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Science Program 2011B

A total of 304 proposals were received for the 2011 February 1 submission deadline for Semester 2011B.

The tables below list the approved observing programs for Semester 2011B for the Expanded Very Large Array, for the Very Long Baseline Array and High Sensitivity Array, and for the Green Bank Telescope. The following is provided for each approved program: PI name, proposal ID, proposal title, total hours allocated, and proposal type (Regular or Triggered or Large). For Large proposals or monitoring proposals the time allocated may be over more than one semester. For each approved program, the Proposal Finder Tool will have access to its authors, title, abstract, and approved hours.

Expanded Very Large Array (EVLA)

To maximize EVLA Early Science, while simultaneously commissioning the hardware and introducing new capabilities, three separate observing routes were created. They are, in brief: (1) Open Shared Risk Observing (OSRO) which provides first-light EVLA capabilities to the general user community; (2) Resident Shared Risk Observing (RSRO) which provides access to enhanced EVLA capabilities to those who are able to spend time in Socorro to help with commissioning; and (3) an EVLA Commissioning Staff Observing (ECSO) route giving commissioning staff access to the telescope to push new science capabilities.

PI ID RSRO Title Hours Type
Bastian VLA/11B-129 Dynamic Imaging Spectroscopy of Coherent Solar Radio Bursts 32 Regular
Menten VLA/11B-168 A comprehensive Galactic plane radio wavelength star formation survey 20 Regular
Mills VLA/11B-210 What is Heating Galactic Center Molecular Clouds? 4 Regular
Tabatabaei VLA/11B-145 Uncovering the Magnetized ISM in M33 with the EVLA 41 Regular


PI ID ECSO Title Hours Type
Bhatnagar VLA/11B-157 Simultaneous wide-band and spectral-line mosaic imaging in the Galactic plane 48 Regular
Claussen VLA/11B-147 An Imaging Spectral Survey of the AGB Carbon Star IRC+10216 from 18 - 50 GHz 69 Regular
Momjian VLA/11B-036 EVLA Observations of Orion in all four 18 cm OH Thermal Absorption Lines 10 Regular
Myers VLA/11B-203 A Wide-Area EVLA Survey of the ACT Deep Equatorial Stripe 8 Regular


