of the sub-stellar companion of the WTTS DoAr21 9 Regular
Ding, Hao VLBA/19B-104 VLBA astrometry for Aql X-1, the best-studied type I X-ray burster 8 Triggered
Dzib, Sergio VLBA/18A-102 Dynamical masses of young stellar multiple systems with the VLBA 36 Large
Eftekhari, Tarraneh VLBA/19B-248 The First Radio Source Associated with a SLSN: Resolving the Emission 3 Regular
Heinke, Craig VLBA/19A-342 Proper Motions of Steep-Spectrum Radio Sources: A VLBA Filler Program 64 Regular
Hoffman, Ian VLBA/19B-256 Proper Motion of the OH (1720 MHz) Masers in Supernova Remnant IC443 12 Regular
IMAI, Hiroshi VLBA/19B-240 An ignition of bipolar jet bullets in a water fountain 18 Regular
Jiang, Wu VLBA/19B-102 Hotspot in M81*, an episodic jet ejection ? 20 Regular
Jones, Dayton VLBA/18A-012 The Orbit of Bennu: VLBA Astrometry of the OSIRIS-REx Spacecraft 8 Regular
Kim, Dongjin VLBA/19B-141 Excited OH absorption in Cygnus A: torus or accretion flow? 14 Regular
Kovalev, Yuri VLBA/19B-237 Search for recollimation in AGN jets 96 Regular
Lister, Matthew VLBA/19B-194 MOJAVE: Probing Acceleration and Magnetic Field Evolution in AGN Jets 216 Large
Marscher, Alan GMVA/19B-166 Millimeter-wave Imaging of the Gamma-Ray Emitting Regions of Blazar Jets (cont.) 48 Regular
Marscher, Alan VLBA/17B-056 Sub-milliarcsecond Imaging of the Gamma-ray Emission Regions of Blazars 432 Large
Momjian, Emmanuel VLBA/19B-175 Resolving the Highest Redshift Radio-Loud Quasar Known-to-Date 12 Regular
Nagar, Neil GMVA/19B-276 EHT Sample: Toward <100 R_Schwarzschild resolution imaging of nearby black holes 16 Regular
Park, JongHo VLBA/19B-108 Mapping the Faraday rotation and the magnetic field of the M87 jet 36 Regular
Park, JongHo VLBA/19B-143 Investigating the peculiar jet collimator NGC 315 12 Regular
Perley, Daniel VLBA/19B-091 VLBA Imaging of the Serendipitous Transient in Cygnus A 22 Regular
Petrov, Leonid VLBA/19A-249 Probing parsec-scale optical structure with observations of Gaia detected AGNs 192 Regular
Piner, Glenn VLBA/17B-058 The super-luminal TeV sources 24 Regular
Popkov, Alexander VLBA/19B-142 Study of the population of steep-spectrum compact radio sources (filler) 84 Regular
Schinzel, Frank VLBA/19B-048 A Parallax for PSR J0002+6216 9 Regular
Spiewak, Renee VLBA/18A-169 A VLBA Distance for PSR J2322-2650: the lowest luminosity MSP? 6 Regular
Spolaor, Sarah VLBA/19B-249 Exploring Post-merger SMBH Evolution with the VLBA 107 Large
Taylor, Greg VLBA/19B-019 Constraining the Orbits of the Supermassive Binary Black Holes in 0402+379 12 Regular