PI ID OSRO Title Hours Type
Andrews VLA/11B-065 Particle Growth in the Protoplanetary Disk Around V4046 Sgr 2 Regular
Aravena VLA/11B-112 A survey of CO 1-0 line emission in star-forming disk galaxies at z=1.5-2.5 6 Regular
Bonafede VLA/11B-018 Search for diffuse radio emission in galaxy clusters at z>0.3 46 Regular
Carilli VLA/11B-002 Imaging the molecular Einstein Ring MM18423+5938 at z=3.93 15 Regular
Chandler VLA/11B-106 Formation, growth, and dust properties of protostellar disks in Perseus 8 Regular
Cheung VLA/11B-128 Prompt EVLA Followup of Flaring/Transient Fermi-LAT Galactic Plane Sources 12 Triggered
Chitsazzadeh VLA/11B-201 Ammonia Observations of Starless Cores on the Brink 16 Regular
Choi VLA/11B-039 Search for the Rotation of Protostellar Jets 20 Regular
Chomiuk VLA/11B-192 Exotic Explosions, Eruptions, and Disruptions: A New Transient Phase-Space 25 Triggered
Chyzy VLA/11B-172 RM-synthesis to solve the mystery of M81's magnetism 10 Regular
Corder VLA/11B-126 Multiscale Mosaics of Nearby Star-Forming Regions: EVLA 18 Regular
Daddi VLA/11B-060 A direct test of the black holes - mergers connection 15 Regular
De Pree VLA/11B-058 Dynamic UC HII Regions in Sgr B2: Flickering and Ionized Flows 20 Regular
Emonts VLA/11B-048 CO content of massive protocluster galaxies in the Early Universe: an EVLA study 20 Regular
Emonts VLA/11B-086 Mapping widespread molecular gas in a z=2 radio galaxy: an EVLA/ALMA study 9 Regular
Farnsworth VLA/11B-156 Recovery of the dominant diffuse components in two clusters 8 Regular
Frail VLA/11B-010 A New Search for Evidence of Hadronic Cosmic Rays in Supernova Remnants 4 Regular
Haynes VLA/11B-027 HIghMass: High HI Mass, HI-rich Galaxies at z~0 60 Regular
Ivison VLA/11B-044 12CO J=1-0 in a unique sample of extraordinarily bright, lensed Herschel SMGs 17 Regular
Ivison VLA/11B-004 12CO(1-0) in rich proto-clusters signposted by high-redshift radio galaxies 26 Regular
Leroy VLA/11B-061 A Complete and Deep Continuum Survey of M31, the Nearest Large Spiral Galaxy 37 Regular
Leroy VLA/11B-124 Dust Physics, ISM Structure, and Energetics From a Cloud Scale HI Map of M31 16 Regular
Li VLA/11B-152 A mapping of the polarized synchrotron emission from the central region of M31 2 Regular
Liszt VLA/11B-076 C4H as a signpost of chemical complexity in diffuse clouds 4 Regular
Liszt VLA/11B-003 Is l-C3H2 Really a Carrier of Diffuse Interstellar Bands? 4 Regular
Mangum VLA/11B-026 Imaging the Spatial Density within Starburst Galaxies 3 Regular
Marengo VLA/11B-035 Searching for Evidence of Mass-Loss from Classical Cepheids 33 Regular
Marvil VLA/11B-139 A sensitive, multi-frequency continuum study of M82 and NGC 2146 21 Regular
Meier VLA/11B-199 Exploring CH as a Probe of Diffuse Molecular Gas in M 82 24 Regular
Migliari VLA/11B-103 Probing the disc wind-jet connection in black hole transients 4 Triggered
Miller-Jones VLA/11B-122 The connection between gamma-ray emission and radio jets in Cygnus X-3 9 Triggered
Miller-Jones VLA/11B-108 Simultaneous radio and X-ray observations of Cyg X-1 over an entire binary orbit 30 Regular
Monnier VLA/11B-001 Orbital Period and the Fundamental Parameters of Colliding Wind WR 112 3 Regular
Murphy VLA/11B-032 Star Formation in the Radio: Mapping Ionizing Photon Rates in Nearby Galaxies 64 Regular
Paredes VLA/11B-022 A pulsar wind nebula associated to the Fermi/GBT pulsar PSR J2032+4127? 4 Regular
Pellizzoni VLA/11B-014 Monitoring of Jet-like Radio Emission Associated to Geminga Pulsar 4 Regular
Pineda VLA/11B-101 Turbulence and outflows in dense cores: B5 as a test case 21 Regular
Pope VLA/11B-121 Dust-free Star Formation Rates From Thermal Gas in Submillimeter Galaxies 16 Regular
Pulliam VLA/11B-104 Mapping of the molecular envelope of the oxygen-rich AGB star W Hydrae 6 Regular
Reese VLA/11B-179 Snapshot Survey of ACT SZE-Selected Cluster Fields 12 Regular
Reynolds VLA/11B-019 The High Frequency Flares in Mrk 231 7 Regular
Ricci VLA/11B-049 Investigating grain growth in the disk of a young brown dwarf 24 Regular
Riechers VLA/11B-151 A Census of Total Molecular Gas Masses in z>2 Star-Forming Galaxies 26 Regular
Riechers VLA/11B-030 Dense Molecular Gas Excitation in a z~4 AGN-Starburst Galaxy 10 Regular
Roy VLA/11B-164 CCS 22.3 GHz Zeeman observations of the molecular core TMC-1C 24 Regular
Rudnick VLA/11B-096 Detecting CO[1-0] in the Star-Forming Galaxies of a z = 1.62 Galaxy Cluster 60 Regular
Sjouwerman VLA/11B-091 BAaDE: Bulge Asymmetries and Dynamic Evolution 7 Large
Soderberg VLA/11B-177 EVLA Can Reveal the Nature of Type Ia Supernova Progenitors 10 Triggered
Soderberg VLA/11B-197 The Diversity of SNe Ibc and the Nature of the GRB-SN Connection 10 Triggered
Sokoloski VLA/11B-170 The ENova Project: Understanding Nova Shells through Radio Monitoring 16 Regular
Sun VLA/11B-093 HI gas in the brightest X-ray cool core of galaxy groups 14 Regular
Surcis VLA/11B-079 6.7 GHz methanol maser polarization with the EVLA 8 Regular
Takahashi VLA/11B-050 A Millimeter Study of the Embedded Star-cluster in the Orion Molecular Cloud. II 30 Regular
Thomson VLA/11B-100 Imaging 12CO J=1-0 in a colossal galactic nursery at z=2.8 11 Regular
van der Werf VLA/11B-062 How accurate are high-z molecular gas masses? A first assessment using 13CO 1-0 20 Regular
White VLA/11B-155 A Pilot EVLA Image of the Sun at F10.7 8 Regular
Wilcots VLA/11B-098 Searching for Diffuse Emission Trailing Bent Doubles in Galaxy Groups 2 Regular


Very Long Baseline Array (VLBA) and High Sensitivity Array (HSA)

The newly approved programs for the VLBA and HSA make up only a part of the total science time available. Existing and new Large programs continue to dominate the scheduled observing over Regular programs.

PI ID Title Hours Type
Alatalo VLBA/11B-025 VLBA Observations of the Unusual Galaxy NGC 1266 8 Regular
Brunthaler VLBA/11B-005 Proper motion of Galaxies in and beyond the Local Group 560 Large
Busch VLBA/11B-001 Radar Speckle Observations of Near-Earth Asteroids During July - December 2011 8 Triggered
Dzib VLBA/11B-023 The first dynamical determination of the mass of a very young Herbig AeBe star 78 Regular
Gupta VLBA/11B-004 Physical conditions and small-scale structure in the ISM of z=0.08 galaxy 10 Regular
Hada VLBA/11B-019 Multi-calibrator astrometry of the core of the low-luminosity AGN M 81 12 Regular
Linford VLBA/11B-006 Exploring the Parsec-scale Environments of Fermi AGN 48 Regular
Marscher VLBA/11B-008 Sub-parsec Imaging of the Gamma-ray Emission Regions of Blazars 864 Large
Miller-Jones VLBA/11B-022 Simultaneous radio and X-ray observations of Cyg X-1 over an entire binary orbit 72 Regular
Miller-Jones VLBA/11B-026 The connection between gamma-ray emission and radio jets in Cygnus X-3 48 Triggered
Reynolds VLBA/11B-003 The High Frequency Flares in Mrk 231 32 Regular
Sanna VLBA/11B-017 Exploring the peculiar case of the star-forming region G9.62+0.20: water masers 32 Regular
Surcis VLBA/11B-016 Magnetic fields in massive star-forming regions measured using H2O masers 24 Regular
Tarchi VLBA/11B-010 Water masers in NLSy1: the nuclear gas in NGC4051 and NGC5506 at sub-pc scales 14 Regular
Yusef-Zadeh VLBA/11B-015 Coordinated Study of Flaring Activity of Sgr A* at 3mm with Hershel 16 Regular


Green Bank Telescope (GBT)

PI ID Title Hours Type
Anderson GBT/11B-016 Untangling Compact and Diffuse Emission in the HRDS 15 Regular
Anderson GBT/11B-017 Toward a Distance to the Outer Arm in the First Galactic Quadrant 11 Regular
Balser GBT/11B-010 Probing Metallicity Throughout the Milky Way Disk 55 Regular
Burgay GBT-11B-007 Searching for radio pulsations triggered by the X-ray outburst of magnetars 4 Regular
Cordiner GBT/11B-034 A search for carbon chain oxides in the interstellar medium 65 Regular
Darling GBT/11B-029 Building a Water Maser Network for Proper Motion Studies of the Andromeda Galaxy 46 Regular
DeCesar GBT/11B-083 Timing A New Pulsar 'In' the Globular Cluster NGC 6652 4 Regular
Dunham GBT/11B-048 A Thorough Census of Tk and Evolutionary State of Galactic Star Forming Regions 60 Regular
Friesen GBT/11B-064 Star Formation under the Influence: NH3 mapping the Rosette Molecular Cloud 52 Regular
Galvan GBT/11B-032 Extreme Star Formation Resolved: Ammonia Mapping of W49A 6 Regular
Gao GBT/11B-054 CS(1-0) Survey of Local (U)LIRGs 32 Regular
Greenhill GBT-081 AGN in Bulge-less Galaxies 43 Regular
Kanekar GBT/11B-019 The nature of damped Lyman-alpha systems: the gas mass of 3 absorbers at z ~ 0.1 69 Regular
Kramer GBT/11B-063 Timing and General Relativity in the Double Pulsar System 104 Regular
Lynch GBT/11B-044 Measuring Shapiro Delay in the Globular Cluster Millisecond Pulsar NGC 6544B 41 Regular
Mangum GBT/11B-009 Kinetic Temperature in Starburst Galaxies 42 Regular
Mangum GBT/11B-023 Cyanoacetylene Densitometry of Starburst Galaxies 14 Regular
Manjarr GBT/11B-072 Small-scale chemistry around the class 0 protostar GF9-2 5 Regular
Margot GBT/11B-047 Probing Europa's ocean and icy shell with spin state measurements 45 Regular
Matthews GBT/11B-013 HI Mapping of the Extended Circumstellar Envelope of IRC+10216 48 Regular
Milam GBT/11B-080 Molecular Survey towards Comets C/2010 X1 (Elenin) & 45P/Honda-Mrkos-Pajdusakov 80 Regular
Miller-Jones GBT/11B-036 Simultaneous radio and X-ray observations of Cyg X-1 over an entire binary orbit 15 Regular
Mills GBT/11B-074 How Hot is Galactic Center Molecular Gas? 5 Regular
Mroczkowsk GBT/11B-001 MUSTANG Imaging of the CLASH Cluster Sample II: Completion of the Sample 162 Regular
Murphy GBT/11B-012 The Origin of Anomalous Dust Emission in Extragalactic HII Regions 12 Regular
Nidever GBT/11B-082 Constraining the Milky Way Mass with the Magellanic Stream 325 Large
Pineda GBT/11B-039 Multiscale Mosaics of Nearby Star-Forming Regions: GBT 9 Regular
Rea GBT/11B-021 Search for radio pulsations during the quiescence of the first low-B magnetar 4 Regular
Reese GBT/11B-018 A MUSTANG Pilot Study of ACT SZE-Selected Clusters 100 Regular
Remijan GBT/11B-053 Continuing the GBT Legacy Survey toward the Galactic Center Region Sgr B2 50 Regular
Robertson GBT/11B-087 A Dedicated Effort to Investigate the Formation of C3H2O Isomers in the ISM 25 Regular
Rosen GBT/11B-040 Observations on Two Pulsars Discovered by Pulsar Search Collaboratory Students 20 Regular
Rosen GBT/11B-028 Tests of a Non-radial Oscillation Model for Pulsar State Switching with B1828-11 22 Regular
Scaife GBT/11B-068 High resolution MUSTANG SZ imaging of New Planck Galaxy Clusters 105 Regular
Scaife GBT/11B-071 Characterizing the Anomalous Emission from Spinning Dust in Galactic HII regions 15 Regular
Schnee GBT/11B-003 Resolving the Deuteration Profile of the Starless Core TMC-1C 16 Regular
Schnee GBT/11B-004 Mapping the Dust Emission from OMC-2/3 15 Regular
Stairs GBT/11B-062 The Pulsar Triple System in M4 9 Regular
Stovall GBT/11B-070 Timing Followups of GBNCC and GBT 350MHz Drift Scan Pulsars 27 Regular
Voytek GBT/11B-055 21cm Intensity Mapping 100 Regular
Wagg GBT/11B-011 The molecular gas mass of the host galaxy of 3C279 2 Regular
Werthimer GBT/11B-066 Search for Pulsars in the Central Parsecs of the Galaxy 30 Regular
Yung GBT/11B-005 Water Fountain Survey on Newly Selected IRAS Sources 8 Regular
Yusef-Zadeh GBT/11B-022 Coordinated Study of Flaring Activity of Sgr A* at 3mm with Hershel and VLT 24 Regular